BMW i3 electric car will significantly increase the range of

BMW i3 electric car will significantly increase the range of

Konstantin Bolotov, 15 hours ago. Photo and illustration: BMW

Currently city car the BMW i3 is offered in 49 countries. From the moment of start of sales-June 2015 his owners around the world began 28 000 people. About a third of them in the United States. More than 80% of customers are new to BMW.

E elektromobil the BMW i3 entered the market in 2013 and, in theory, 2016 should be updated. Anonymous sources the publication Autocar claim that cosmetic changes is not limited. The main thing — the machine will increase the cruising range per charge from the current 160 to 200 km will Help in this new lithium-ion battery. Its capacity will remain the same (22 kWh), but the energy will be spent more efficiently. This battery can be purchased and owners of the previous «AI-third».

Traction current BMW i3 battery voltage of 360 volts and a mass 230 kg is located under the floor within the base. It consists of eight modules, each with a dozen items. Passport city car consumes 12 kWh/100 km. Charge to 100% from a household socket takes eight hours.

It is rumored that finalization of the batteries caused the hatchback Nissan Leaf, which recently increased its power reserve to 250 km At the hearing and another contender is the Chevrolet Bolt , with a stated mileage of 200 miles (322 km). Let’s see, will the Bavarians not to lag behind competitors. In addition to this it is reported that the BMW i3 will receive an upgraded electronics with new software for the cooling system of the battery and the motor.

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