Buyers sedan Lifan Celliya made an interesting offer

Buyers sedan Lifan Celliya made an interesting offer

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Lifan

Model Celliya completed with one shestnadtsatiklapanny motor 1.5 VVT (PS 103, 133 N•m), five-speed «mechanics» and disc brakes on all wheels. Acceleration up to the first hundred not impressive (14,7 C), but the average fuel consumption good is 6.4 l/100 km

To the company Lifan decided to spur interest in the new model Celliya that has just entered the Russian market, a limited edition (295 units) series, based on the basic configuration Comfort, but differing advanced hardware list. In addition to the requisite version of elements are still present aluminum rims, electronic immobilizer, four additional airbags (six), front seats with heating and pre-tensioning of the belts. Estimated special model in 479 900 rubles. Exactly the same is the usual Comfort, that is all the extra chips from the greeting of a series of bonus does not require.

Sedan Celliya (aka Lifan 530) came to replace the model Breez (Lifan 520). The car has been reduced in length (with 4,37 to 4.3 m) and width (from 1.7 to 1,69 m), but increased in the withers» (from 1473 to 1490 mm) and increased wheelbase (2540 to 2550 mm). Clearance equal to 172 mm trunk Volume — 475 HP Dimension are 185/60 R15.

In all versions of the sedan driver’s seat is equipped with six adjustments, and passenger — four. From rare in this segment features — monitoring tire pressure. There is a stabilization system.

Initial Comfort implies ABS, two airbags, air conditioner. In addition, buyers will find Central locking with remote control, power locks on all doors, rear Parking sensor, power side mirrors and heated, fog-light and audio CD/MP3/USB. Sedan Celliya for sale in the Luxury 499 for 900 rubles. It added to the above leather seat trim and chrome exterior door handles. In addition there are the points specified in limited series. Comparing other budgetary sedan with a new Lebanon, be aware that it has a relatively rich base complete set. For example, the new Logan has a starting price 355 000. But if to choose from 102-strong «shestnadtsatiletnego» and retrofit even to a basic level sedan Celliya, it will cost, «the Frenchman» in 490 000 rubles.

Model and equipment Engine (power, h.p), transmission* Price, rubles
Car? 1.6 (82), MT5 279 000
Renault Logan 1.6 (82), MT5 355 000
FAW Oley 1.5 (102), MT5 430 000
Citroen C-Elysee 1.2 (72), MT5 455 900
Peugeot 301 1.2 (72), MT5 461 900
Hyundai 1.4 (107), MT5 467 900
Chevrolet Cobalt 1.5 (105), MT5 473 000
Volkswagen Polo 1.6 (105), MT5 473 900
Lifan Celliya 1.5 (103), MT5 479 900
Kia Rio 1.4 (107), MT5 499 900
* MT5 — five-speed manual transmission.

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