Coupe Camaro Callaway SC610 purposely made inconspicuous

Coupe Camaro Callaway SC610 purposely made inconspicuous

chevrolet camaro Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Photo: Callaway, The manufacturer does not reveal the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle, but given the data source, acceleration to hundreds of the beginner should be within four seconds with a large margin. And American Atelier Callaway Cars, famous for a redrawing of the Corvettes and Camaro, introduced the latest development of the sports car Camaro SC610, based on the eight-cylinder version of the Camaro SS of the last generation. As usual, the key is installing original drive with triple GenThree supercharger intercooler, originally designed for the Corvette accelerated. As a result, the 6.2 V8 engine produces 618 HP and 827 N•m, instead of the 461 HP and 617 N•m (the original model).

External changes Atelier minimized: «in the» tuning version of the coupe just based on the redesigned hood with the cutout for the intercooler housing Yes nameplates Callaway on the wings and aft. Right wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Pictures of the cabin there, and the sense in them is not enough, because the Studio has just added the door sills, branded floor mats and Callaway * badges. Under the hood you can find a carbon fiber lid of the cylinder head with the inscription SC610. But devicespecifier forged wheels — option.

The result of the refinement of the engine is solid, but by far not a record. Even in the last generation coupe Camaro met tuning samples more powerful. And with the current variety the Studio has already worked ad libitum. Here particularly distinguished Bureau Hennessey Performance, which for Camaro SS 2016 model year now offer the package HPE1000 with the recoil forces in 1014 and 1203 N•m, and measured at the rear wheels (i.e., the engine shaft should be a few more).

Americans showed only redrawn coupe, however, said that exactly the same changes can be ordered for a convertible Camaro.

Be combined a modified engine with six-speed «mechanics» (the default), and with vosmidiapazonnym «automatic» (for a fee). Callaway Bureau has opened reception of orders for Camaro coupe SC610. The starting price is $54 290. For comparison, the U.S. benchmark dvuhdverka Camaro 1SS with a V8, costs $37,3 thousand. The company also can convert into SC610 car available for only $16 995. chevrolet camaro

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