«Avtodor» thinking about adaptation trails for drones

"Avtodor" thinking about adaptation trails for drones

Autonomous cars Anastasia Korolkova, 6 hours ago. Photo Drive and Ford motor company Earlier it was reported that in 2016 in one of the sections of toll highway M11 Moscow — St.-Petersburg will begin testing the first Russian unmanned vehicles. To cars will be organized by the high-speed transport corridor.

In front of the entire planet! While in Europe and USA still is developing unmanned vehicles and it is planned to introduce them in the road system, the Russian company «Avtodor» has already declared the beginning of work on adapting our roads for autopilots. The new project will be implemented jointly with the Transport Agency of Finland.

That for Russian roads need special adaptation, known all over the world. For example, at the test site of Ford Lommel in Belgium recreated the bad roads of different countries, including Russia. This segment of the route themselves fordovtsy called the devil.

Technology, which is planned, is a complex of software and hardware of electronic tools that provides unmanned control of the vehicle due to the choice of certain key scenarios of the traffic situation in real time. It should be noted that such a system is currently being tested in California, but for our country it is important to test it in bad weather. road Autonomous vehicle

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