Bureau Hennessey first dispersed Corvette C7 up to 200 mph

Bureau Hennessey first dispersed Corvette C7 up to 200 mph

Leonid Popov, 17 hours ago. Photo: Hennessey

Selected tracks company founder John Hennessy called perfectly smooth. He also noted that a forced coupe has proven to be highly stable and easy to manage.

D вухдверка Corvette Stingray (seventh generation of the legendary coupe) until only with the base-466-strong motor — so much, he develops with optional factory exhaust. With him coupe can squeeze nearly 290 km/H. Corporate 600-horsepower sports car Z06 projects, but tuning Atelier quickly presented their improvement. So, last summer on the preparation of the whole package set for a Corvette C7 told Bureau Hennessey. And last week, this hard work resulted in a record: перекроенная model Corvette C7 first overcame the bar 200 mph, namely reached a speed 200,6 mph (322,8 km/h).

CEO John Hennessy himself and got behind the wheel of the Corvette at the time of setting a record. Vehicle speed measured in several ways, including radar. Traffic police staff kindly took part in the experiment. Also for the race watched by the representatives of Department of transport of Texas.

Check-in took place at the just-built and still closed section of one of the paid highways near Хьюстна — Grand Parkway. This section of the road will be opened to the public on 21 December.

Corvette from Hennessey was equipped service HPE600 (a variant of the atmospheric motor, received a modified cylinder heads, intake and release management program). Power source engine rose to 603 PS And in addition to this machine was installed optional injection system nitrous oxide Nitrous Express kit that adds another 100 PS

On the same day and on the same track company Hennessey experienced revised its sedan Chevrolet SS with service HPE600 (version with compressor), raised its capacity of the «eight» from standard 415 to 600 HP Car developed 164,2 mph (264,3 km/h). Bureau clarifies that natural лимитатором there were ratios in standard carton, and, respectively, the restriction on the revolutions of the motor. If all reconfigured, you can get top speed and above.

Notice how I had to add Корвету «horses»to get a relatively modest increase in maximum speed. Alas, air resistance increases as a function of the square of the velocity. By the way, the Bureau has a package of improvements with a mechanical supercharger, allowing to receive 700 PS without nitrous, and packages with a twin-turbocharged, magnifying power корветовского motor to a thousand horsepower. But their tests are still ahead.

It is curious, that arrival tuning Corvette simultaneously was a kind of test for the Texas system of contactless payment for travel EZ tag that captures the passage of machines of radiomark RFID. Complex EZ tag coped with the task and noted Corvette, flown past the point of payment at 200 miles per hour.

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