British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix

Hetvero British pilot and the lion’s share of the teams Formula-1 waited for home stages ahead of the British Grand Prix. For the last three years Silverstone is stronger than all was mark Webber, who won here twice. Remains only to believe that this time, the Australian competition still be able to Vettel with the newly altered helmet, Raikkonen with a new hairstyle, running at 120 percent Alonso or Hamilton on «Mercedes», which got off lightly for illegal tests. In normal font writes Yaroslav Zagorets, italics Miroshkin Alexander. Broadcasting is automatically updated every minute.17:49 FINISH Rosberg wins for the third race in a career! Webber was the second.17:48 52 circle Grosjean come down! Recent circles Silverstone is just crazy!17:47 52 circle The last round went. Rosberg is the leader. Second of Webber.17:46 51 circle Hamilton fourth. The pace of Raikkonen simply does not exist!17:45 51 circle Webber puts the best of all! Played, but very little! More than a second between the leaders!17:44 51 circle The Hamilton has a real chance to fight for the podium! Alonso, between the case broke in to the podium ahead of Raikkonen!17:43 50 circle Up to the end of the race three and a half circle. Rosberg is the advantage of 1.4 seconds and puts the best lap. Webber is in the same pace. Hot, hot in Silverstone!17:42 50 circle Dissatisfied with the lack of a pit-stop Raikkonen came under attack by Alosno! In Lotus after the race will be a serious trial.17:41 49 range And Alonso attacks Sutil! And passes it! Fernando 4th! Hamilton pressing Sutil and passes too. Ham fifth!17:40 48 circle Webber Popper! Just nicked! Mark is already attacking Raikkonen! For second place!And already passed. Do mark will fight for victory?!17:39 48 circle At the last laps on the track began these battles! Hamilton and Alonso progress were Riccardo!17:38 48 circle Gathering for Perez! The team decided to continue the race with such injuries dangerous to the Peres damaged bottom and exhaust.17:37 47 circle Weight ukatyvayut Button, but Jenson not let me Brazilian. It is a struggle for 8th place.17:36 47 circle Webber was Sutil and was ranked the third. Ahead Brand Kimi, who broke 1.1 seconds.17:35 46 circle Another explosion tires! This time in Perez! What the hell happened?!17:34 46 circle Webber was Riccardo in the fight for fourth place! There is still powder the old man lost!17:33 46 circle After the next restart position in the leading group has not changed. Rosberg away from the Raikkonen 0.8 seconds.17:32 45 circle I wonder why pace-car carries pilots if the car Vettel has long gone. And, then, finally, he will come in boxes.17:31 45 circle The position of the pilots on the track at the moment is.The position of the pilots circle 44

Position Pilot
1. Nico Rosberg
2. Kimi Raikkonen
3. Adrian Sutil
4. Riccardo Daniel
5. Mark Webber
6. Sergio Perez
7. Jenson Button
8. Fernando Alonso
9. Lewis Hamilton
10. Roman Grozhan

17:30 44 circle Hamilton is now the ninth, and his partner — the leader in the race. Lewis must be very disappointing. Now he will have plenty of reasons to criticize Pirelli.17:29 44 circle Vettel fell victim to the gearbox. We persistently show how this brave guy is returned in the boxes, although I would like to understand what awaits us in the closing stages of the race. Kimi, for example, not very pleased with the team, which is not zazvali his pit-stop. The team says that it is too late — pace-car formed the peloton.17:28 43 circle So, the situation in the first five such: Rosberg, Raikkonen, Sutil, Riccardo, Webber. The third and fourth places look very amazing isn’t it?17:27 42 circle Rosberg in boxes, returns leader.17:26 42 circle Pace-car on the track! Vettel stopped on the track and its so fast can’t be removed from the route. Wow race!17:25 42 circle Apparently, some mechanical problems! Hurry up and I about a couple of Red Bull on the podium.17:24 41 circle Vettel stops on the highway! Rosberg is the leader!17:23 40 circle Fiction, Riccardo attacks Sutil for sixth place! What happened next I can’t tell, died broadcast!17:22 40 circle Racing pace McLaren is not so bad. BTN managed to pass Grosjean in the struggle for ninth place. The second racer team of Woking — Sergio Perez — rides on the eighth position.17:21 39 circle It seems that on the podium would be a pair of Red Bull: Vettel in the first place, and Webber — third. Australian prepares attack on Raikkonen.17:20 37 circle And yet Duke did Lewis Sex.Surprisingly, di Resta with a damaged wing can lead such a beautiful fight.17:19 37 circle After a pit stop Hamilton and di Resta met again in internal struggle! Floor fights like a lion and not skips ahead more famous opponent. The battle goes for 11th place.17:18 37 circle AI-AI-AI! Little debris on the track! Di Resta stared at the rear wing Hulkenberg, and scattered pieces of our spoiler in turn. And because the Floor is so well went after its start with the last row!17:17 37 circle Vergne stops in boxes. The first gathering in the race.17:16 36 the circle Mark overtaken by Alonso. Another confirmation of the fact that Webber strong Silverstone. The Aussie was on the fourth place. To the podium him 1,3 seconds.17:15 35 circle That’s leader in boxes. Net pit stop for Vettel! Returns the first place.17:14 34 the circle Sutil, Perez and di Resta in the boxes. They walked along the road — the third, fourth and fifth. Travel: Sutil (7), Perez (10) and di Resta (15).In the boxes went and Rosberg. He received the «hard» and returned to clean the track in the second position.17:13 34 the circle Now Webber overtook Hamilton. Now eighth Australian, a Briton, respectively, the ninth.17:12 34 the circle Alonso sets the fastest lap, he just behind Raikkonen. Half a second between them. And we yellow flags. DRS use is prohibited.However, the Finn and the Spaniard synchronously passed Hamilton! Nightmare Lewis continues.17:11 33 circle Di Resta spoil the race Hamilton. To the pilot Mercedes drove a very dangerous pair Raikkonen-Alonso.17:10 32 circle Hamilton attacks di Resta in each turn, on the first sector almost came to a contact, but fortunately for all, everything went well and beautiful struggle between a pair of British continues.17:09 31 circle Alonso in boxes, returned back to the track 11-M. Here is the answer pit stop Kimi. However, it did not help: the Spaniard at the pit lane prevented we went to see Grosjean, and Fernando is back behind Raikkonen. Though whether Grosjean and Kimi in one team.17:08 31 circle Rosberg said she was half a second faster Vettel. However, between the pair of leaders for more than 3.4 seconds.17:07 31 circle Gutierrez came into the pits for a new front wing. Perhaps, he carried the plate, standing on the roadside, which is the distance to the turn.17:06 30 circle Chip seems flew from Gutierrsa. Camera snatched actually a pile of debris from the car Sauber, but what exactly happened with Esteban is unclear.17:05 30 circle Raikkonen held a second pit stop and drove to the «hard».17:04 29 circle Of Riccardo in the head switched program «in the Red Bull 2014» and he went Grosjean went out in sixth place. Other contenders for a place Webber: Kimi Raikkonen and Jean-Eric Vergne are the fifth and 21-mImmediately after Riccardo with Grosjean figured out Webber — never contender for a place in the Red Bull For 2014.17:03 28 circle Again some debris on the track! One of them almost rammed Alonso while attempting to overtake Sutil.17:02 28 circle Vettel took off from the Rosberg three seconds. Sutil even further — we can say that he is going to train, the first car which is suddenly revived Alonso.17:01 28 circle Hamilton is the twelfth. Following his goal — Paul di Resta.17:00 26 circle So now the situation looks like on the track.The position of the pilots on 25 circle

Position Pilot
1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Nico Rosberg
3. Adrian Sutil
4. Fernando Alonso
5. Kimi Raikkonen
6. Roman Grozhan
7. Riccardo Daniel
8. Mark Webber
9. Sergio Perez
10. Jenson Button

16:59 26 circle The rate of Ferrari sad. Alonso began to lag behind Sutil. Between them 1,3 seconds. The Spaniard actively pressure Raikkonen and Grosjean.16:58 25 circle Weight by incredible efforts figured out Bottas. Now the Brazilian seventeenth, but his machine behaves, to put it mildly, not the best way.16:57 25 circle The statement about the «keep away from curbs» ignore I think all. As said in the broadcast Martin Brandl (himself a former racer), the pilots not so easy to submit to such instruction. Just because they are.16:56 24 circle Hamilton managed to overtake Gutierrez and now came on the 13th.16:55 24 circle The Vettel best lap. Should only believe that warnings from the boxes he took correctly and all heard the way it said so.16:54 23 circle Interestingly, Sutil is so high — third. Behind him Alonso and it seems he understands about the title and Vettel.16:53 23 circle Restart didn’t help Hamilton. He, as before, is riding on the 14th place.16:52 22 circle Peres at the restart was Webber, Mark besides attacking the button. But the Aussie is not so simple: counter-attacks and passes Perez!16:51 22 circle Sutil immediately fell under a hail of attacks by Alonso.16:50 22 circle Restart! Vettel managed to divert from Rosberg!16:49 21 circle The last round of stay on the track of the vehicle. Soon race resumes.16:48 20 circle A couple of laps before the operator snatched Newey, whose photographs blasted cover it says «avoid curbs» and «increase the pressure in the tires».

All the attention to rubber16:47 20 circle Until the peloton rides safety car, Vettel told that he should avoid curbs to suddenly not get a puncture.16:46 20 circle Fractured machine hurt more and bottom of the machine Mass, so the Brazilian will have problems to the checkered flag.16:45 19 circle And Newey really studied photography blasted tires. I wonder why?16:44 18 circle What Grosjean behind Raikkonen is an interesting point. Before the explosion of tire is true Novel on the radio said a classic phrase: «Kimi faster you,» and he was forced to miss a companion. And companion immediately flew rubber oshmetok from bolide is true.16:43 18 circle After reboot good opportunities may have Rosberg and Hamilton. The first will get the chance to become leaders, and the second hit in the points zone.16:42 18 circle The best time to write a position on the track. The pace-car of the leader of Vettel, next Rosberg, Sutil, Alonso, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Ricardo Perez, Webber and the button.16:41 18 circle Newey on something hard thinking. He knows how to make so that the tires won’t explode?16:40 18 circle Staff Pirelli ran with bags residues rubber analyze them. No luck Italian Shinnik this year.16:39 17 circle Vettel on the radio said that he had a slow puncture on the previous set of rubber, so he should be especially careful.16:38 17 circle In Ferrari started to check the pressure in the tires. Most of the time.16:37 16 circle Marshals ran out onto the clean up the debris from the car will be back, but to pace-Kara close. How many more cars should now explode?And here is the safety car! And Vettel said he, too, has problems with the tires.16:36 16 circle Vettel, between business, began to leave from Rosberg. Now 2.8 seconds.16:35 15 circle The pilots on the radio that tires in this race and explode, so … No, I do not have time to finish the phrase that the riders were asked to stay away from curbs!16:34 15 circle A puncture at the faithful. Again just a blast tire. It’s all elementary becomes dangerous!16:33 14 circle And again fight pilots Lotus! Kimi quite violently attacked Grosjean, but he had said! Grosjean is the seventh, Raikkonen — eighth.16:32 14 circle Vettel zazvali in the boxes. He received a set of «hard» and returned to the track by the same first place.16:31 13 circle Rosberg and Sutil in boxes. Pit-stops and punctures raised Sutil on the third place, and the Peres — on the fourth place.Rosberg returned back to the track second, Sutil fourth.16:30 12 circle Massa finished in the boxes for new tyres. Changed not very fast, but it and is clear — in addition to the exploded wheel, Mass certainly damaged the lower part of the car. As Hamilton, by the way.16:29 12 circle The struggle of two «Fights»! Grosjean managed to stay ahead of Raikkonen that’s out of the boxes. Following the Frenchman overtaking Kimi held Alonso.16:28 12 circle Raikkonen in boxes. Leave them in sixth place.16:27 11 gonochki circle Wow! Fun it was only when the British Grand Prix on the track ran naked fans.16:26 11 circle Alonso and Webber away from sin went into the pits. Can the race will be a lot of stops, but the bus just explode!16:25 10 circle Mass deployed. As Hamilton, he suffered a puncture! Rear right! Just burst tire almost in the same place, where good race ended Lewis.16:24 9 circle Before that, I wanted to write about Webber, whose broken front wing, but he’s still in the race. I will write another angle: wing Mark almost drags on the highway, and certainly left a debris on the track at the first circles. Not on whether these fragments damaged rubber Hamilton?16:23 9 circle Sutil, between business, the third one. Do people in the UK will fully German podium?!16:22 9 circle Now all hopes of «Mercedes» are connected with (Rosberg), which to the leading Vettel of 2.2 seconds.16:21 8 circle Fans grabbed his head! Hemmilton rolls on the road, and babies crying, Ross brown.16:20 8 circle The Hamilton puncture! He ate and ate creeps on the highway in the boxes! Failure and a disaster for Lewis!16:19 8 circle Weight, by the way, tried to catch Sutil. Between them just a moment.

The position of the pilots on the 7th round

Position Pilot
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Sebastian Vettel
3. Nico Rosberg
4. Adrian Sutil
5. Felipe Massa
6. Kimi Raikkonen
7. Riccardo Daniel
8. Fernando Alonso
9. Roman Grozhan
10. Sergio Perez

16:18 6 circle BTN something very unclear told his engineer about the front tires. Can already started to have problems?16:17 6 circle Alonso in eighth place struggles with Riccardo — Aussie though and started badly, but now confidently taking the seventh. And successfully restrains Alonso caught Grosjean.16:16 6 circle Hamilton continued attack on the home track. Another best lap at it.16:15 5 circle Di Røst said that the plans changed and it must remain on track. He is now 16._16:14 5 circle Vettel on the radio told «wisely use the rubber». What does it mean? Anything. For example, what Vettel it is necessary not so much drive for Hamilton.16:13 5 circle It’s not so bad Mark, as it might seem at first. Best first sector of him.16:12 4 circle In addition to poor start, problems Webber created Grosjean, who rammed a car Australian immediately after the start of the race.16:11 3 circle Hamilton set the fastest lap, but the gap from Vettel just 1.2 seconds. German is better Rosberg, who started a bit behind.16:10 3 circle At the repetition start evident that the problem of the Webber have been in this moment.16:09 3 circle Tight battle between Return and Maldonado. While Venezuelan managed to preserve its 15th position.16:08 2 circle Riccardo started not very and dropped to 7th place. Webber meanwhile reported that he damaged front wing.16:07 2 circle Alonso attacks Grosjean and passes it. But no, the Frenchman did not give up!16:06 1 circle BTN managed to get out in eighth place, but in the end missed Alonso!16:05 1 circle Sutil broke the fourth place!Weight broke the fifth! And Webber any damage on the car.16:04 START Rosberg failed to start! Vettel ahead of him, Hamilton until the leader!16:03 British commentators are very long and very pompously scattered in the Acknowledgments fans in the UK. Something like: «Thank you for coming».16:00 Went to the warm up lap.15:59 But BTN starutet on more rigid rubber. However, who is this year’s bothering McLaren. Jens will start the race 10-m15:57 In this race have available two types of rubber — «medium» (white rim) and «hard» (orange bezel). The entire first nine starts on «Medium». As Di Resta, but he at the very end of the peloton.15:56 But the place is, apparently, has been prepared for Kimi Raikkonen. Although, of course, in the matter of vacant positions in the Red Bull nothing is decided yet.15:55 I can Not mention the third row of the starting grid: there will start Dan Riccardo and Adrian Sutil. Riccardo seems to have decided to immediately into a fight vacant seat in the Red Bull next year.15:53 ​​Toto Wolff said that «Mercedes» will focus on own pace, and not on restraining Vettel. A bold decision, and may simply helped tests with Pirelli.15:50 In Lotus decided to fight with the wear and tear of tires using the hashtag directly on the machine.15:44 Even starting from pole position Hamilton noted that contain Vettel will be very difficult. Raikkonen and Alonso, apparently, has not yet appear to him to be dangerous competitors.15:42 If we talk about the race today, many bet on winning pilots Mercedes, starting from the first row. Even their competitors gently said that this race can become for Mercedes special (probably something like Monaco). However, in the «Mercedes» very concerned about the track temperature — the higher it is, the worse it will be.15:41 McLaren brought to Silverstone helmet Ayrton Senna. Hope that helps?15:40 Winners of the British Grand Prix at the time were Webber, Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton. The rest are just waiting for their hour.15:38 The inhabitants of the paddock live say that will support the Button and Hamilton. Who will win, for Chilton and di Resta? Second after the fine support is needed as never before!15:37 Many wonder that today Silverstone is no rain. This is really fantastic. Rain, by the way, do not expect at all.15:36 By the way, an excellent result GP3, race have also this weekend at Silverstone achieved Daniel Kwiat. In both runs the Russian became the fourth.15:35 Cars went on the starting grid, and Sky Sports live flooding the fans of information about control racing car. Basically, something about overtaking.15:30 Chef Pirelli Floor Hembri for this race naprognoziroval three pit stop for most teams. Although, according to the same Hembri, Force India and Lotus can go for two. Lotus, by the way, according to some, uses the race illegal suspension.15:27 In both standings of the championship — the individual and team — with a large margin continues to lead Sebastian Vettel and his team.

The position of the pilots in the standings before the British Grand Prix

Place Pilot Team Glasses
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 132
2. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 96
3. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 88
4. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG 77
5. Mark Webber Red Bull 69
6. Niko Робсерг Mercedes AMG 57
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari 49
8. Paul di Resta Force India 34
9. Roman Grozhan Lotus 26
10. Jenson Button McLaren 25
11. Adrian Sutil Force India 17
12. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso 13
13. Sergio Perez McLaren 12
14. Riccardo Daniel Toro Rosso 7
15. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber 5

Position in the Cup of designers before Grand Prix of great Britain

Place Team Glasses
1. Red Bull 201
2. Ferrari 145
3. Mercedes AMG 134
4. Lotus 114
5. Force India 51
6. McLaren 37
7. Toro Rosso 20
8. Sauber 5

15:25 After a couple of fines — Guido van der garde (for the accident Webber does in Canada) and Paul di Resta (for underweight after qualification) — starting-grid British Grand Prix looks like this.

Starting-grid British Grand Prix

Position Pilot Team
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG
3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
4. Mark Webber Red Bull
5. Riccardo Daniel Toro Rosso
6. Adrian Sutil Force India
7. Roman Grozhan Lotus
8. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus
9. Fernando Alonso Ferrari
10. Jenson Button McLaren
11. Felipe Massa Ferrari
12. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso
13. Sergio Perez McLaren
14. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber
15. Pastor Maldonado Williams
16. Вальттери Боттас Williams
17. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber
18. Charles Peak Caterham
19. Jules Bianchi Marussia
20. Max Chilton Marussia
21. Paul di Resta Force India
22. Guido van der garde Caterham

15:17 Hello! We start an online broadcast of the eighth round of Formula 1!

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