Concept Alpine Vision turned out to be a serial on the «four-fifths»

Concept Alpine Vision turned out to be a serial on the "four-fifths"

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renault alpine vision Leonid Popov, 14 hours ago. Photo: Renault Alpine The mixture of retro and modern parts, such as optics and wheels, a matter of respect. Balanced to combine old and new — difficult. In trojdena Renault brand Alpine has approached the production on stream its first production of a new coupe era. Presented at a special event in Monte Carlo prototype with mid-engine layout was really similar to the concept of Celebration in 2015 and, of course, on the patent drawingsthat leaked last summer. The car has received the name Alpine Vision (not to be confused with another concept Alpine Vision Gran Turismo).

First image interior was posted online shortly before the premiere of the car. The manufacturer emphasizes that great attention was paid to small details. Various handles and switches, machined metal, center console rests on an aluminum frame, finishing using aluminum, carbon fiber, leather and stitching.

Firm of Dugway has not yet revealed the technical characteristics of the car. According to preliminary information, the French dvuhdverka equipped with turbo engine 1.8 TCe, depending on the educational setting on a couple of «robot» from 250 to 300 HP For comparison: coupe Porsche Cayman, which can be considered the closest rival, currently has a range of units ranging from 275 to 385 HP (but it will be a facelift on the model of the Boxster, with the engine change). To this company include the Lotus Exige (350 HP).

New show car appearance to 80% coincides with the serial machine, which will be released before the end of this year, and will go on sale in 2017.

The car was created based on the legendary model Renault Alpine A110 (1962-1977), not bad speakers in the rally of 1970-ies.

In the design model, the primary focus was not on power, but on careful tuning of the chassis and reduced weight (the promised curb weight about 1.1 t) . And although the motor parameters are not specified, Alpine mentions that it «turbochetverkoy» prepared by Renault Sport. It is able to accelerate the coupe to 100 km/h in less than 4.5 s (the dynamics on the level of the Cayman GT4).

Together with Vision the manufacturer has shown a racing version (on the left). Actually this is an evolution of previous concept Celebration, only with optics and improved aerodynamic elements.

Now you need to create truly mass-produced car. On this, the developers say, will take about a year.

Also the company plans continued participation in endurance racing, where the honor of the brand protects the team Signatech-Alpine. As for road cars, it is about extending the line too early. First you need to look at the sales of the first compartment. If the audience are greeted warmly, engineers Alta (the de facto Renault) will think about the next car. Insiders say she may be a crossover. renault alpine renault alpine vision

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