Concepts Wander Honda will offer a new approach to mobility

Concepts Wander Honda will offer a new approach to mobility

Leonid Popov, 2 hours ago. Photo: Honda and manufacturers

Little car equipped with rudimentary doors, reminding the baby of the Renault Twizy, which door option. By the way, the Twizy is certified as the quadricycle, is a special kind of microcare.

I Ponza decided to dilute large cars at Tokyo motor show, a funny look on small devices, called Wander («journeying», «wandering»). In short Honda’s annotation says that these concepts are the joy of free movement. Apparently, the joy of this is invited to try, circling the plug or going into «green» zones, where access of conventional vehicles.

Wander Stand in a capsule is set a couple of chairs and a joystick control, which can use any of the inhabitants. According to this announcement, the concept will get developed system of data projection on the windshield, including Navigator, generating a virtual model of the city.

The first concept called the Wander Stand gets in a cohort of midget cars, designed specifically for large cities. Often in such projects we are talking about electric cars with one or two people. These machines, often standalone, services are created for short term rental or intelligent transport systems operating in a particular area.

Recent curiosities in the same vein we can recall city car Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 isbeing tested now in China, an Autonomous unit of the company Google (by the way, the company is looking for a partner to issue), the British drone LUTZ Pathfinder and electric car Honda MC-β.

Electric scooter named Walker Wander we decided to add to this strange capsule, as it develops the same idea of unlimited mobility in the city. In another city this unit will not go, but, I guess Honda’s engineers, it is possible to move even on sidewalks.

The concept Wander Walker interesting ability to turn almost on the spot, as well as wheels with a cellular structure similar in structure to a number of so-called airless tires, previously presented in several concepts of different firms. And not only in them.

Visitors to the motor show in Tokyo will see at the company’s booth new MPV Step WGN , with its dual door Waku Waku, Roadster S660 and other novelties, officially presented already this year. Additionally, Honda promised to make Tokyo a hybrid modification of the minivan Odyssey with the system Sport Hybrid-iMMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) that combines high environmental performance with dynamics. The machine has no serial, but is preparing to embark on the conveyor.

Serial coupe NSX , the Japanese revealed in January at Detroit as an Acura, and in Tokyo in October will debut an analogy with the Honda badge (last generation model was also sold under two brands).

Concepts of the future Wander the Japanese do not say anything, but something similar may appear in the series. Not accidentally various companies are now exploring the opportunities are very similar machines in the networks of hire — for example, Toyota. By the way, hydrogen sedan FCV is demonstrated as a serial, although the firm still does not name the date of his release on the market.

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