Electroceram brand Aston Martin will help the Chinese business

Electroceram brand Aston Martin will help the Chinese business

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astonmartin rapide Konstantin Bolotov, 8 hours ago. Photo: Aston Martin The boss of the company Aston Martin Andy Palmer shakes hands with lei Dean, LeEco co-founder and the head of Letv Super Car. Previously, Dean has held Executive positions in joint venture companies Volkswagen and General Motors in China. To the company Aston Martin has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese company LeEco. The partners agreed on joint development of the production version of the electric car Aston Martin RapidE. Reuters indicates that this deal is necessary for the trees to see the forest. In fact, signed the Memorandum could mean the imminent entry of the Aston Martin into a powerful consortium Futeng Harmony under the guidance of a native of the BMW Carsten Breitfeld, who took the post in February. The Alliance was formed in March last year, and today it includes giants such as Alibaba, Baidu, Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp. (Letv) and, in fact, LeEco.

In January on electronics show CES in Las Vegas was shown a concept Aston Martin Rapide S Autolink, the meaning of which integrated paid Internet TV Letv and all sorts of communications gadgets in China.

Firm LeEco is a subsidiary of the company Letv, which is headed by billionaire Jia Watin. It is generously funded startup Future Faraday, who discovered its potential, the concept FFZero1. The electrical design will be common to Aston, Faraday, LeEco, and possibly someone else — this is lei from LeEco Dean said bluntly. The first electric car, the RapidE needs to go on sale in 2018, the promise official. Chinese market for green cars is the largest in the world, with the government actively supporting environmental initiatives that help to deal with a persistent smog. electric car astonmartin rapide astonmartin

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