Concern PSA brought to trial mysterious sedan

Concern PSA brought to trial mysterious sedan

Leonid Popov, 18 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien, Citroen

From relatives prototype differs reshaped hood and grille. Under which brand will be the car is safe to say as of yet. Perhaps either DSor Citroen.

C zagadochny sedan managed to photograph on the tests. Like he evolved chetyrehdverny DS 5LS or sedan C4. Most likely, we have another model, designed specifically for the Chinese market. Concern PSA may represent the car in the second half, while 2016 is more likely.

Cityradio DS 5LS (on the photo above shows a conceptual version of R) is a relative of the C4 sedan. They have a common platform PF2. Mysterious prototype is clearly based on all the same C4 (please note on the front door), but the whole back is new. The dimensions of the test machine comparable with relatives. Recall, the DS 5LS length equal 4702, and C4 — 4621 mm Wheelbase differ much less: 2715 mm «de ESA» and 2708 mm from Citroen.

A curious thing — we don’t think any modern four-door Citroen or Peugeot with the third side window, in addition to model C5. But it is the new sedan has no resemblance. Yes and dimensions of the prototype clearly correspond to clone C-fifth». So, the French are really preparing something new in the segment S.

Schedule lights with U-shaped strips — as in many models DS and Citroen. Back glass with a concave bottom the same as «si-fourth».

Recall, DS 5LS French adapted a good range of petrol engines 1.6 THP versions of 163 and 200 HP (240 and 275 N•m), 1.2 THP (134 HP, 230 N•m). Such motors may be on the new. Assuming about extending the range of DS to China to produce the car will be in the same place where produce sedan DS 5LS and crossover DS 6WR, in Shenzhen factory, a joint venture Changan PSA. But if the nose will be the icon of Citroen, used to be the other partner of the joint venture Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen. In any case, there is a chance that the development will eventually come to other markets — for example, will cause the clone to Europe and the USA. By the way, if brand DS really counts on the conquest of the American market, without the sedan and the above-mentioned crossover, it clearly will not do.

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