Arash AF10 supercar Hybrid will bring in more forces Geneva 2100

Arash AF10 supercar Hybrid will bring in more forces Geneva 2100

Konstantin Bolotov, 8 hours ago. Illustration: Arash Motor Company Machine length — 4645 mm, width — 2001, height — 1165, wheelbase — 2730 mm fuel tank capacity and front trunk are the same — 70 HP wheel Diameter — 19 inch front and 20 rear. B British Arash Motor Company, led by a native of Iran Arash Barbuda, will present at the Geneva motor show benzoelektrosila version of its long-standing supercar Arash AF10. Hybrid drive petrol «eight» 6.2 (912 HP, 1200 N•m) and four motor of 220 kW (299 HP, 270 N•m) each. For the internal combustion engine is selected a six-speed «mechanics», and the motors rely on two-stage box.

Car doors open up and forward with the help of an electrohydraulic actuator. A display system includes a multi-touch gesture recognition technology AirBar from the Swedish Neonode. Monster Arash AF10 is also equipped with Hybrid climate control and satellite navigation.

The total return of the power plant — 2108 forces and 2280 N•m (now is the time to lose sleep if I didn’t exist 5000-HP engine V16 12.3.) Acceleration to hundreds of the hybrid in less than three seconds, to 200 km/h hand — 8.0 s, to three hundred — 27-S. top speed is more than 323 km/h. the price of the Arash AF10 Hybrid hypercar Racer is 1.1–1.2 million pounds (1.4 million euros).

The design of the chassis and bodywork made of carbon fiber, aluminum and aramid. «Carbon» backbone consists of 13 parts. The company jokes that its mass corresponds to a weight of 658 devices iPhone 6 — 85 kg 120 pounds have on the ice, and the whole hybrid installation Warp drive system pulls 280 lbs.

The circulation of hyperlipid unknown, but it is unlikely it will exceed half a dozen copies. At the Geneva exhibition will also be shown the Junior model Arash AF8 with Cassini by seven-liter «eight» (560 horsepower and 645 N•m), with a curb weight of 1200 kg and a gentle price tag of £ 168 000 (217 thousand euros). Someone after all and with a 3.5 to 96.5 km/h is quite enough.

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