Coupe Nismo GT-R N Attack compelled to believe in his record

Coupe Nismo GT-R N Attack compelled to believe in his record

Boris Ульзибат, 12 hours ago. Photo Nissan,

Eyewitnesses claim that part of the bottom of the machine, setting a record, was closed углепластиковыми guards remained whether this item is on a serial sample — while is not known.

In  last year’s Tokyo motor show, Nissan has shown the world version coupe GT-R from his court Atelier Nismo. And at the same time announced about the existence of a set of track revisions, with whom GT-R set a record nürnburgring among production-based cars. The journalists present at the closed-door presentation model from Nismo (among them was Robert Есенов), showed the same record car, wrapped in camouflage film, and strictly forbade him to photograph. But the corner of my eye they manage to consider some of the distinctive features of the machine. Folded in mind carboxylic partition in the trunk with the ban on photographing many came to the conclusion that the machine may not be quite standard. And only now ниссановцы dispelled doubts, showing to the public serial track pack N Attack and telling what it is.

Main directions of development of machine — increased thrust power, weight reduction and adaptation to tracks with complex covering. The carbon bulkhead in the trunk has remained on a place. Together with it of carbon fiber made extended and equipped with aerodynamic wings, front fenders, hood, front spoiler, side skirts, partially rear bumper and spoiler. Last adjusted in two positions in height and 12 by the slope. Also on weight reduction work Recaro buckets with углепластиковым frame and optional titanium exhaust system.

Around record Nissan are raging controversy as to whether the machine serial — this is the first question. Second — do not consider whether the serial Porsche 918 Spyder who has travelled on the North loop of 6 minutes and 57 seconds. Such machines will be done exactly 918.

Under the hood track version Nismo GT-R new engine control unit and sockets intake systems and intermediate cooler, made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Front differential replaced by irreversible, and in back «самоблоке» appeared carboxylic packages of the friction. In addition, the audit was subjected to the control unit robotic transmission and front brake pads replaced. In the suspension appeared custom stabilizers and Ohlins dampers with the possibility of changing the characteristics of the four parameters — compression and mount at high and low speeds. The price and method of sale (in the form of ready machines or package modifications) will be known closer to the summer. It is assumed that in the American market price on the vehicle does not exceed $ 200,000. And photograph the car forbidden to ahead of time not to spread information about the package N Attack.

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