Company Nissan will bring in Tokyo incendiary coupe

Company Nissan will bring in Tokyo incendiary coupe

Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Illustration: Motor Trend. Photo: Nissan

While the novelty, known under the code name Z35, can be imagined only on third-party pictures.

In  January of the current year, the Vice-President of Nissan Andy Palmer announces creating двухдверки intended for competition rear-wheel compartment Toyota GT86. Now Palmer hinted that the new ниссановский sportscar debut very soon: November 22 at the Tokyo motor show. The boss of the company not too much told about the newcomer, but it is rumored that the novelty can get a motor V6 3.7 coupe Nissan 370Z but with a lower forces (as we 370 he gives 332 HP).

It is assumed that the style Z35 will encounter the concept Esflow 2011. However, the show car was a pure electric car. But заднеприводным. And in proportions and size it quite fit would engine.

Yet there is evidence that the novelty отрядят and lightweight four-cylinder engine: it will be a unit with direct-injection turbocharged volume of 2.5 liters of crossover Pathfinder Hybrid. This engine produces 250 PS, and for the coupe would be possible to force, say, 300 «horses». Anyhow, but the new promises to be very hot. Andy himself Palmer said disapprovingly about Toyota GT86 and its clones, as machines for 50-year-olds, for those who have a mid-life crisis. «It is not what we do,» said Palmer, adding that the new Nissan is aimed at men in the age of 25-30 years. By the way, Toyota has plans to release a more powerful version GT86.

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