Britain decided to become a global centre machines-robots

Britain decided to become a global centre machines-robots

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British Mosproekt called Introducing Driverless Cars («the Introduction of Autonomous vehicles»). Along with the engineering involved engineering giant Arup, the leading universities of the country and the local government areas, which will host field experiments. A total of 12 organizations.

In January 2015 in the UK launched a large-scale research project. Its goal is a comprehensive study of cars that drive themselves, and implications of their presence on the streets. The idea comes from the government, determined to make Britain the global technology hub Autonomous driving. The authorities have announced a contest, and won it the UK consortium Autodrive. From the number of brands it includes Jaguar Land Rover, Ford Motor Company and European service centre of Tata Motors. They are willing to share their promising practices in the field of Autonomous vehicles. The total program budget — 19.2 million pounds (24.4 million euros). Half of this amount — government grant.

Geography of the project covers Greenwich (area in South-East London) and the city of Bristol, Coventry, Milton Keynes. In the last two places will work JLR and Ford. Aguadulce take the Shuttle L-SATS (Low-Speed Autonomous Transport System) that is depicted in the picture on the right. In General, each location will be their own experiments lasting from 18 to 36 months. In Bristol, for example, the corner will put the insurance implications and the reaction of the public to Autonomous vehicles.

In this area the Americans, perhaps, was more successful than all (some of the Guglomobiley which are), and Ford initiatives we know. The Japanese are also well done, and the Germans in the trend. And that can offer JLR? The company says: we focused on semi-Autonomous machines that samoupravleniya not always, and at the request of the driver — technology ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) is tested on the experimental Range Rover. In addition, JLR is leading the study of human-machine interfaces, and those will be useful for Autonomous passenger capsules, operating in pedestrian areas. Rule Britannia?

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