Drivetrain the Lexus LC 500h connected and progressive transmission «automatic»

Drivetrain the Lexus LC 500h connected and progressive transmission "automatic"

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lexus geneve2016 Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo and illustration: Lexus The new generation hybrid system, as explained by the company, is specially designed for high performance vehicles. Perhaps we’ll see it, not only at LC, but in the future, «El-eese».

To the company Lexus has revealed details of hybrid installation on the newly represented in the Network compartment LC 500h. We have already mentioned that this model will debut a new system called Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System. It differs from the previous analogues. The main thing — here traditional planetary gearing connecting the engine and main electric motor with wheels, complemented by a four speed automatic transmission, installed behind the hybrid block.

The center of mass of the power plant is located far within the wheelbase, which allows better to implement all the sporting tendencies of the new global architecture GA-L. It will underpin the next generation of the sedan LS and other models with classical layout.

Even on the Prius and its closest relative, the Lexus CT 200h , we know that the combination of the internal combustion engine, a motor-generator and traction motor requires no transmission at all, need only a planetary power divider working as a variator. Changing the load on the generator, which is part of the energy immediately sends to the traction motor, and the speed of the main motor, you can achieve the desired balance between speed petrol engine and the drive wheels.

Plain interior pure petrol version with V8 radiated calm, but the hybrid presents the tri-color interior, energetic design which inspires action.

When the Japanese were building a large hybrid Lexi with a longitudinal powertrain, they have created a similar system, only arranged in the housing, resembling in appearance the classic «automatic». Why now there took another tiny and a real «machine» with its planetary series, and friction?

Gasoline engine on this coupe 3.5 V6 (299 HP, 348 N•m).

The company says that additional engine and transmission allows the motor to work harder at the time of acceleration, the coordination between their momentum and a degree of pressing a gas pedal is more natural. In addition, you receive the manual mode where the driver can change the transmission fixed, achieving the best response to their actions.

During relaxed driving, this system behaves like a CVT. Within the same transmission «automatic», it adjusts the speed of the available engines under variable load as well as in previous power plant. So the engineers got the two character of the car in one: a sporting and comfortable and relaxing.

Power a pair of electric motors not disclosed, but is named the total value of the system — 359 HP as an intermediate energy storage is a 50-pound lithium-ion battery is capable of delivering the network capacity to 44.6 kW. All the engines together can accelerate the car from zero to hundreds of «significantly less than 5». A more accurate option, the Japanese failed. Interestingly, this is comparable to the Accel version of the LC 500 with the 467-strong «eight» — «less than 4.5 to 97 km/h.» Out, no wonder engineers dammed in such a complex hybrid drivetrain. lexus lc , lexus lc 500h , lexus hybrid technology lexus lexus geneve2016

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