Cabriolet Ferrari California T was fire

Cabriolet Ferrari California T was fire

ferrari safety Anastasia Korolkova, 14 hours ago. Photo: Ferrari Just under review came 186 cabriolet Ferrari California T, released in the period from 8 September to 11 November 2015. P libreta car in the premium segment, it is impossible to protect yourself from possible service shares. Recently expensive models at least others began to fall into otzyvy. The present action is superfluous to that confirmation. While in the U.S. market, and subsequently, possibly, in other countries the service will be attended by owners of convertibles Ferrari California T.

Recall that the model of the Ferrari California T is equipped with engine V8 3.8 twin-turbo. The reliability of this power unit and doubted by many, as it turned out, not in vain. The reason for the revocation was the possibility of leakage of fuel in the engine compartment, and the contact with hot engine parts can cause fire. According to the manufacturer, blame the component supplier. ferrari california ferrari review ferrari quality ferrari security

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