diesel fuel

diesel fuel

Good day, dear readers, I decided to touch on the quality of diesel fuel, because I can see that this is a sore issue for many. Diesel fuel, like gasoline, is a product retifikatsii. There are two types of fuel: it distillate low viscosity for high-speed motors and high viscosity (residual) — to slow. So it is very easy to fall for «hook» is very often motorists react to prices, many believe, the lower it is, the more attractive and to purchase.Very often, not honest sellers, give high viscosity fuel for low-friction, is very often the case in the private gas stations. As the Council recommend to shop at gas stations delusional, all companies have a very large staff of people who watches over the quality of products from production to the final consumer. There are so-called mobile laboratories are constantly checking quality control. In the end, all, with the gas station, you as a consumer have every right to check the certificate of quality, brand-name gas stations, there is always the chance.

Diesel — is characterized by a very significant indicator, such as cetane number. Cetane number is a measure of the ability to ignite fuel in a combustion chamber. In the same figure for gasoline is aktanovoe number. Therefore, all of these indicators are displayed on the Certificate of which come directly from the fuel supplied to the gas station. I’ll tell you more without a certificate of quality, it is forbidden to take such fuel. On private gas stations, too, there are such documents, but, unfortunately, there is no internal quality control, so I advise you, since refueled on an unknown for you refueling necessarily take a check.According to it, you are entitled to make a claim to regulatory authorities, it is of course an extreme measure, but at least you’ll be safe, in case you flood the low-quality fuel. Also, there are three options of diesel fuel are characterized primarily sulfur and freezing temperatures.Summer fuel — has a density of no more than 860 kg / m ³, and freezing to -5 ° C. Very often, especially in cold weather, summer fuel passes for winter, by adding different additives or adding kerosene.Winter fuel — has a density of up to 840 kg / m ³, the freezing temperature to -35 ° C, for this purpose in the summer fuel depressant additives are added or double purification of water and sulfur straight-run fractions. The production of such fuels in their cost is much higher than the summer, so it is often counterfeits.Arctic fuel — a density of up to 830 kg / m, the freezing point -50 ° C. This fuel is used in specific regions, so the mass distribution has not.If you listen to the straightforward advice and help you make the choice of gas stations with a serious approach, then I think no difficulties, and even more problems with the quality of fuel you will not have.

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