California may push the drones in other States

California may push the drones in other States

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technology Leonid Popov, 29 minutes ago. Photo: Google, Audi California has a reputation as a place of concentration of innovative companies and the introduction of various progressive inventions. However, in the case of drones, the authorities intend to play it safe. To kalifornijski the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) plans to consider new rules concerning unmanned vehicles. The project will significantly complicate the life of companies engaged in experiments in this area, and will jeopardize the sale of such serial machines, dreaming of some automakers, and not only they.

Meanwhile recently the National authority for road safety USA statedthat it considers the computer as a driver in the legal sense, as earlier in Britain, insurers have teamed up to address the tough issues of insurance of drones.

The proposals are as follows. Autonomous cars will require mandatory presence is driving, and possessing a special license and prepared in case of failure of electronics. Before releasing new cars into operation, it must undergo independent testing, and further the manufacturer is obliged to send to the authorities monthly safety reports. The tolerance of the UAV on the road will be granted temporary permission for three years, with possibility of review. Finally, for the first time the law will allow only to take Autonomous vehicles to rent, but not sell them, according to the publication Automotive News.

If all proposals are implemented, this means that testing activities on drones will be forced into other States, say Nevada.

Remember that the first competition of robotic vehicles in urban environments took place in California. Same here (along with several other States) riding the famous the Google cars, converted from serial machines. It is in the Golden state, many companies have conducted the first tests of drones on public roads. Here, Google brought to the test city car without steering wheel and pedals (but for trips along the routes of the controls on it were installed, otherwise the machine did not conform to the law). Can we call California the cradle of Autonomous cars? To some extent, Yes. And here’s an unexpected step by the authorities, which will allow other States to pull the blanket over himself. By the way, and now in several other places actively deployed such projects. California is at risk from leaders to go to the rank behind. Autonomous car legislation technology

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