At the St. Petersburg plant began to collect Nissan Pathfinder

At the St

Aristov Oleg, 15 hours ago. Photo: Nissan, Evgeny Shevelev

Having lost frames, Pathfinder has been normal levels.

T est Assembly Pathfinder fourth generation at the Nissan plant near St. Petersburg was completed. Pathfinder is available on the U.S. market since the end of 2012, but sales in Russia will begin only after the commissioning of the local production. The full force of the pipeline will earn 13 July to the end of the technical leave the factory.

Under assumptions of Drive, the Russian modification of the Pathfinder will be different from the American. Otherwise why to mask test prototypes, filmed last fall in Moscow?

A pilot batch already descended from the conveyor consists of 15 off-road vehicles with a petrol engine 3.5 capacity 249 HP, which works in conjunction with the CVT. 15 more test machines are equipped with a hybrid power plant. U.S. hybrid develops 254 PS, but for the Russian market it can be deportirovali to avoid high tax rates put the engines more powerful than 250 forces.

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