Autonomous hybrids Chevrolet Volt will go into operation in a year

Autonomous hybrids Chevrolet Volt will go into operation in a year

Leonid Popov, 14 hours ago. Photo: Chevrolet, Cadillac, GM

The car can move in electric vehicle mode, is well suited to the role of an Autonomous vehicle.

To concern GM intends by the end of 2016 to build a fleet of unmanned hatchback Chevrolet Volt and to begin its operation at its technical center in Warren. Employees will be able through the mobile app to reserve these cars and to specify the destination to which they will be delivered to automation. The Park will serve as a trial area for testing of unmanned systems of the future.

The latest application of the company to the subject of Autonomous driving concept was the Chevrolet-FNR, presented in April 2015.

Last year analysts, talking about the upcoming peak of car ownership, said he would force automakers to diversify its business, expanding its production machines to projects of car sharing and intelligent transportation systems based on Autonomous cars. As in water looked.

By the way, the autopilot EN-route Super Cruise will be available on the sedan the Cadillac CT6 2017 model year. The company considers it as an important step towards more complex devices.

And here GM CEO Mary Barra, speaking to investors at the site in Milford, listed important activities for the near future. The group will participate in two projects of car sharing — one already running in new York, the second will be opened in another city. Here the company will focus on the information component: the collection system and coordination of orders, statistics of visits and preferences of customers, everything like that. In China this year, the Park concepts EN-V 2.0 was deployed at the Shanghai University of transport, becoming part of a multimodal transport system of the campus, along with bikes, regular cars and Shuttle buses.

The last big experiment with fuel cells was the SUV GM HydroGen4 (2008), the European version of Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell. The car overcame 320 miles on 4.2 kg of hydrogen.

All of these projects are closely linked to the theme of the so-called connected vehicles in which GM considers itself a leader, based on sales figures of such models. This leadership group will be transformed into new sources of revenue. Barra talks about the convergence of new technologies and the changing preferences of users, which creates prerequisites for a new breakthrough. It and information technology, and power plants. One example is fuel cells. The head GM has confirmed that Honda entered into with the Union in this area will lead to commercially viable production hydrogen model GM until 2020 (Honda is already on the approach).

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