AvtoVAZ presented a new logo Frets

AvtoVAZ presented a new logo Frets

Anastasia Korolkova, 17 hours ago. Illustrations: AvtoVAZ

Serial production of sedan Lada Vesta at full capacity should start at the factory in Izhevsk in September of this year.

In St. Petersburg is the first of April will take place the official presentation of the new logo of the brand Lada. Emblem design is the work of Steve Mattin. From the former it differs in the details: the rook was slightly larger than, the sail appeared stylized folds. The logo was first seen on the concept of Lada Vesta, and now it will be installed on all models of AVTOVAZ — primarily on serial Vesta.

Left — the first sketch emblems, made by Alexander Dekalenko. With the first option is related a funny story. The first thirty stamped logos Vase came from Latin R is Russian I in the title. This «defective» batch immediately became a rarity and an object of desire collectors.

In front of you the evolution of the logo Lada. In General, the emblem was on the way of simplification. At the beginning of the Pentagon it has evolved into a rectangle, then disappeared and a red background. Familiar to us rounded figure found in the nineties.

It’s time to turn to history. The current modification of the emblem is the sixth in a row. When on April 19, 1970 from the conveyor Vase produced its first passenger car, he had no name, no logo. All of this came up in a hurry. In the end, the logo was composed by one of the staff of the Moscow Directorate of the Vase — Alexander Dekalenko in the kitchen, at school plaid notebook, hastily drawing a stylized letter «b» ancient rook. Under the image, he wrote in block letters the word «Togliatti». Soon the inscription with the name of the city with the logo removed.

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