Appeared the first information about younger sister Toyota GT86

Appeared the first information about younger sister Toyota GT86

Konstantin Bolotov, 29 minutes ago. Photo: Gazoo Racing

One car for Junior rear-wheel drive Toyota now called FR Hot hatch Concept, built in 2010 on the basis of the compact Toyota Aygo specialists Bureau GRMN (Gazoo Racing Meister of Nürburgring).

In November 2012 Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer of the sports division of Toyota, said that in the foreseeable future, the company will offer three frisky rear of the machine. Supposedly, Dogdore Toyota GT86 will be between the two new models. A step above hachiroku stand successor coupe Toyota Supra, whose prototype has revealed the concept Toyota FT-1, and a lower level would be… About this machine Tada said nothing. Speculation that the Japanese decided to revive the Roadster Toyota MR2, but now from the Australian media came other information. Supposedly the younger brother of the GT86 will be kupoberry hatchback like the Scirocco, and the roots of the beginner should be sought in the concept GRMN FR Hot hatch.

Conceptual hot hatch FR was built in honor of by hiromu Naruse, chief test driver of the Toyota, who died in an accident during tests of the Lexus LFA in June 2010.

The recipe for a little «hot» Toyota is this: a lot fewer tons, located in the front polutoralitrovom «four» power 130 HP, six-speed «mechanics» or «machine» (GT86), rear-wheel drive, sedan shuting age break, landing formula 2+2. The concept can be shown in October 2015 at the Tokyo auto show, but the output on the Japanese market will be held no earlier than 2018.

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