At Ford, the Lotus and the BMW there were personnel rearrangements

At Ford, the Lotus and the BMW there were personnel rearrangements

Anastasia Korolkova, 9 minutes ago. Photo: Ford, Lotus

The genius of crisis management, had once worked in the Boeing company, the 68-year-old Alan malalli led by Ford since 2006. He will start the transition to the new boss is already on 1 July.

In the last few days it became known immediately about a number of significant personnel changes in the major automobile companies. We decided to unite all the news in one material. The most important, perhaps, is the shift of the head of the company Ford. Alan Mulally, has long held this post until the end of 2014 will leave him. To the place appointed Alan 53-year-old mark fields, which works in Ford for 25 years. This Mulally, most likely, will not retire, and just less than a responsible position.

Mark fields works at Ford’s a quarter of a century — since 1989. Currently he occupies the post of Director on production issues.

The company Lotus Cars for the post of Executive Director is appointed Jean-Marc Jalhay. Before this unit was headed Dany Bahar, but he was fired in 2012 after an internal investigation. Then Bahar was accused of mismanagement of funds. The last two years supervisor performed Aslam Varicella, which will retain a seat in the Board of Directors of the Lotus.

The head of the Lotus will be Jean-Marc Jalhay, which was formerly a member of the Board of Directors of group PSA Peugeot Citroen and was responsible for an output on the world market of cars of a premium line of DS.

Clear the fate and Francis van Mil, who recently left the Audi company, where he led the division of quattro. Recall that, according to rumors, he was released from office due to delays in the preparation of the second generation of the Audi R8 sports car. They said that van Mile will find a place in the Chinese mission, but now it became known that Francis will occupy one of the leading roles in the Bavarian BMW and be responsible for a line of cars M Performance.

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