Fall in childhood driving pseudocumene hatch Mini Cooper S

Fall in childhood driving pseudocumene hatch Mini Cooper S

Robert heat, 12 minutes ago. Photo Drive

The base five-door Mini with 1.5 turbo is 969 000 rubles, and the Cooper S is already 1 199 000. Three-door version is cheaper by 40 thousand and still almost twice as popular. But it is expected that the share of sales of three — and five-door Mini wyrownawczy.

P Academy hatch Mini is designed to discourage buyers from model Lifan Smily… But seriously, he needs children. Fans of classic Mini sooner or later have offspring, and two additional doors are great to make life easier for young parents. I look at the sky-blue Mini Cooper S: the intake and stripes on the hood, big wheels and dual exhaust pipes — this «candy» for all children. Including the grown, which recognize only the sandbox resort areas.

An adult is not easy to sit back, but to land on a close convenient Parking.

The rear side doors are very compact and open at wide angle. The opening is more than enough to install a child seat. You can not strain on close Parking, Seating offspring ago. Wheelbase five-door Mini, though increased by 72 mm (up 2567), but still easy to reach the child from behind the steering wheel. And adults are not strangers on the second row. Although there have to squeeze, wiping the threshold and the curve of the wheel arch. Easy feet: they are difficult to slide between the front seat and the base of the sofa. But sit down, you notice a sufficient stock of space above the head and front of the knees to travel dozens of kilometers.

Interesting design does not spoil ergonomics. There are no issues and the quality of the interior was still Dobrota. Tinted glass on the dashboard screen to display information. The windshield is not enough slope for the usual projector.

Thanks to the projector can not be viewed on an analog scale with fine graduation. Multimedia system — with beautiful graphics and exemplary performance, but 131 800 rubles, but… Ring at the base of the mode of transmission is push the mode switch of the power unit (basic equipment version of the Cooper S).

It is necessary to open the driver’s door and sit behind the wheel as he turned into a child: spin class three-spoke steering wheel, click signature tumblers under the unit climate control… Led ring around the display smoothly fluctuates with different colours until you change the temperature or the volume of the audio system. In motion diodes duplicate tachometer: as it approaches the limit turns the backlight changes from turquoise to red. In addition, you can choose according to your interior mood lighting: bright blue will remind you of dirty dancing in night clubs, gets red, and green, apparently, need to calm down…

The front seats are great Mini: tough, tailored to any shape and perfectly fit body. On the back of the sofa three seat belt and a complete set of headrests, but formed it under two, and in the center the way the high tunnel. Space front and back enough for a serene life. We were especially surprised by the considerable stock of space above the head, given the optional glass roof.

Long-legged drivers may not have enough adjustment range of the steering wheel on the flight. Compartments Mini two: the top is under melochevku, and the bottom can hold A4 paper and some clutch.

Early to relax! Tight seat with haunting upholstery, developed lateral support, low rise… You still think that they are in a family hatchback? Well, well. Under the hood is waiting in the wings 192-horsepower turbo 2.0, which are capable of 1250 Rev/min to reach peak torque and 280 N•m With a four-meter machine weighs only 1315 kg Bitten in one place, use the version with the «mechanics», our machine — with a six-speed automatic Aisin. But this Mini is the most dynamic overclocking: the stated time set to 100 km/h — 6,8 C.

Mini Cooper S is not only hard, but also very noisy. Especially loudly sing studless tires Pirelli Sottozero Run Flat, although aerodynamic perturbations enough.

Gas in the floor, a small delay due awakened traction control and Banzai! Powerful acceleration is accompanied by a formidable Basco, five or six thousand revolutions becomes furious. Match and dynamics, it can rant endlessly. And as the hatch follows the gas pedal like the thread behind the needle! But this is only in the Sport mode. It is characterized not only shocks at each change of gear, but a whole palette of sound effects: juicy shooting muffler, clapping, loud whistle of the turbocharger and pontaniana the bypass valve. When the blood ceases to boil, you can put the power unit in the normal or «green» mode. The reaction gas becomes melancholic, switching, transmission fluid, and exhaust system will temper the heat.

The stabilization system works like a skid, and demolition. Under the discharge gas on the arc Cooper S not averse to wag its tail. Effective brakes, no problems.

Meanwhile, our blue car is running, even flies, but not swinging. Pachyderma gives the impression of a very rigid system, in which the body and suspension are one. Therefore, there are almost no rolls, no build-up characteristic of the more impressive machines, but instead there is a sharp vertical acceleration even on the smallest bumps. Not only that, we got «charged» Cooper S, so even the good people of the Russian office MINI ordered for him sports suspension with passive dampers. With such a machine family is better not to start!

For led lights, which are elegantly illuminate the road, and stickers on the hood will have to pay.

The opening of the fifth door optimal size, and loading height not scare the target audience. Trunk volume (278 l) 67 litres more than trendwerk. When folded second row seats here 941 liter. The Supplement offers a set of optimization space, including a removable floor, lockable in various positions.

There is no road defect, which would not have noticed the blue hatchback. On all the little things he trembles, shakes, as if in convulsions, and a steering wheel with pedals tingle. At short wavelengths passengers is low, but abruptly throws. Especially the back, where life is hard twice. Holes or cracks in the asphalt better to go around, and you can run into outright rudeness from the suspension. As in many models of BMW, Mini overcoming small potholes at low speed is accompanied by the rattling of the front suspension.

Passive sport suspension for 12 800 rubles fine for the track, but outside it deprives the passengers comfort. You can also order adaptive dampers 32 thousand.

During the passage of the tram tracks and speed bumps thinking about how not to lose teeth. Suffering and the vehicle chassis, which now and then breaks when the wheel hits a step or falls into a deep depression. And the noise from the road becomes your annoying companion already with 80 km/h However, everything is relative. Compared with drahtwerke last generation five-door Mini became softer. Increased energy intensity. Thanks to a longer wheelbase shocks from uneven or less acute. Sound absorbing materials more efficiently, and more.

By default, Cooper S for sale with 16-inch wheels, but our hatchback sported the optional 17-inch 38 400 rubles. Supplement tires Run Flat — six thousand.

For designers, the MINI does not exist minor details.

The British had not planned to do from the five-door Mini sofa on wheels. All the work was placed in such a way as to instill a car with five doors and the uncompromising nature of trendwerk. Engineers reinforced steel space design, so that the torsional stiffness of different bodies differed as little as possible, picked up the appropriate calibration damping suspension and electronic power steering. Focus on the family is more practical form factor, but everything else is the same car, reminiscent of cards, clad in steel armor. And karting, as you know, like children.

After a dynamic drive in the city and quiet travel at highway Bordcomputer recorded a fuel consumption level of 12.1 l/100 km

From lock to lock steering-wheel makes a little more than two turns in response to the deviation of the steering lightning! The trust relationship between the driver and the mechanism is established from the first minute of the motion, and the trajectory can be reconciled with the accuracy of the pharmaceutical scales. Cooper’s eagerly pounces on turns, absorbs them, but not get crushed under the wheels suddenly hits a bump. For dry asphalt Mini stays as if fused with him. Thanks to e-simulate «sameblock» he calmly refers to adding gas to the high-speed arc. The stabilization system is strict, but a single press of the appropriate button puts it in a more liberal regime, which allowed a momentary slip. You can even disable DSC that even on wet floor does not promise problems adequate to the driver.

The new generation Mini was comfortable predecessor, but let’s have no illusions: in the performance Cooper S hatchback soft and fluffy did not.

To part with paticuarly Mini Cooper S is not wanted. I also felt like a child and what the child easily will give a detailed and already half-eaten candy? Mini is still the same as it was originally conceived. He looks cool in his authentic and high-quality salon I want to live, and drive it fascinating. Cooper S returns you to the age, when the emotions were real. This Mini now, truthful plays the role of a machine for every day and is more suitable for driving on bad roads. But the role of the family car completely inappropriate. Your other half and the baby will be much more pleasant to travel on a regular Cooper with three-cylinder motor, the base chassis, and 16-inch wheels. And this car five doors already in the suit.

Mowing cone on the school Mini (Anastasia Korolkova)

Early morning, Sorochany, coffee, Playground BMW Driving Experience behind the window — all this has been with me two years ago, when I passed this course intensive driving a BMW. Just in time inventory served three, and now we are waiting for the new five-door Mini. Entirely Cooper with the letter S. the training Program is the same, only filed under a different sauce: see, they say, is not the only rear-wheel drive cars have problems with directional stability in critical situations, problems occur on any drive type.

The basic course is a five — or eight-hour 12 or 17 thousand rubles (as many are classes on BMW). Of our eight hours two were held at the Desk: how to get behind the wheel, what to do in a particular situation — without a theory to the site will not be released. That would also dwelled in detail on each practical exercise…

Beingessner courses for me there is one problem: practical exercises are repeated insufficient amount of time — not enough time to form some stable skill. In the end, I don’t feel that I grow as a driver. Unlike his colleagues, for whom this is only a free seasonal workout, I look at it as a study. If I come here for their 17 thousand, the result I would not have made.

Do not be afraid cones, repeat instructors. While obstacles are only plastic fence, it is possible and even necessary to make a mistake. But really to work on my mistakes not enough time.

But the Mini course is suitable even better «treshki». To manage them more interesting: neither to give nor to take cards, which is also not averse to poskolzit disabled stabilization system. On the court almost two hundred «horses» is even too much, school Park, you can complete and less powerful Cooper. And most of all, oddly enough, was pleased with the build quality: the salon does not allow himself no sound, no squeak, no matter how I was tormented by a car… by the Way, the school Mini is still winter program. I liked it was time for 14,000 rubles, all-wheel drive Centimano. But it turned out that the entire course, including theory, lasts only four hours. Because self-indulgence.

Passport data

Mini Cooper S
Body type hatchback
Number of doors/seats 5/5
Length, mm 4005
Width, mm 1727
Height, mm 1425
Wheelbase, mm 2567
Track front/rear, mm 1485/1485
Curb weight, kg 1315
Full weight, kg 1770
Trunk volume, l 278-719
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in some
Valves 16
The working volume, cm3 1998
Max. power, HP/rpm 194
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 280 (300)
Transmission automatic, six-speed
Drive front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk
Bus 195/55 R16
Ground clearance, mm 124
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 230
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 6,8
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle 7,1-6,9
— country cycle 4,7-4,5
mixed cycle 5,5-5,4
Norm toxicity Euro 6
Fuel tank capacity, l 44
Fuel AI-95-98


The basic equipment Mini Cooper S
Front airbags
Side airbags
Inflatable curtains safety
The dynamic stabilization system
Front sports seats
Parking sensors rear
Dual-zone climate control
CD receiver with MP3
Steering column adjustable in angle and departure
Heated front seats
Exterior rear view mirrors heated, electrically driven
Electrochromic interior mirror
The on-Board computer
Multifunction steering wheel
Alloy wheels
The price of the basic set, rubles 1 199 000
Additional equipment test car, rubles
Package equipment Chili
Combination seat trim leather and cloth 94 500
Velour floor mats
The rain sensor
Adjusting the front passenger seat height
Pack lamps in the cabin
The package of additional equipment for placing things in beauty
Indicators indicator white
Package MINI Excitement
Package Wired
Navigation system Professional 108 500
Protocol support Bluetooth
The package of assistance when Parking
Front and rear Parking sensors 50 500
Automatic Parking
The package interior JCW
Leather steering wheel John Cooper Works 23 810
Upholstery ceiling anthracite
Chrome plated exterior mirrors 5500
Stripes on the hood white 7100
Internal finish Off-White 14 700
Projection display 32 000
The Harman Kardon Audio System 45 500
Panoramic roof 55 000
Adaptive led headlights 63 400
System driver assistance (preventive security system plus active cruise control) 63 400
Package visibility improvement 10 500
Display system tire pressure 21 000
Sun protection glazing 20 300
Rear view camera 21 800
Rear view mirror interior and exterior mirrors with automatic dimming 25 600
Anti-theft alarm system 20 500
System access to the interior without a key 18 500
Sports a six-speed «automatic» 84 500
The color «metallic» 30 000
18-inch wheels with run-flat tyres 32 000
Price tested the car, rubles 2 610 047


The new Mini is built on the UKL platform — it also formed the basis of the model of the BMW Active Tourer (in the illustration). On the front there is a front McPherson, rear — memorycache. Compared with the three-door cars last generation that used the platform, the resulting deep processing components «treshki» BMW, piatigorski extended track, and to reduce unsprung weight applied more aluminum and high-strength steels. Front suspension geometry has been revised with the objective of reducing the effect of power steering. In addition, the revised attachment point of the engine and transmission, applied hydraulic support of the power unit, in order to reduce vibration. But the version with five doors, in turn, differs from the new three-door Mini. For example, the car with more doors wheelbase longer than 72 mm, and the loss of stiffness compensated reinforced spars and rapids, and the springs are calibrated according to the new curb weight.

Petrol «turbochargers» series B48, meets the emission standards of Euro-6, aluminum block, direct fuel injection in combination with double-flow turbocharger twin scroll, adjust valve on the inlet and outlet, and the system besteciler mixing Valvetronic and a pair of balancer shafts. Turbo displacement 1998 cm3 belongs to an entirely new generation of modular units under front-wheel drive platform. The engine debuted on the new Mini, and they equip the compact MPV BMW 225i Active Tourer, where he develops 231 power and 350 N•m


Second place in the competition «car of the century» (Car of the Century in 1999, decent performances at the rally Monte Carlo for seven years, global fame is only part of the merits of the classic Mini hatchback. But the machine that created the famous Alec Issigonis, BMC (British Motor Company) started in 1959) Under different brands, with seven updates, five variants of the body, five small-displacement four-cylinder engines (35-78 HP) and three types of transmission (four — and five-step «mechanics», » Quad «machine») the classic Mini was produced from 1959 to 2000. During this time gathered 5.3 million cars, making «mini» is the most popular British car of all time.

The first generation Mini in Munich read appeared in 2000. The car had nothing in common with its predecessor, in addition to style. The design was created by Frank Stephenson, who among other things worked on such cars as the Ferrari F430 and the McLaren MP4 12C. Initially, the project team and Rover, but in 1999, she pulled away, and then the BMW worked independently. Hatchbacks and convertibles were equipped with a naturally-aspirated and compressor motors 1.6 series Tritec (90-218 forces), as well as a diesel engine 1.4 Toyota (75 and 78 «horses»). The gearbox is a five — or six-speed manual, six-speed automatic and a CVT. In this generation Mini was named «North American car of the year».

The second generation of the modern Mini was released in 2006. The platform has been significantly modified under the hood appeared engines Prince of joint development of BMW and PSA Corporation and power 75-211 forces. Diesels were two: 1.6 development Peugeot (90-112 HP) and 2.0 from BMW (143 HP). Despite the superficial similarity, all body panels Mini second generation were new. Updated safety requirements resulted in including increased hatchback — length Mini added 60 mm From 2008 began to install fuel-saving technologies, the BMW series called EfficientDynamics. The Mini models, it was renamed in Minimalism Technologies. Just from 2000 to 2012 were sold 2.5 million vehicles in both generations.

Behind the scenes

Heavy fog, freezing temperature, the ice on the asphalt left the go-kart track «lighthouse» without visitors. But we are in a very peaceful atmosphere are working effectively. Many thanks to the guide track.

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