Crossover Nissan Juke-R Nismo will visit the Festival of speed

Crossover Nissan Juke-R Nismo will visit the Festival of speed

Constantine Bolotov, 11 hours ago. Photo: Nissan

While the manufacturer showed only one image. Unknown, concept or small-batch version. Recall that a «regular» Juke-R has sold two dozen copies.

In The monstrous Nissan car styled as «the world’s first crossover supercar». The premiere will take place on 25 June at the Goodwood festival. The announcement reads: «Nissan Juke-R is back, now with the prefix Nismo». No details Japanese are not being disclosed, but it is clear that filling with Juki will share Nissan GT-R Nismo, which means the unit V6 3.0 (600 HP and 652 nm) with two turbochargers and acceleration to 100 km/h in less than three seconds!

On the crossover Juke-R (pictured) we even managed to ride is to make two laps on the track Moscow Raceway. Uncomfortable fit compensated for incredible handling, monstrous acceleration and great brakes.

Released in 2012, Nissan Juke-R was developed 485 HP and was offered (including in Russia) at a starting price of $590 000 (more than 32 million roubles). It is easy to assume that more powerful Nismo crossover is more expensive, a supercar after all. Note that in our country recently began selling an updated «lighters» Nissan Juke Nismo RS: front-wheel drive car with the engine 1.6 (190 HP, 240 N•m) and six-speed «mechanics» are asked from 1 692 000.

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