Electric car Kia Soul EV justified the hope

Electric car Kia Soul EV justified the hope

Boris Ульзибат, 11 hours ago. Photo: Kia

Hatchback Kia Soul EV received its own «face». For the big lug on the false radiator grille are two ports for charging machine — for normal and fast, format ChaDeMo. Headlights and taillights of electrical Soul also own.

About shadow of 2013, the company Kia announced plans release to the North American market of electric hatchback Soul EV, providing news portion images disguised machine. The premiere was not long to wait — at the motor show in Chicago Koreans demonstrated the serial car. It will be sold not everywhere: while the list includes the States of California, Oregon, Maryland, new York and new Jersey. Available machines will be with the third quarter of 2014, but the price has not yet announced. But to tell about the technical side of an electric car.

Under the floor of the machine is the block of 96 lithium polymer batteries, separated by ceramic partitions. Such batteries are used in электросуперкаре Mercedes SLS AMG. Batteries of this type were more expensive, but more compact and less prone to overheating. But the double (liquid-air) cooling system at the Soul anyway.

So, in order to become completely «green», хэтчбеку Soul had to donate 20% of the volume of the Luggage, almost eight inches rear footwell and, almost like a little mermaid, ruining my voice (but not completely: at a speed of up to 20 km/h and when reversing it imitates the sound of the engine). In return he received lithium polymer batteries on 27 kW•h, 109-horsepower electric motor and the opportunity to pass up to 160 km per charge with a maximum speed of 145 km/H. Replenish energy on 80% will take about 33 minutes. Parameters are a little bit far from the previously announced 193 km stock of the progress and 25 minutes to the quick charge mode.

Beauty from the standard machine differs only in the specific combination of electric appliances.

To minimize power consumption, the Soul in addition to the classical solutions, such as a decrease of the coefficient of drag, applied the original. For example, climate control, has a special mode in which close all air ducts, except those that are directed at the driver. Tyres the hatchback too difficult. Argues that their rolling resistance another 10% lower than that of other great start tires. On the American market, the Korean электрокару have to compete with models Chevrolet Spark EV, Nissan Leaf and Fiat 500e. By its characteristics it they do not concede, and in some even superior. Now the price.

The hybrid version of the Optima sedan still the most powerful in the lineup.

In addition to the electric Soul in Chicago Koreans brought more and updated hybrid sedan Optima. At its heart still lies with the former power plant, consisting of a petrol engine 2.4 capacity of 159 PS, motor, issuing 47 kW, integrated starter-generator and lithium polymer battery 47 kW•H. total return of a power plant — 199 PS it is based on The development sedan Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Outwardly рестайлинговую machine distinguish redesigned bumper and grille, improving aerodynamics, a modified lighting and a new wheel design. The Russian representative office of the company does not rule out the emergence of a hybrid version of the Optima sedan on the Russian market, but this question still remains open.

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