Americans accused Volkswagen of cheating with engines V6

Americans accused Volkswagen of cheating with engines V6

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Audi, Volkswagen

New charge affects Volkswagen Touareg 2014 model year, Porsche Cayenne 2015, Audi A6, A7, A8/A8 L and Q5 2016. We are talking about more than 10 000 cars sold in the US.

With Kandal with diesel engines Volkswagen has developed Monday, when the U.S. Agency for environmental protection (EPA) released a second notice of violation of the Law about air purity. The Agency had accused the company of using clever software also diesel 3.0 V6 (before the battle revolved around a two-liter «four»).

You would think that the so-called diselect will lead to the collapse of many projects. However, recently the company has confirmed its intention to invest $900 million in the production of new crossover in Chattanooga (Tennessee). In the photo — concept CrossBlue, a sign of this model. The launch is scheduled for the end of 2016.

The Agency argues that the control unit of the engine determines the time of passage of tests by the EPA standard and includes a special mode that reduces the emissions of nitrogen oxides, in source mode they are, they say, is nine times higher than normal. Promptly issued in response to the release of the Volkswagen AG claims that did not put on the six that would change the exhaust «illegally», and that the group intends to work with EPA to make clear in this issue.

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