Coupe R200 Non-Fiction mimicry under the legend

Coupe R200 Non-Fiction mimicry under the legend

The name explains the new approach to their work, saying, «design is nonfiction in art» (the utterance of the canadian writer Douglas Coupland, author of «Generation X»).

H elski industrial designer Peter Novak, winner of the prestigious Red Dot award, the head of the Studio Novague, and his business partner Marek Hoffmann has revived the legendary sports car of Skoda 130 RS, which this year marks 40 years. The new coupe was named R200 Non-Fiction. To Skoda the project, launched in 2008, has nothing to do — just enthusiasts from Prague decided to exploit the retro style, taking as a starting point one of the most successful sports cars of Skoda.

The first prototype sports car are now exhibited in the Centre for contemporary art DOX in Prague. Back in the Czech coupe, perhaps, too much Audi, but vertical slits in the bumper — stylization under racing Skoda 1975.

A donor from Ingolstadt lurks in many details from the motor to tidy, from the brakes to the wheels.

In a sense, this project can be seen as a very deep tuning, not affecting the filling and the shell perekraivanie model. Based car chassis and aggregates Audi R8 V8 first generation. The Czechs are not reported 4.2 impact of the motor, but most likely, it did not cross compared with the original model. So, behind the seat backs are hiding 430 HP and 430 «Newtons» who will realize their potential through a six-speed «mechanics» and all-wheel drive system.

This was the original intent. On the way to «live» car design as the exterior and interior adjusted.

The claimed top speed is 250 km/h. Despite the fact that R8 c «eight» over the bar in 300 km/h. However, the authors of the project said that they do not need. They say, the beauty of the model R200 lies not in the limiting characteristics, and the design and exclusivity. The length of the coupe is $ 4400, height — 1300, width — 2000 mm. the acceleration Time and fuel consumption, as well as many other options that are not yet available.

In small series, the car will go with nameplates Hoffmann & Novague. Assembly manual, so a month will be produced no more than two cars.

Production start is scheduled for January 2016. It is planned to collect about 30 copies. The price of the novelty is 255 000 euros. Not too much for the old R8 in the new shell? Well, if we consider small circulation R200 Non-Fiction, someone may find this an interesting addition to its collection of rare cars.

History (Konstantin Bolotov, Leonid Popov)

The abbreviation RS means Rally Sport. In 2014 she was 40 years old. The Czechs are counting since 1974, when the light appeared racing prototypes Skoda 180 RS and škoda 200 RS (pictured), built on the basis of the sports coupé škoda 110 R.

The samples received a numeric designation by volume in-line four, which was considered in those days a very powerful. Engine 1.8 gave out 154 HP (183 N•m), and two-liter unit — 163 power (210 N•m). Maximum speed the one hundred and eightieth» Skoda was 210 km/h, and «two-hundredth», razgorevshiysya to hundreds in 7, is 250 km/h. there were produced two instances of the model RS 200, and modification of the RS 180, the Czechs produced «copies» in one piece.

Active life prototypes of RS 180 / 200g was short: changed in 1975 technical regulations left them behind «rally sport». However, the concepts were not in vain: they have made an invaluable contribution to the development of Skoda 130 RS.

This new product is also based on substantially redrawn chassis model 110, but in the back found use plastic and aluminum. Equipped with a 140-horsepower engine 1.3, it was overclocked to 220 km/h and brought home a lot of success in Motorsport.

In the 1970-1980s «one hundred and thirtieth er-esque» so effectively raced in rally Championships, has been dubbed the Porsche of the East (East Porsche).

One of the main victories were forged at the Rally Monte Carlo 1977: riders Skoda won its group in the first and second place. Since then Skoda 130 RS with tail numbers 44 and 49 — a popular souvenir in the Czech Republic. All were built 65 «one hundred and thirtieth.» As the ultimate evolution of the original model in 1975, the Czechs created the piece «grenade» — rally coupe 2000 MI Grenade with turbo engine displacement of 1771 cm3, mechanical fuel injection (hence the index MI) and a power of 250 HP (lower right photo).

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