Concepts Ford Figo and Ka Sedan have been divided over the trunk

Concepts Ford Figo and Ka Sedan have been divided over the trunk

Leonid Popov, 2 hours ago. Photo: and manufacturers

A new compact sedan for India designers gave grille in the style of recent fords. Whether nose «a La Aston-Martin such a small machine is a big question.

And втосалон in new Delhi served as a platform for the premiere of show-Kara Ford Figo Concept. Is quite extraordinary machine — sedan with a length less than four meters. However, such oddity is explained by the tax legislation, the benevolent important city-Karam, included in the four metres in length. Of the last examples of national specifics remember you can wondrous sedan Verito Vibe, converted from Logan and debuted in India sedan Tata Zest.

The car was mirrors with turn signals and electric folding. Inside promised innovative organization of space and multimedia system with navigation.

Appearance Figo Concept is closely connected with the appearance пятидверки Ford Ka Concept, newly established in Brazil as a future global model. And this is not accidentally. The concern intends to use the same create different models adapted for different markets. Alas, too little data about the novelty (we only know that the «cart» is taken from the Fiesta the fifth generation platform Ford B3), but now here was another example of a differentiated approach to common «исходнику».

In Brazil, the premiere четырехдверки Ford Ka Concept Sedan, prepared by the Brazilian branch of the Ford Foundation. It is very similar to Figo Concept…

…front kindred car so almost one person with the Indian concept, not counting protivotumanok.

But behind cars differ significantly — Brazilian machine sports a quite normal trunk. Compare the two sedan in one view.

Name Figo Concept hinting that we see a type of model that will change the пятидверке Ford Figo (recently, by the way, broken in tests Global NCAP). And Indian novelty is obvious alternative budget model Ford Classic. The latter is an Indian version of the Fiesta of the fifth generation, and in the sedan. This car is now sold in India in parallel sedan Fiesta sixth generation, which is worth almost one and a half times more expensive. Baby Ford Figo Concept will turn into a mass-market car in 2015. His «brothers» — Brazilian Ka and Ka Sedan will become serial machines near the end of this year. Moreover body in 2015 will come and in Europe as a replacement to the current трехдверному city Karu Ka.


Hatchback Ford Figo has only one generation, manufactured since 2010 in India. In fact, it перекроенная Fiesta of the fifth generation. However, the Indian version is shorter than the source hatchback: 3795 mm against 3918 mm. the cut were only overhangs base is actually the same. In India, for Фиго offered 1.2 Duratec petrol engine and diesel 1.4 Duratorq. In Mexico, the body is sold as Ikon Hatch motor 1.6 Duratec, and the middle East and in South Africa model Figo presents another and with the engine 1.4 Duratec. Hatch Figo is one of the most popular car in India, Ford India reports that, on average, every five minutes someone purchases such cars.

Brazilian Ford Ka (top left) began its history in 1997 as a simple clone of the European Ford Ka first generation (top right). Then the model several times altered without changing the basis until it became in the second generation in 2007 (bottom left). At this point it is completely separated from the European Ka second generation (bottom right). If «Brazilian» platform from Fiesta fourth generation of «European» (right) — from the city of Kara Fiat 500.

Indian sedan Ford Classic available from 2005. It is equipped with engines of 1.6 Duratec and 1.4 TDCi. Wheelbase (2486 mm) is identical to the base of the Fiesta hatchback fifth generation, on which it is based, and the length equal to 4282 mm

All on the same basis as the Indian Ford Classic, in Brazil since 2005 is going to четырехдверка Ford Fiesta RoCam Sedan. However, the body they are not identical. The wheelbase is almost the same (the Brazilian model it is equal to the 2488 mm), length (4227 mm) «Brazilian» inferior Indian «brother», though and comes on the third side window. Engines — 1.0 and 1.6 adapted for supply of gasoline and ethanol.

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