Crossover Honda Pilot has changed beyond recognition

Crossover Honda Pilot has changed beyond recognition

Konstantin Bolotov, 4 hours ago. Photo: Honda

The previous Pilot was outside and angular ridiculously archaic inside. In the new from it all is not gone: the design is in the style specified by the Honda CR-V and HR-V, and on the part of modern equipment in the cabin, the Pilot is now not far behind the advanced classmates.

In third generation crossover Honda Pilot was nine centimeters long and 136 pounds lighter. Power is the only available engine 3.5 V6 i-VTEC somehow not reported. They say it a new and efficient as ever, but it seems like it is a modernized old. Now the engine is endowed with start/stop technology and aggregated with the two «machines»: the six — or nine-storeyed as the platform Acura MDX. You can choose between full and front drive. In General, the «third» Pilot is seen as a very decent family car.

The Pilot now led headlights and taillights. Available 20-inch wheels, and for the first time for this model is the panoramic roof.

Serious reform occurred with the organization of the landing. If the client does not need eight seats, the seats of the second row can be arranged in the form of two separate chairs. For penetration which is larger than the gallery seats are shifted one click of a button. Seats two rows of heated (wheel well), and the front and even ventilated. There were all sorts of compartments for malachowski, outlets, phone jacks, and so forth. The Japanese believe that the Pilot now has everything you need the modern family.

The now digital speedometer and odometer, fuel level and coolant temperature are shown in semicircles. Between them is the screen of the cluster. Modes «automatic» switch buttons. Multimedia system with navigation and eight-inch touch screen display integrated with a smartphone. Only the Pilot can be up to five USB ports. For rear passengers can enjoy TV diagonal nine inches. The engine start button, but the Parking brake was noncom».

Finally Honda emphasizes that all three generations of the Pilot was developed in the United States: design drawing Studio in Los Angeles, the production was set up at the factory in Alabama, so the Pilot should be considered an American car. For show in Chicago, where the premiere took place, it is quite understandable statement. Dealers in the States of the machine will appear in the summer. When the «third» Pilot will get to Russia and whether it will happen at all — we’ll find out very soon.

History (Leonid Popov)

The first generation Honda Pilot crossover appeared in 2002. The car was built on the chassis of the Acura MDX (suspension — McPherson and memorycache) and shared with her four-wheel drive system VTM-4 electromagnetic clutch drive rear axle. In the movement of the SUV was cited by the motor V6 3.5 (243 HP, 328 N•m), which was sent traction on a five-step «automatic».

In 2006, restyled, which have been modified grille and all optics rectified beauty and added new equipment (for example, side airbags for the second row). However, the car continued to criticize for popularity. Buyers chose this crossover, guided rather common calculation than the heart. For example, for an eight-seater cabin.

The second generation was introduced in 2008. The new body became larger (length increased from 4775 up 4849 mm and wheelbase — 2700 to 2774 mm). The basis was from the same model MDX. But if the second generation MDX, presented two years earlier, received advanced all-wheel drive system Super Handling All-Wheel Drive with active rear differential, then the Pilot remained more simple VTM-4. In General, the new generation just developed ideas old: motor upgraded and boosted up to 258 HP and 343 N•m, the equipment has improved (there are three-zone climate»).

In 2011 was held restyling. The crossover has changed the grille and front bumper, appeared multimedia i-MID with eight-inch screen, an updated navigation system and hard drive 60 GB, the engine was again upgraded (in particular, received a two-electrode spark), which was more economical. Has been improved was the noise and the new variants wheels.

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