Crossover Alfa Romeo will be named Stelvio

Crossover Alfa Romeo will be named Stelvio

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Alfa Romeo stelvio The construction of the road on the Stelvio pass was completed in 1825. Since then it has changed little. The length of the route in kilometers equal to the number of turns on it — 75. The serpentine is at a height of 2757 m above sea level. From June to September chasing motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists. With ergio Marchionne, head of FCA, during a visit to the Fiat di Cassino factory in Piedimonte San Germano, officially confirmed: crossover Alfa Romeo will be called the Stelvio, the model will rise on the conveyor of the above company by the end of this year and in 2017 goes on sale. (This is reported by Italian media.) The Stelvio is the second largest mountain pass in the Alps and a very twisted road that Top Gear once dubbed «the most drayverskih in the world.» And although the magazine later changed his mind in favor of the Transfagarasan highway, route Stelvio less popular with the racers did not.

Images of the crossover (its index — Tipo 949) the company does not indulge. The photo spies met the only SUV in someone else’s body. So it’s mostly fantasy artists.

No other details about the model Alfa Romeo Stelvio FCA boss didn’t share, but he made one important statement — the production of a sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia is guaranteed to start on March 15. As we know, the expansion of alpha postponed in 2020, by which time the Italians promise to fill up the lineup with eight new models. Alfa Romeo suv Alfa Romeo kamal Alfa Romeo stelvio

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