Bring Lexus NX 300h, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Evoque and Volvo XC60

Bring Lexus NX 300h, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Evoque and Volvo XC60

C abodam old rates. And in the new — every car our Quartet is more than three million rubles. And 197-horsepower hybrid Lexus NX 300h with gasoline «four» and the motor to drive the rear axle is no longer on the doorstep, and in the midst of the struggle with such crossovers as petrol Range Rover Evoque 2.0 Si4 (240 HP), Volvo XC60 diesel D5 (215 HP) and the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport with 190-horsepower diesel SD4. Afford it?

Deformed design is the main advantage of Lexus. Going NX 300h paler than it looks, and it concerns and dynamics, and handling, and comfort.

Powertrain we shuffled specially — name, so to speak, hybrid. But no matter how Manila you might Avoca, no matter how attracted to rococco diesels, pass by Lexus, when all machines are assembled together, will not work. The brightest appearance! Like it or not — in any case, it wants at least once to be considered in detail. And a lot of them, the process is delayed. Especially if preparing the car to shoot, dotera for washers multifaceted nose: time — step grille, two gills bumper, podgornik… Ouf! Feel like a makeup artist.

Stylish, neat and at first sight expensive. But the thread on the front panel, stitched plastic… two-tone design is available for any «n-x», in addition to the base.

Inside NX is also multifaceted. Chopped in the manner grille center console, lots of buttons — and force-relaxed fit. The chair is nice profile, lateral support, and — together with the wheel — range adjustments. But Boxing-armrest raised Central tunnel so high that elbow, but for him to do and nowhere to go. Sit — leaning.

The display is controlled using the touchpad on the center console. Optionally, the screen can be split in two — and combine, for example, the list of radio stations with the scheme of the hybrid setup.

The selector variator moves along the winding groove. Left krutilki choice of driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport), the button of the ship (our maximum) battery — 1,4 km) and square touchpad with a Quartet of hot keys and leather pillow under his palm.

Hi-tech Lexus some nedochitannye. Colleagues reproach: in vain, they say, to find fault with multimedia touchpad, but every time smear past the desired menu item on the second or third movement. The cursor has been jumping around the screen, even when the touchpad slides telephone wire. In the center of the ceiling — touch svetilniki, but the lights for canopy included key. On the front panel seems to be aluminum and wood, near the same line live thread on plastic. Do not heat the calculation. And the calculation is strictly on the beautiful half of humanity: directly on the Central tunnel lies face-down hand-mirror, instead of the dangerous manicure levers and clamps — button servo back backs.

Control key parts of the rear seatback attached to the left of the steering wheel. On the Central tunnel — additional mirror and hidden in the box armrest wireless charging for smartphones that support this technology.

Ventilated front seats — low for tall drivers backrest and too hard headrests. Part of the rear lean back electric and minuses there is a low ceiling and protruding in the center box with baffles. Ventilation panels at the base of the sofa is only needed for the hybrid, but there are all versions.

Range Rover Evoque without flirting immediately embrace him. Landing deep, chair bows even shoulders. The range of adjustment is huge: otodvinuvshis, I at the height 176 cm can not really hit the brake! The wheel, however, I want to submit myself. Together with the windshield it is heated as a whole, and not as Lexus — places of the grip and the rest area janitorial. With Evocam initially appear more warm relationship that soften the impression from soiling thresholds and «boxy» multimedia interface. If Lexus picture from cameras as in the TV, then — as in several, though by the security guard.

So we remember directionsby Evoque. Updated will appear to us in September, but it only led headlights, a different grille and front bumper. Petrol turbo 2.0 is not touched.

The dense interior. The front panel is covered not understand it, but the seams are real. I updated the machine will be slightly different appliances, upgraded (but not defeated) multimedia system and front seats with additional elektroregulirovkami.

Our Volvo XC60 there is no camera at all. And the connection with the machine not as strong as in Awake, getting high, the seat itself more freely. However, emotional warmth, no less. The heat treatment of the whole, design without excess, devices with removable design for every taste… In ergonomics claims only to the electronic components: information on the display of the dashboard is changing buttons on steering column lever for the big screen are buttons and knobs on the centre console. Many just need a habit… But open the glove compartment, and there is a case for the punctured wheel and work gloves. Care!

Seven years in lunch, and gray all there — after pozaproshlogodnego Volvo XC60 restyling looks good. And with diesel D5 — and going on five. On five cylinders.

Beauty in performance laconic Inscription, and therefore is aging slowly. Notice deployed to the driver’s center console is tiny, but the gesture. Volvo woven from such subtle expressions of goodwill.

Land Rover Discovery Sport, on the one hand, absorbed the best. The door he hides rapids, almost like a Lexus, and they always clean. The wheel, unlike Makovskogo, you can put as I want. Landing and armchair good as Volvo. Lateral support and the range of longitudinal adjustment is less than the Range, but they are enough, and lumbar afflux is exactly what lumbar («n-x» he holds up the coccyx). On the other hand, the interior of the Sport causes the most questions on the quality. Details of the front panel, casually connected, the USB socket (here six!) with deliberately sticking out of the covers and around the winding selector «machine» — bare plastic. A lot of plastic.

Little Discovery or large Freelander? Judging by the dimensions, Discovery, Sport, drawn under the direction of Massimo Frascella is likely to be the second, plus 91 mm in length and 81 mm to the wheelbase. But the British already hinted, is preparing a smaller model.

With the design procedure, but in detail Discovery Sport easier Avoca.

Multimedia interface Discovery more than Awake, but hardly convenient… Woe from wit! For example, you cannot poke button, heated seats immediately after engine start and go to sweep the snow, because the system does not know what you want: heating or ventilation. Button one. You should wait until you Wake up the Central screen and Refine the desire to have him. In the same way — through the call key submenu on the screen — tune the direction of air flow. Still here uncomfortable (read, high and far) in the manner of the older Disco are the keys of Windows, and to handle wide open doors have to stretch.

To manage the system should be using a touch screen, buttons on each side of him and on the center console. Deep in the menu, like Avoca, tutorial on economical driving.

Click the button with the icon of the chair, then regulate heating or ventilation on the screen. Back with a pillow can be warmed apart. On versions without ventilation indication of the level of the pool is located next to the button. In the bottom row of the keyboard — select off-road modes.

Discovery Sport the friendly against the rear passengers. Enough space above the head fully into his lap, legs on the lower leg can slip even under the lowered front seat. Plus the most convenient door armrests with handles Yes adjustable parts of the seat back and forth and tilt. The three of us here, too, the best. Of the minuses — mesh pockets in front seat backs, but they are in Evoke. When planting in a Range Rover mesh sticking out of the wheel arch, sit low, armrests, on the contrary, her, feet under the front seat of the little place, and the third passenger is clearly unnecessary because of the high tunnel.

Hugging front seats Discovery loose, but with the convenience of the procedure. Rear heated and moved within 160 mm sofa-transformer and the largest stock of space.

In Avoca is the best front seats, but the back is the worst: close input-output, low seat cushion and the center armrest is located below the door.

Rear seat Volvo’s not spacious, but the profile of the sofa is better than the Range, thanks to filled back cushion. Door armrests end where the elbow is still not reached. The third passenger, as in Range, is placed with difficulty and they’re. Therefore, the second after Disco passenger comfort is NX. Wheelbase Lexus and Evoke equal, it is even less than the XC60, but the length here is clearly larger. To deal with Discovery does not protruding into the knees of an average rider front box armrest and a modest stock of space above the head. But the sofa — powered backrest…

Profile — trump seats XC60. From the front you could wish for a more pronounced lateral support, and the rear is a shared space and more convenient door armrests.

Volvo provides three options for connecting to the Internet, but managed multimedia system the old fashioned way, and on the centre console is still alive telephone keypad. Rear view camera in our version for 3.2 million rubles no.

All test participants with Keyless start, know press on the starter button. Only Volvo electronic key has a slot. Calmer just got a Range Rover with a petrol turbo, Volvo, and especially Land Rover respond diesel vibrations on the steering wheel, pedals, seat. Hybrid Lexus alarming. At first the silence, making you wonder: have earned if the heat treatment, whether in the cabin heat? And seconds later, electronics, realizing that not the month of may, the impetus connects petrol engine running on the Atkinson cycle. The heat went, electric mystery is gone. Each selector powertrain their delights: twist, pull, floating — Drive!

High-speed direct — joy. Especially with the turbo 2.0 it really fast. But the sound of the Quartet could petubastis. Review back at Evoke the most limited and Primorski janitor has the touch to pull out from under the spoiler.

When maneuvering with spreads pause between inclusions drive and reverse excessive. Unit climate control easier than Discovery: all handle keys with display. Panoramic roof option for all test machines, but only the Range it deprives ceiling handles.

Faster on acceleration — 240-strong Evoque. Even on passport: from a standstill to 100 km/h in 7.6 C. Power they have, especially with 3500-4000 rpm… And to control the thrust unpleasant. The reaction gas is then softened slightly (arrow tachometer twitches almost instantly), but nine of the transmission points. ZF ranges which level to choose, on the second or third sometimes goes with hard jerks even when relaxing drive. While the ninth with a smooth acceleration of, say, 90 km/h high: the engine humming, outraged. Down switches with hitch. Diesel Discovery with the same box behaves similar, but pulls less and delays when changing gear partly compensated for the best traction bottom.

The main difference of the chassis Disco from Avoca more compact than the front McPherson, rear memorycache. Win — especially in the inner space: only Land Rover for an extra charge may be a seven-seater.

Devices with little distraction «crystal» risk and washer-selector nine-storeyed «machine» is familiar to Evoke. One of the USB sockets — nose front-passenger, five — between the front seats. Obskaya! But just a couple of nests inside the box armrest is connected to a multimedia system…

Acceleration joy is about Volvo XC60 with a 215-horsepower «five» D5 and six-speed «automatic». Transmission — transmission, no gaps, no failures. The smooth switching and the best response from the pedals to the wheels. Limits here, of course, not makovskii, but they are higher than the less powerful Discovery. This is especially noticeable when overtaking. If both Rover Sport transmission mode only reduces delays, HS responds to gas in it too sharply. And the sound-Buk-Buk-Buk… Well, lovely!

Silence, smoothness and excellent pull — out HS don’t want to get!

Vsevolodskii devices are ideal HS. Sorry, large numbers of speed from the topic of Performance cannot be transferred in restrained or Eco Elegance. All in all design options — six: for each of the three topics provided contrast and color modes.

And Lexus? Hit the gas as if he shouted into the distance. Released, and the arrow tachometer couple of moments goes up. You can stomp on the pedal to the beat even the catchy music, the passengers will not feel. Click in half and still the fourth of the four. Together with the speed of a growing gap: after 110 km/h seems to go on podslushannyj tire (not so gently). And when the battery will be reduced to a minimum… For what is asked three million? Sport mode «collects» the power plant, but does not change the fact, and manual switching pseudoperiodic variator pointless.

Appearance — a mockery of the masters of tuning. But to finalize NX want to do either more comfortable or, on the contrary, hard-sharp. Though the F Sport package, and it is neither fish nor fowl. Not in a hurry, by the way, be papered or painted NX — enamel itself tightens fine scratches, although against chipping powerless.

Devices Lexus no frills, but perfectly readable. By default, the left pointer of consumption, which in sport mode gives way to the tachometer.

Brakes Lexus is also a hybrid, that is, the machine of course, they stopped, but playing pedal, the driver must improvise: the motors that are connected to slow down, there, sooner then later. Beating the computer, I feel Lionel Messi. While in any other car, you can be a tree — and still smeared on braking.

The most pleasant handling — Avoca. Response to the rotation of the «heavy» steering is quick, but without the extra sportiness, rolls barely noticeable, but on a high-speed direct Range Rover runs like a locomotive. Steadfast. Different rear memorycache instead MacPherson Discovery Sport tipped stronger than Moka, because his response is softer. On the feats he’s not calling, but in terms of reliability management — claims zero.

Stabilization Avoca shut down completely, but the signal from the accelerator to the wheels is a long time to run, they require space. A couple of warnning circles shooting the cabin was filled with an unpleasant odor. Overheating clutch Haldex?

To keep the course to steer on the highway and can HS, but turns abruptly steering wheel Volvo lacks awareness: though you knead the dough. However, at small angles and slippery fun-mobile — this is a Volvo! He stamped on the gas, fixed wheel and slide yourself to the operation of the stabilization system. The Rover traction to the wheels is longer. And Lexus, it seems, believes this idiocy. Rolls a little, the response is adequate, but feedback in shortage: a little distracted from the road — NX immediately went to the side. Direct in any case, keep you, not the car. Not very friendly for a machine with a mirror.

Front-wheel drive Lexus NX 300h pretends to be not only fun, but harmless yard-zagrebnyh maneuvers. Hope for the rear motor only when «slippery» traffic light start. Then the lowest ground clearance of 185 mm

To the trunk of a Lexus no questions, underground he zakatka. But forget about the difficult and long journey, which at the time of loading cannot be supported on the ground, wait until electrostaticaly backs, arms will stretch out as his legs.

And even Lexus least comfortable in the Quartet. He smoothes traffic detail, but the irregularities of the larger felt a sharp jab, and deep potholes — painful blows. One of the advantages on the handlebar is not reflected. However, in the ears is a constant hum studded tires Dunlop SP Winter Ice 01: neither the road nor the tongue as they should not hold. Volvo, on the contrary, in most cases perceived to be the most comfortable: small joints-fossa, middle — disappear under the iron. And silence — only JS can boast dual side Windows. Sorry for the large pits suspension lacks intensity.

The smoke beginning to rise from the chimneys of the slippery uphill Discovery, scared and even oily smell, but to understand that it was cast in the oil cylinder or self-cleaning particulate filter, we did not: diesel prodigals idling’t smoke.

I wish to borrow energy from Avoca. Here it seems to be enough for all! However, shakes, Range Rover notices every detail. It remains to tolerate or to rush — with the growth rate of the suspension absorbs more defects. The street in a Range Rover as the motor, always heard, but the noise is not uncomfortable. And if you need and silence, and power consumption, it is preferable Discovery Sport. Description neplatnosti progress here Makowski, but in General the suspension softer. And if instead of the optional 20-inch to choose smaller wheels, Land Rover will close for comfort to Volvo.

The tailgate of Avoca, like all other machines, with electric drive. Underground, unlike Discovery, not a full size wheel, and dakatcha.

That’s what suspension of the compact makes the volume of the compartment in the five-seat version 479-1698 L. Seats fold from beauty and the levers in the trunk. Here optional full-size spare tire under the floor, and the seven-Disco on the street.

Serious off-road we were not put, because the balance of power has identified and frivolous. The most able, the all-wheel drive vehicle is a Lexus NX 300h. The motor that spins the rear wheels that helps with traffic light start, but just sohrabji-polyamic — guess: turns on or not? Often NX polishes the ice one the front axle. Even Volvo amid SUV. Playing with the brakes, HS creeps forward in diagonale». But Rovers, anyway, crawl out further moves suspensions more (especially in Discovery), the capabilities of electronics wider.

Peeps, but climbing is about Volvo on the road. The capabilities of electronics, as well as suspension moves, it don’t overschie, but for a city with suburbs them enough.

The Volvo trunk is roomy, with transformation order, but loading height too large. Zakatka on the first two floors underground.

However, this electronics English is strange. For example, Discovery may suddenly announce the pressure drop in the tire, and while you are looking for a place to stop, pick up and saponaceous. In turn, the Evoque is not averse to burn the fuse just during a sudden maneuver. This should be psychologically ready and not to panic, the benefit to the immobilization of the vehicle all these pranks, as a rule, does not lead.

After pristavki braking blown patiantly fuse responsible for steering column switches and buttons on the steering wheel. In the diagram pasted on the removable rear wall of the glove compartment, room 51.

Discovery Sport of the first parties: headlights sweat, the glove compartment when viewed from the side it seems to open the air vent built into the front panel with such a gap, as if confused part. Having examined later a couple of other machines, such flaws I have found.

Whether business Volvo — HS we drove most of all and the car felt only concern. Comfortable, fast, economical. Average per test fuel consumption — about 8.3 l/100 km, about the same size as Discovery (petrol Avoca came out about 12 l/100 km) and… hybrid Lexus! So when we finally see the warning «To empty tank remained 110 miles to find a gas station around here?» electromotive-battery garden puzzling. In short, in the case when the space in the back is not a priority, our selection of Volvo.

HS fashionable salon mirror without frame, like new HS, and the most extensive areas clean glasses. In the glove compartment of the package case to the punctured wheel and gloves to replace it. In the Evoque with the Disco miwaku need to Express through the mesh, and Volvo and Lexus swallow cans in one gulp.

If the convenience of the second row (not to mention the presence of the third), it is important that it trumps HS I land Rover. Inside it is easier than Evoque, his habits calmer. What Range Volver. Himself Evoque is about emotions. Those who design with a quick shake drive stronger than shaking the suspension, with pleasure. And Lexus NX 300h on dynamics properties in the knockout. But plus «n-x» that you can only pay for the design. I’ve traveled a lot and at the elementary peredneprivodnye NX 200.

The main external difference between the basic version of NX 200 from top-300h variant — normal lights instead of led. However, 300h in the «base» are the same — so modesty picking outside no one recognizes.

Keyless access no. The chair can be adjusted manually and is different from what is put in the base Toyota RAV4, only cut upholstery. However, ergonomics — level hybrid. While on the go — a mountain with arms. Going 150-strong NX 200 is not faster, but emotionally easier than NX 300h. Feedback on the gas and on the brake without Elektroprivreda, and the loss of «hybrid» drive (slippery NX 300h gets still more confident) and noise. Combined with a variable-speed drive motor during acceleration strained howls at 4000-4500 rpm, you can hear the truck in the right lane, spikes cars in the left… worse Than usual Toyota RAV4? Interior.

The beauty of a simple «n-x» monotone black. The left of the steering stub next to the selector variator — round joystick instead of a square touchpad. Devices — as in sportbike the hybrid, on the display between the dials — savings calculator fuel system start/stop (for example, 40 seconds idle at traffic lights is 14 ml). Graphics display poorer than the hybrid.

I went on NX 200 to Toyota dealer, took top RAV4… the same horror as «Rafik» decorated inside! Suspension Toyota on the little things seemed at first more rigid than the Lexus. But returning RAV4 in place, I repeated the route on the «n-x». No obvious difference. And the noise, by the way, too. The choice between top-version of the RAV4 and the initial NX 200 is the battle of the design with all-wheel drive. In turn, NX 200 in the AWD version is more pleasant buy than NX 300h, here and design, and more capable four-wheel drive and extra hybridomas no.

Veterans of the market, the Volvo XC60 and the Range Rover Evoque did not give up young, although Land Rover Discovery Sport, of course, bigger. And Lexus… Lexus, m-m-m… Let’s all say.

In General, the Lexus was more interesting to compare with Toyota, not a Rover or Volvo. In the «Europeans» it’s nice to be inside, and NX is more for those who remained outside. People he’d already seen, it is necessary to show… a Surprise for us that the favorite in the fight was the Discovery Sport, we waited for more than just crumpled after the first meeting. He seemed very modern, spacious and omnivorous, operated reliably. But here are two older car, strictly speaking, predecessors, XC60 and Evoque are not lost next. Them helps individuality Disco missing.

Passport data

Model Land Rover Discovery Sport Lexus NX 300h Range Rover Evoque Volvo XC60
Body type wagon wagon wagon wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4599 4630 4355 4644
Width, mm 2069 1845 1965 1891
Height, mm 1724 1645 1635 1713
Wheelbase, mm 2741 2660 2660 2774
Track front/rear, mm 1621/1630 1580/1580 1625/1630 1632/1586
Curb weight, kg 1863 1905 1670 1795
Full weight, kg 2395 2305 2505
Trunk volume, l 479-1698 475-1520 575-1445 490-1450
Type turbo gasoline with distributed injection of fuel petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging turbo
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in some 4, in some 4, in some 5, in some
Valves 16 16 16 20
The working volume, cm3 2179 2494 1999 2400
Max. power, HP/rpm 190/3500 155/5700 240/6000 215/4000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 420/1750 210/4200-4400 340/1900-3500 440/1500-3000
Traction motor front synchronous AC
Location cross, in front of the front axle
Max. power, HP 143
Max. torque, N•m 270
Traction motor rear synchronous AC
Location transversely over the rear axle
Max. power, HP 68
Max. torque, N•m 139
The total capacity of the power plant, HP 197
Traction battery Nickel-metal hydride
Location under the rear seat
Voltage, V 245
Capacity, kW•h 1,6
Transmission automatic nine-storeyed electro-mechanical variator automatic nine-storeyed automatic, six-speed
Drive the plug fully complete with plug-in electric drive rear wheels the plug fully the plug fully
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, two-arm independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk ventilated disc ventilated disc
Bus 245/45 R20 225/60 R18 235/55 R19 235/60 R18
Ground clearance, mm 212 185 212 230
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 188 180 217 205
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 8,9 9,3 7,6 8,3
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle 7,1 5,3 11,5 8,5
— country cycle 5,5 5,1 6,5 5,3
mixed cycle 6,1 5,2 8,3 6,4
Norm toxicity Euro 5 Euro 6 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 65 56 68 70
Fuel diesel AI-95 AI-95 diesel
The basic equipment Land Rover Discovery Sport Lexus NX 300h Range Rover Evoque Volvo XC60
Front airbags + + + +
Side airbags + + + +
Inflatable «curtains» + + + +
The fastening of the child seat Isofix + + + +
Knee airbag +
The dynamic stabilization system + + + +
The collision avoidance system +
Traction control + + + +
Automatic transmission + + + +
System start/stop + +
Bi-xenon headlights + +
Led lights +
Fog lights + +
Control tire pressure + +
The rain sensor + + + +
The light sensor + + + +
Parking sensors front +
Parking sensors rear + + +
The on-Board computer + + + +
Cruise control + + +
Dual-zone climate control + + + +
System access to the interior without a key + + +
Steering wheel heating
Steering column adjustable in angle and departure + + + +
Steering column with electric adjustment of the tilt angle and departure
Exterior rear view mirrors heated, electrically driven + + + +
Powered front seats
Position memory driver’s seat
Heated front seats + + + +
Heated rear seats +
Front seat ventilation +
Navigation system
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system + + +
Rear view camera + + +
Panoramic roof
The servo tailgate +
Trim skin + + +
The wood trim +
Full size spare wheel
The color «metallic» +
Additional equipment test car
System access to the interior without a key + + + +
Bi-xenon headlights + + +
Adaptive headlights +
Steering wheel heating + in places grip + +
Heated windshield + in the area of janitorial + +
Heated washer nozzles + + +
Steering column with electric adjustment of the tilt angle and departure +
Powered front seats + + + +
Position memory driver’s seat + + + +
Electric folding rear seats +
Trim skin + + +
The servo tailgate + + +
Front seat ventilation + +
Navigation system + + +
Four circular camera review + + +
Panoramic roof + + + with Luke
Led headlamp +
System monitor blind areas + +
Touchpad media control +
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system +
TV tuner +
Parking sensors front + + +
Parking sensors rear +
Active cruise control +
Control tire pressure +
Graphical dashboard +
Full size spare wheel +
The heater + +
The color «metallic» + + +
The price of the basic set, rubles 3 168 000 2 638 000 3 107 000 2 373 930
Price tested the car, rubles 3 575 000 3 137 000 3 147 000 3 261 730

Technique (Robert Heat, Alexey Smirnov)

Lexus NX

Scheme suspensions Lexus is the same as the RAV4 — front McPherson front and memorycache back. But the similarity ends there. Lexus got the original settings of all elements of the chassis, the engineers have revised suspension geometry, reconfigure the electric power steering, making feedback on steering wheel sharper. In addition, unlike Toyota, Lexus expensive versions equipped with adaptive shock absorbers new generation. In comparison with the predecessors of the new items has increased gradation level of damping (from 9 to 30), and also decreased (from 80 to 20 MS).

The dimensions of the Lexus NX stiffer and lighter than the donor Toyota RAV4. According to technical experts in steel structures have more aluminium from it, for example, made the hood) and high-strength steels. Increased share of alloys with a tensile strength of 980 MPa. Also, the engineers have optimized the location of the spot welds, simultaneously expanding the number of places where the use of laser welding, and used a special method of bonding of body panels. In addition, in the front and rear body parts Lexus installed additional transverse amplifiers.

That’s what a real female car — wiring red, pink liquid! The power plant version of NX 300h consists of petrol Quad 2.5, progressive transmission and two electric motors. Running on the Atkinson cycle «atmospheric» produces 155 HP and 210 N•m and rotates the front axle. On the front is open and the electric unit, which develops up to 143 forces and 270 N•m Second electric motor that is responsible for the rotation of the wheels of the rear axle, weaker — 68 «horses» and 139 Newton-meters. Under the rear seat installed Nickel-metal hydride batteries, with which the vehicle can travel on electricity a couple of miles.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

In the basis of the Discovery Sport lies redesigned Ford EUCD platform, familiar to Frilander and Evoke. For the third row seats front McPherson gave place to more compact memorycache. Front suspension remained the same. However, the shock absorbers improved hydraulic buffers end, lower arms now hollow, and steering knuckles aluminum. Another innovation of the stabilizer bar with induction hardened rod, which increases the articulation of the wheels. Completely new rear memorycache collected on a steel sub-frame, also lightened aluminum components: the lower arms and neck. Thanks to the independent circuit, move the rear suspension is 230 mm, and its articulation — 320 mm MagneRide Adaptive dampers — option.

The dimensions of the Sport made of high-strength steels, 20% of which boron. The bonnet, roof and tailgate stamped from aluminum, and the main cross member of the salon of magnesium (highlighted in black). The use of light alloys helped to relieve the body more than 30 kg With increased dimensions total weight body of the Sport in comparison with Frilander — 22 kg

Diesel 2.2 DW12 authorship concerns PSA Peugeot Citroen and Ford elderly: in 2000, the unit is equipped with a system of accumulator injection, developed to 133 forces. In 2006, 160-strong version (400 N•m) turbo diesel engine was under the hood of Frilander first generation. For its second generation shestnadtsatiklapanny engine was equipped with a new turbocharger with variable geometry, which, thanks to liquid cooling capable of operating at higher temperatures. Each option forces your index: TD4 — to 150-strong version, SD4, as we have for the 190-strong. To reduce the noise of the sump is equipped with sound-absorbing casing, below the upper decorative cover diesel installed rubber strap, finalized and front timing cover, Tihomirov «four» by 2 dB.

All modifications Discovery Sport for the Russian market are equipped with adaptive nine-storeyed automatic ZF. Features: multi-stage damping system of the torque Converter for smooth driving and working fluid of low viscosity, thus saving fuel. Despite the additional transmission, this unit is only six millimeters longer than the previous six-speed «automatic» and 7.5 kg lighter.

Connecting the rear axle Discovery Sport manages inter-axle clutch Haldex. However, the level of off-road training «Athlete» depends on the number of seats in the cabin. If a simplified Efficient transmission Driveline (as tested on our car) combined with five — and seven-seat layout, the Active Driveline with electrically-controlled packages of friction for each of the rear wheels and extra grip, breaking the rear axle together with the propeller shaft, is only available for five-passenger crossovers.

Clearance — 212 mm, Corners of the entrance ramp and the exit — 25, 21 and 31 degrees, respectively. The requested depth overcome Ford — 600 mm

Range Rover Evoque

The baby Range is shortened by 150 mm version of the Ford EUCD platform with McPherson struts «in a circle» as the crossover Freelander 2. This makes the Evoque relative countless models of Ford and its former satellites, including the current competitor Volvo XC60. The car is mostly steel. But fists struts, lower wishbones front suspension, hood and roof are aluminum. The wings and the back door is plastic. The rigidity of the five-door body torsion — 20 000 N•m/deg.

Both Euro 5 engine, available for Avoca, obshegorodskoy, four-cylinder turbo. Their feature — lubrication system that prevents oil starvation in off-road conditions. Gasoline two-liter «four» with direct injection, as tested on our machine that develops 240 HP and 340 N•m, and the most powerful of the two versions of turbo — 190 HP and 420 N•m

Evoque is a front-wheel drive, but in Russia we have only machines with Haldex clutch (pictured) in the drive of the rear axle. The selection of a moment ago is a simple gear pair in a separate module. Transmission one for all versions — nine-storeyed «machine» ZF «sports» Disco.

Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 crossover is based on the same «truck» Ford EUCD (or Ford C1 Plus, as, for example, Ford Mondeo (in the illustration). You can specify that the base XC60 — elongated platform «second» Frilander (wheelbase increased from 2660 to 2774 mm), but the «British» rear used front McPherson, and Volvo used memorycache.

About half of the body structure is made of different grades of hardened steel. There are elements of light alloys: aluminium and magnesium. For comparison, the «skeleton» of the Audi Q5 consists of high-strength steels more than 70%. Body rigidity Volvo torsion — 20 000 N•m/deg, as Avoca.

Seven years ago, five-cylinder diesel HS 2.4-liter developed 163 185 forces depending on the degree of force. Now his power — 181 HP version D4 and 215 forces in tested us version D5. Differences from the original version — reduced from 17.3:1 to 16.5:1 compression ratio increased from 1600 to 1800 bar injection pressure and more efficient turbo.

Behind the scenes

During this test, footage of which was Boris Ulzibat and Peter Strain, we found almost all times of the year from Blizzard with snow to slush and the brightest of the spring sun.

The editors Express their gratitude to the company Villagio Estate for their help in organizing the shooting.

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