Coupe Mercedes AMG GT painted and filmed

Coupe Mercedes AMG GT painted and filmed

Boris Ульзибат, 1 hour ago. Illustration: Auto Express. Video: Stefan Baldauf/SB Medien

Staff Illustrator magazine Auto Express depicted, how, in his opinion, will be the serial AMG GT. Remember that fundamentally it’s almost always in their assumptions not mistaken.

L eto 2014, which is scheduled presentation of the serial coupe Mercedes AMG GT, not very soon, however, all new and new details about the machine periodically get into the Network. This time we were lucky enough to get hold of the two news. First, edition Auto Express showed render future vehicle, which, according to the author, maximally close to reality, and secondly, our шпионеры pleased us with video clips with testing the sports car. And we would like to share them with you.

The designers say that in her style of the prominent role played models Panamericana (1952) and 300 SL.

By the way, since the introduction of the latest news about the AMG coupe GT revealed some details on the technical part. In particular, the projected capacity of the new turbo V8 4.0 from the previous 500 forces insiders are tweaking the «about 485». They also say that in the car, we shall find some stylistic solutions, seen us on the C-class: in particular, large ducts and the touch pad handy for management мультимедиасистемой. The initial price of the machine is projected to be a little less than 100 000 Euro. Sales should begin at the end of this year.

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