A new checking brake brands prepared better

A new checking brake brands prepared better

Leonid Popov, 32 minutes ago. Photo: IIHS

Sedan Mercedes E-class was one of the four cars, scored the maximum possible points. Thus he supported the recent success «Cesky» equivalent European test.

And American Insurance Institute for highway safety (IIHS) has told about a new round of trials of preventive security systems, signaling about a possible collision and performs automatic braking. The first such test was carried out in September 2013. Then from 74 models only seven have earned the highest rating, and 36 failed to show compliance with even a basic level. Manufacturers have done the work on the bugs: this time eight of the 24-tested cars received the highest rating, 13 — advanced (mid-term evaluation) and three — base.

The tests are performed during the initial speed of convergence to steady target in 19,3 and 40.2 km/H. For srabotalo alarm about the potential collision model gets one point. In addition, in the first test you can earn one point, if the speed of the impact was reduced by the amount of 8 to 15 km/h, and two — by the slowdown of 16 km/h and more. In the second test can earn even a point when sravnenii speed on 8-15, two 16-34 and three — 35 km/h and more. The highest rating car gets, gaining a total of five to six points, good for two to four score and basic one.

If the car has several versions of system of prevention of accidents (depending on equipment level, or from the options), Institute examines different ways and each gets its own evaluation. So it was this time with several BMW models in which the auto brake operates on the basis of only one camera or camera in combination with radar, as well as designed or at urban speeds, or in addition to the track. In addition, for comparison IIHS tested three — 2013 and 2014 model year, which showed that the company worked on it.

Complexes of active and preventive security — the cutting edge of development of onboard systems. On journalistic test-drives (a recent example is the new s-class) company all the more willingly demonstrate the operation of such devices. Explaining his method, Americans from IIHS emphasize: even if you avoid the accident could not, reduce the speed impact is already worth it, because it reduces damage to vehicles and severity of injuries to passengers. Visual confirmation non — standard crash-test a couple of cars, simulating a rear-end collision.

The results are: BMW fifth series, BMW X5, Hyundai Genesis and Mercedes E-class has received the highest rating and maximum six points. Buick Regal, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Impala — the highest rating and five points. Advanced level with four points earned BMW second series, Buick LaCrosse and Lexus IS. Advanced and three points earned: the Audi A3, Audi A6, BMW third series, the fifth series and X5 (in performances with the city brake system), Dodge Durango, Lexus GS, Mercedes CLA. The pair Infiniti (QX50 and QX70) also received a good rating, but with only two points. Finally, BMW third series (2013), Infiniti Q70 and Toyota Avalon earned a baseline assessment with one final score.

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