«Charged» Mustang fascinated who is Adam loud sound

"Charged" Mustang fascinated who is Adam loud sound

Kostyantyn Bolotov, 21 minutes ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien.

I remember last year, the Ford guys suddenly said that the time of their circle «charged» models on the Northern loop means nothing, and the records of the Nurburgring is nothing more than a marketing ploy. They say, we test on N-ring, because the track is diverse.

P PODRAZDELENIE SVT (Special Vehicle Team), which for several decades «charges» cars Ford, and drove to the Northern loop pony car Ford Mustang. Prototype, almost devoid of disguise, on a race track has got to spinarum for the first time and left a good impression. «It sounds very loud, » said photographers, and looks pretty quick».

«Charged» Mustang on the Nurburgring betrayed himself, of course, not only sound, but also a large number of aerodynamic elements: air ducts in the wings, front spoiler, rear diffuser. Drew attention to himself and plerodomiana brake discs.

It is assumed that the modification will receive the designation Mustang GT350 (other options — Cobra and Mach 1), and in Ford hierarchy will be located between the two Mustangs of the previous generation: models Mustang Boss 302 and Shelby GT500. Premiere may take place in 2016.

In February on public roads into the camera came earlier than the present, the prototype of the «charged» SVT Mustang. Then it was assumed that this upcoming Shelby GT500 with five-liter V8 engine. He is also pleased with the sound of the motor

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