Appreciate the versatility of a crossover Suzuki SX4 S-cross

Appreciate the versatility of a crossover Suzuki SX4 S-cross

Alexey Smirnov, 4 hours ago. Photo Drive and Suzuki

In addition to the petrol engine 1.6 l European buyers es-x’s» from the very beginning will be available and diesel of the same volume. We have this motor if there is, only a couple of years. But no restrictions in the configuration modifications: gearbox and drive styles are joined with petrol «four» in any combinations.

In  meeting at W Barcelona I came ten minutes after the start of the presentation. «…During the day it can work in the office and in the evening to play in the Amateur band. She drives the children to school, and after going to the Park to ride a bike or skateboard…» Even conceding the beginning of the press conference, I understand the message of the marketing companies Suzuki: crossovers can be not only cars but also people! Those who lead a double way of life, balancing between work, family and active leisure. Opportunities normal passenger cars such werewolves are not enough, they need a multi-purpose vehicle: compact but spacious. Fast, but economical. Able to ride on the pavement, and out of it. This car has already been invented, you say, and you will be absolutely right — it is a crossover. But crossover crossover strife, say Japanese and indicate Suzuki SX4 S-cross — the first family crossover, created taking into account the above-mentioned features.

Large headlamps provoke easy disharmony… However, leave the appearance of «es-x’s» without comments.

Not only SX4’s cross, this name remained the European markets and New Suzuki SX4 in Russia crossover will be called that. While he is not technically a direct replacement for your ordinary es-all»produced since 2006, because it is a larger car standing on полступеньки above. It is 150 mm longer than the predecessor (4300 mm), but through the wider use of high-strength steels in the body structure and aluminum suspension and brakes easier it on the 60 kg wheelbase increased by 100 mm (2600 mm). But the only possible motor for Russia — petrol «Quartet» — the only modernized. It makes five horsepower more that given better aerodynamics (COd = 0,33 against Cd = 0,40 the SX4) allowed to increase as the superior characteristics of acceleration and maximum speed and efficiency.

Ground clearance crossover more than sufficient — 180 mm for machines with 16-inch wheels. Top versions decorated with cast discs, an inch more (on a photo), the distance to the ground less than five millimeters. The European es-cross» clearance 170 165 mm respectively.

The main feature of the new es-x’s» — a system of full drive AllGrip AWD four-dynamic modes: Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock. According to the principle of AllGrip reminds simplified бээмвэшный xDrive, where the traditional «hardware» are working in one team with electronic systems. Сузучья mechatronics is электронноуправляемая coupling in the drive rear wheels, capable of limiting value passed back up to half of torque and working in conjunction with the systems of traction control and ABS. So, when a diagonal hanging AllGrip can simulate межколесные lock, подтормаживая stalled wheels. By the way, Americans overheating clutch at sedan Kizashi, Japanese equip New SX4 enhanced razdatkoy with the system heat dissipation, that is supposed to reduce the risk of overheating during prolonged slipping.

In Auto mode / crossover default front-wheel drive. The torque to the rear wheels is carried out on request. In «Sport» special program management engine is pumping more fuel into the cylinders, sharpens responses accelerator, and changes the algorithm of work of the variable-speed drive, the ESP and the steering amplifier. Push lock couplings (Lock) the time between the axles shall be distributed in equal proportions provided that the rate does not exceed 60 km/H.

Generally failed sedan of D-class — Suzuki Kizashi is learnt a lot from the Japanese. Now they are in no hurry to explore new horizons and concentrate forces on the sphere, where their positions are traditionally strong, cars of small and middle size. Every year the company promises to withdraw in the light of one new model, the nearest of which will be more compact than the current «es-Crosser», crossover. How will the new look, you can understand the concept Suzuki iV-4 shown at the exhibition in Frankfurt. And while in this niche would have the old machine. Suzuki SX4 featuring Classic will continue to descend from the conveyor of the Hungarian plant until the first quarter of 2015.

To see the New Suzuki SX4 in detail, watch the official trailer of the model.

Fix and those who are worried about the Jimny, — in the next two years a unique mini-SUV waiting for the most serious all the time of issue of modernization. This means that at least another five or six years pension лупоглазому baby is not threatened (which I was very glad). The vague prospects of Grand Витары. It is clear that the model is obsolete morally. However, being trapped between the layers advanced crossovers and robust SUV, it is in the actual absence of competitors remains steady demand. In fact, its fate will depend on how successful will be the New SX4/SX4 S-cross. It will have the company’s available funds or not.

Simple but qualitatively. All keys, including the management of Windows, with backlight. The steering column is adjustable in two directions. And in wide ranges.

Information with a simple dash is read without problems. Separate climate control, will be available starting with intermediate GLX, and a navigation system and two-piece panoramic sunroof — in the most expensive GLX+.

Meanwhile compete beginner will have with such luminaries as Nissan Qashqai and Mitsubishi ASX. Without serious trump cards in the game with such partners will not do. What will fight back family «es-x»? Appearance? Well, this is unlikely. If the design SX4 have put in the hands of the Italians, the New SX4 Japanese drew on their own. In the end, the appearance in the crossover quite unremarkable. And beauty is organized according to the standard scheme: shelves, boxes, boxes, but soft here only transverse insert on the front panel and куцые armrests. The rest when tapped buzzing like a drum. However, those changes in the New SX4 from the old «es-x’s», will appreciate more space. The increase in the length of the front of the cabin just six millimetres back a whopping 44 mm 39 mm is the amount of passenger rear seat was moved from the backs of the front seats. Boldly закидывайте leg! 160 liters became емче trunk.

The front seats are like and praise, but for critics special occasion not. Sat down comfortably, your posture, has found at once — this is important! The second row is plenty of room in all directions. Although to call seat sofa gallery difficult-and front and back too flat.

Trunk 430 HP Under the raised floor of a small tavern and a niche, where евроверсий «es кроссера» is first aid kit, and the Russian «new es-x’s» will докатка.

And «es-x» is captivating and equipment level. Already in the basic version includes power Windows, heated front seats, air conditioning and a complete set of security systems, including ESP and seven air bags. And the most equipped version of GLX+ sports a two-section hatch dimension of 800 x 560 mm Сдвигаешь ползунковую key, and instead of glass panels — pure heaven. Class! But how much will all this cost? Exact price will make public at the end of October, and now we know the approximate layout. The «base» asked more than 800 thousand rubles. Supplement for variable — 80 thousand, and for full drive — 100 thousand roubles. New SX4 in the top will cost 1 million 150 thousand. And Qashqai, and ASX in the lower levels of equipment cheaper, but neither the one nor the other can boast refined driving dynamics manners. A New SX4 can!

Mechanical es-x» not only more dynamic вариаторного (11,0 with from zero to 100 km/h against 12.4), and quieter. We are constantly sings working at high speed engine. Although the overall background noise is low in both versions.

Know which car was a reference when configuring dynamic parameters SX4 crossover S-cross? Baby Suzuki Swift! I myself pressing easy, but informative clutch pedal, clear selects the external control lever five-step «mechanics» first gear and the first attempt to accurately touch the small rise. Let gasoline «атмосферник» 1.6 l does not indulge a powerful acceleration — when accelerations of the motor has to remove the stopper. But it is flexible and allows pulling third gear at the bottom. The wheel is easy, clear and reasonably comprehensive. Suspension successfully resists as cross rolls body and longitudinal buildup. She gently swallows the average size of irregularities (other on Spanish roads could not be found) and runs completely silent. Дубеют shock absorbers only calibrated бревнышках «bumps». But overall four-wheel drive «es-x» with «mechanics» is so unobtrusive mushing character, in some point in his presence just stop noticing them. Car invisible!

Managed by «es-x» easily and accurately. And most importantly, the driver is always feels car unobtrusive force feedback on the steering wheel. It is a pity that such natural fixation bagels in near the floor area of the engineers were unable to. «At zero» steering wheel as if bites.

Вариаторный «es-x» such immediacy boast. And all because their maximum 156 N•m draught «four» develops closer to the five-thousand mark. Having reached the optimal values of the power tandem fills beauty crossover usual monotonous buzz. Variable used by the concern Renault-Nissan, works better. In addition throttle this version is less precise: when the fuel supply is palpable unease. And in front wheel drive cars own misfortunes: on uneven roads jammed rear suspension begins отстукивать pits and bumps. Smoothness decreases to a level below the average.

Russian sales of New Suzuki SX4 will begin on December 16. Marketers hope that in a month will be implemented 1200-1500 crossovers.

However, the journey on the new es-иксе» was too short to make final conclusions. That’s its peculiarity, which Japanese said at the presentation (adapt to various life rhythms), I would not be caught. A normal car for the ordinary citizen. But is it a disadvantage? At some point I suddenly found myself thinking that if my wife such a crossover… I would be calmer. Equipped with the most powerful engine, it provokes a questionable deeds. Will not shake the rough road and will not leave without protection, » God accident. I even found a justification for it is not the most expressive appearance — the smaller the risk that the car get stolen. Only, in my opinion, this would be the version with all-wheel drive and a manual transmission is the most harmonious configuration crossover New Suzuki SX4.

Passport data

Suzuki New SX4 1.6 CVT 1.6 AWD
Body type hatchback hatchback
Number of doors/places 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4300 4300
Width, mm 1765 1765
Height, mm 1590 1590
Wheelbase, mm 2600 2600
Track front/rear mm 1535/1505 1535/1505
Curb weight, kg 1125-1185 1170-1240
Full weight, kg 1740 1740
Trunk volume, l 430 430
Type gasoline gasoline
Location front, transverse front, transverse
No. and arrangement of cylinders 4, in a number of 4, in a number of
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1586 1586
Max. power, HP/rpm 117/6000 117/6000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 156/4400 156/4400
Transmission variator mechanical, five-speed
Drive front plug-full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension often semi-subsistent, spring often semi-subsistent, spring
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disc disc
Bus 205/60 R16 205/60 R16
Ground clearance, mm 180 180
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 170 175
The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h, with 12,4 12,0
Combined fuel consumption, l/100 km 5,5 5,7
Norm toxicity Euro-6 Euro-6
Fuel tank capacity, l 47 47
Fuel AI-95 AI-95


In the basis of New crossover SX4 is radically redesigned platform predecessor, which have not more than 5% of old parts. So it is more appropriate to talk about the new «cart». Body crossover added in the length of 150 mm wheelbase increased by 100 mm But compared with the former «es-IKS» the new body easier to 60 kg through wider use of high-strength steels, which made front and thresholds of a body, and spars, and a part of the internal amplifiers. For the sake of reduction of noise and vibrations strengthened the back of the body, and to improve manageability — mounting of front shock absorbers and the stretcher.

Petrol Quartet M16A from the previous SX4 modernized. She lightweight crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. 1.2 kg lighter exhaust manifold and mounted equipment — radiator and exhaust system. In order to reduce fuel consumption reduced stiffness of springs valve and oil pump, new, more narrow bearings. Program management engine supplemented by a regime of increased power, which is activated translation controller in Sport mode and provides for a more intensive injection of fuel into the cylinders. The updated engine complies with Euro-6.

Schema suspensions have not changed: McPherson front полузависимая beam rear. Regardless of the type of drive. Differences between versions 4×4 only in the other the settings of the elastic elements and in a stretcher on which the rear differential. To reduce the unsprung mass of details floating bracket brake mechanisms cast from an aluminium alloy.


Its first compact crossover Suzuki has developed together with the Italian company FIAT. The model created on the extended platform runabout Swift, has received the name Suzuki SX4 Sport 4×4 Crossover Seasons. For es-ICSA provided for three engine: petrol 1.5 (99 HP) and 1.6 (PS 107), as well as engine 1.9 l 120 HP, which агрегатировался only with a six-speed manual transmission, while owners of less powerful versions can choose either a five-stage «mechanics»or Quad-band «machine». The drive could be both front and complete. However, the scheme suspensions depending on the type of drive remained unchanged: McPherson front and полузависимая beam rear. Details from swift’s only increased according to the changed size and weight of a crossover.

Behind the scenes

This trip was from the series, when the flight takes more time, than the test drive. Three and a half hours all in all about is how to get out of the theater after 35 minutes after the start of the film: it is interesting, but nifiga not clear. That’s the view from the window of my room, located on the 14th floor of the hotel W Barcelona, admire really happened for the same reason — lack of time. Came in — gasped — took a couple of photos and ran away…

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