Fight on his hands with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Fight on his hands with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Robert heat, 1 hour ago. Photo Drive

In Russia, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 for sale in one rich picking for 3 843 000. The color «metallic» requires a co-pay 30 thousand rubles.

N recently the company Volvo has introduced a new crossover XC90. Speaking about the design, the Swedes drew attention to the diode daylight in the head Farah made in the form of «Hammer of Thor». The Thor, God of thunder and storms, which this is, so to speak, tool destroy all evil. Forgive me the Swedes, but the image of a warlike character can not be combined with a mental image of Volvo. If link Asa Norse mythology with any car, it should definitely be mighty Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. Only between Thor and «charged» SUV there is a difference: if the God of the storm people were protected, the SRT8 does not allow them to relax.

Sounds cool SRT8, but I understand why most owners change the standard exhaust system on analogs from firms Borla, Corsa, and others. This Jeep should sound even angrier!

You should not have any illusions about major all-wheel drive vehicles over which bothered factory sports Department. It is difficult Scorcher, when you have a high center of gravity and more than two tons of curb weight. I remember that after seeing the Mercedes ML 63 AMG I was disappointed: addictive dynamics and luxury sound bicarbonate side by side with the removed steering and soft suspension. Yes that Mercedes is the same Porsche Cayenne GTS nothing special in memory was not observed. But if these two can ride safely, getting pleasure, the Grand Cherokee SRT8 on their background, looks, shall we say, narrow-minded.

Very atmospheric interior! The wheel with powerful tides on the rim, metal pads on the pedals, carbon fiber reinforced plastic — will not forget that you are in a «charged» car. Unfortunately, pliable plastic and leather panel trim little: lame build quality, the cabin is a lot flimsy buttons and lids.

The Central part of the dashboard display. Pseudo-analogue speedometer hard to use because of the abundance of scratches, small numbers and large arrows. A digital reading speed easier. The screen on the Central console — 8.4 inches, but the graphics are grainy, and the response to the pressing of late. Frustrating that many functions tied to the multimedia complex. For example, only using the display you can change the direction of airflow of the air conditioner to turn on/off heated steering wheel and seats, as well as their ventilation and disable auto dimming interior rear-view mirror. But using the built-SRT-applications you can display additional devices and various counters (acceleration up to hundreds, the size of the braking distance, the level of the longitudinal and transverse overloads). The eco button under the unit dual-zone climate control activates the engine off engine.

First, you as the driver likes. The process of planting designed and rough in appearance dense armchair perfectly captures the body not only because of lateral support rollers back and hips, but combined upholstery leather and Alcantara. The anticipation will grow, when the eye will slip on carbon fiber panels, embossed steering wheel with a thick rim and fall on the pedals with metal plates. It seems that he was not in the American SUV with 20-inch ground clearance, and in this road. How often do you see such cars click «Launch»?

Good driving chair is not enough only extension pillows and adjust rollers lateral support that would appreciate a lean owners. Rear passengers in chocolate: a lot of free space in all directions, adjustable backrest tilt, air deflectors, heated sofa. In the test car lacked only entertainment system with two screens for 80 thousand rubles.

By the way, I don’t understand how you lived without it the owners of the pre-reform machines. (Launch control appeared on the Grand Cherokee SRT8 together with the eight-speed automatic ZF in January 2013.) Because the main kick SRT8 — in acceleration. Press press cherished, sink the accelerator, keeping the car brakes, and 468-a strong iceberg is heated. Powertrain and chassis move in ruthless mode Track, tachometer pointer makes the rack 2500 rpm Volley — 624 N•m literally smear the body of the seat, and in the ears rages fierce roar atmospheric «eight». Built-in stopwatch counts time: second, two, three… Digital dashboard captures 4,6 with! Sure, electronics stretching the truth, but who cares after that presentation.

American engineers made a negative camber on both axles for better stability SUV in the turns. And it works — in a way Yes turns at high speed SRT8 steadfast and obedient. About lateral forces acting on the tires, let me remind you significantly increasing the effort on the steering wheel.

The legacy of the platform of the Mercedes ML is the only multifunction stalk lever to the left. On the right spoke of the steering controls are cruise control — conventional and adaptive, which, however, is not able to operate in Stop & Go. The lever of switching of the «machine» has no mechanical connection to the box, and the algorithm of its movement is not always obvious. Button opening/closing of the trunk on the overhead console is a convenient solution.

American masters show. Only they could make out of the ordinary prison Museum, which is annually visited by a million people. Or make an ordinary police pursuit of the offender, which turns into an epic universal scale. The same Jeep. Its brutal appearance, with all the slots in the hood, blood-red calipers and the exhaust nozzle of the gun caliber, makes you want to fall in front of the car on his knees, as if in front of Thor. However, if you know SRT8 closer, closing her eyes for visual effects, it will become obvious: the car is bright, but unbalanced.

When the SUV weighing about 2.5 tons of gaining a hundred for 4.6 with almost come to the fore brakes that need to stop him. The Jeep problems with them not. Shestipolosnaya monoblock Brembo calipers front and rear chetyrehporshnevye extinguish speed as the water flame.

V8 6.4 Hemi — stunning! He pulls hard at the bottom, and between 2800 rpm and 6000 produces 90% torque. Than not turbo? And it sounds cool, not only under full throttle: when slow driving, when the needle of the tachometer does not rise above three thousand, «eight» fills beauty rough low voice. Accelerator damped, but the reaction to the fuel supply can exacerbate, playing with the settings. But the «machine» — one more companion.

Tires Run Flat — something new SRT8 owner must immediately get rid of.

In General, the same vosmigigabaytnaya box without problems and is on the Jaguars and BMW… But because automakers lead management software themselves, Jeep, she is not very smart, especially when it switches down. It may, of course, go down at once and in three or four steps, but it does so slowly, as if pondering whether or not both at once. There is the «machine» and » sport » mode. With the machine uses less eighth transmission, does not hesitate often to switch to lower transmission, but the firing rate, as well as a more rigid connection on the gas pedal, is still missing.

However, the lack of intelligence transmission — only flowers. Berries poor driving habits. Led SRT8 stress only on a perfectly flat surface. Worse than the canvas, razdrajenie Jeep. Most of the roads of the capital and the Moscow region the car constantly needs taxiings — even on small bumps. And if in turn under the wheels fall pits and cracks, Grand Cherokee jumps into the side of his body, frightening the neighbors in the thread.

What the system off half of the cylinders… let’s face it, to save on gasoline will not work — even when relaxing ride through the city SRT8 consumes 17-18 liters per 100 km And do not hesitate tank volume of 93 l can be dried at 270 km

Hell awaits the driver on the track. It’s just dangerous for your health! With the machine have to fight, if the fight by arm wrestling: violent force pulls the wheel to the left, into the oncoming lane or in the bumper, then aggressively to the right, where side by side with you going unsuspecting motorist. Hassle! There is a feeling that you do not run heavy SUV, and the road. You’re the passenger. You would know that I had to hear from frightened Horny Korolkovas, which held in our SRT8 company one night…

Trunk volume is equal to 457 l (with the seats folded second row — 1554 l). There are hooks for bags, outlet, portable led flashlight (in the hole on the left wall). Button closing of the fifth door is not on it, and over the ventilation slots on the left side.

Revered thematic forums, talked to the owners… As we expected, such a shocking effect on tires. Not only that, it sverkhnapravlennye Pirelli P Zero 295/40 R20, so they also Run Flat with very stiff sidewalls. Yes, they allow the Jeep to be accurate in the management and sustainable in the curves, but only on perfect asphalt. In the real world, neither the accuracy nor the pace of exchange rate stability.

Americans will soon begin selling a slightly modernized SRT8: forced to 475 HP outboard motor… and increased acoustic comfort thanks to the active noise reduction in the cabin and double Windows in the rear doors (front such already are). Extra it will not.

So many owners SRT8 in addition to larger drives and aftermarket exhaust systems gladly change the factory Run Flat on a normal bus. They say, that some pros: the car is not throwing in hand, improves smoothness. Don’t know, have not tried, but on standard wheels top model rides hard, accompanying each hole unpleasant buffeting regardless of the selected mode adaptive dampers.

In a sharp turn SRT8 first long plait nose, and then aggressive screwed inside. On a wet floor demolition minimum, Jeep earlier and longer-slip rear axle. The stabilization system is configured liberal: under the discharge gas by a high-speed arc car almost immediately goes into a skid, which is extinguished only after the driver started the correction of the wheel. A skilled person will have time not a little scared.

If not skimp on the set of soft tyres, then there is no reason to refuse to buy the powerful Jeep. Because the product is unique in nature simply does not exist analogues in 3.8 million. Brutal, loud, fast, emotional, and such men. And that’s not counting the spacious salon, kitting and excellent brakes. But, for God’s sake, not atrasite air speculations about the controllability of «charged» cars these cars are there to «press and go.» This SRT8 work perfectly.

Passport data

Model Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
Body type wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/5
Length, mm 4846
Width, mm 1943
Height, mm 1749
Wheelbase, mm 2914
Track front/rear, mm 1669/1661
Curb weight, kg 2418
Full weight, kg 2949
Trunk volume, l 457-1554
Type petrol
Location front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 8, V-shape
Valves 16
The working volume, cm3 6417
Max. power, PS/rpm 468/6250
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 624/4100
Transmission automatic eight-speed
Drive the plug fully
Front suspension independent, spring, two-arm
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc
Bus 295/45R20
Ground clearance, mm 203
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 257
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 4,9
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle 20,5
— country cycle 10,1
mixed cycle 14,1
Norm toxicity Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 93
Fuel AI-95


The basic equipment
Front airbags
Side airbags
Inflatable «curtains»
Knee airbag
The fastening of the child seat Isofix
The dynamic stabilization system
The collision avoidance system
Bi-xenon headlights
Fog lights
The rain sensor
The light sensor
Parking sensors front and rear
The on-Board computer
Cruise control
Dual-zone climate control
System access to the interior without a key
Multifunction steering wheel
Steering column with electric adjustment of the tilt angle and departure
Electrochromic exterior rearview mirrors with heating and electric
Electrochromic interior mirror
Position memory driver’s seat and side mirrors
Powered front seats
Front seat ventilation
Heated front seats
Audio system Harman/Kardon 19-speaker and MP3
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system
Rear view camera
Navigation system
The servo tailgate
Anti-theft alarm system
The trim leather and Alcantara
Alloy wheels 20 inches in diameter
Additional equipment test car
Package Advanced Safety Technology Group (active cruise control, collision prevention systems and monitoring blind spots) 80 000
Panoramic glass roof 60 000
The price of the basic set, rubles 3 843 000
Price tested the car, rubles 3 983 000


Model Grand Cherokee SRT8 is built on the basis of the «Great consternation» fourth generation, which in turn is based on the platform of the Mercedes M-class (W164) last generation. The SRT8 sedan in comparison with the predecessor tougher by 146%. Welded points increased by 53% (- 5400 pieces), the number of arc welds 42%, and adhesive joints by 38%. From the usual modifications SRT8 differs stiffer springs and an electronically dampers rewritten software. The engineers also revised the angles of the wheels for greater stability in turns and drew steering with hydraulic booster. Instead of off-road assistant Selec-Terrain, which is the usual Giants, appeared Selec-Track, head of modes of operation of an electronically chassis stabilization system, throttle, eight-speed «automatic» and simplified four-wheel drive transmission with multi-plate clutch, front electronic differential lock on the rear axle.

The first Chrysler group spoke about the motor Hemi 6.4 in 2005. In the debut version of the atmospheric «eight» was issued 532 HP and 691 N•m two years Later, the unit went on sale under the name of 392 Hemi (the first figure is the working volume in cubic inches), but only in the catalogue of spare parts for after-sales service. And in serial production Hemi 6.4 went from November 2010, and the first new motor tried coupe Dodge Challenger SRT8 2011 model year. Then mnogolitrovyh monster developing «mass» specifications to 470 HP and 640 Newton-meters were installed on other models — Chrysler 300C SRT8, Dodge Charger SRT8, Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500, and, of course, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 second generation. Compared with motor-predecessor Hemi 6.1 the V8 6.4 less severe the cylinder block and optimized adjustment mechanism of the valve timing. In addition, 392 Hemi boasts the intake tract of variable length and system off half the cylinders under partial loads. Finally, the new motor is more economical still at 13%. Although it is as dead poultices.

Eight-speed automatic ZF 8HP designed for torque up to 1000 N•m First kraslawski models this unit got updated Dodge Ram 1500, and among European automakers same transmission used Volkswagen, Range Rover and BMW.


The debut of the Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the first generation took place in 2005 at the motor show in new York. This is the first car brand, Jeep, has received notice of the Department’s Street and Racing Technology. A couple of touches to the portrait, like the big 20-inch disks and large dual exhaust pipes in the center of the rear bumper, was enough to create a memorable image. The mood set by the appearance justified the technical stuffing. An engine Hemi V8 displacement of 6.1 l developed 426 HP and 569 N•m, and spurt up to hundreds took about five seconds. But the SRT8 was not a fluff — nearly 2.2 ton! Powerful and shortgevity motor resulted in a modification of design. Engineers have optimized many of the elements of the suspension, put less pliable, Bilstein shocks and forged wheels with wide tires, installed the driveshaft from the diesel-powered versions and strengthened Mercedes paticipatory «machine». With a retuned chassis side load SRT8 reached 0,92 g. Also «charged» the Grand Cherokee received a simplified four-wheel drive transmission with an electronically coupling in the drive of the front wheels, who handed it down to 50% thrust. Front and rear differentials were free, downshift was not. Production of the car ended in 2010 with a score of 14 921 instance.

Behind the scenes

The exterior, interior, dynamics, roar atmospheric «eight» Hemi 6.4 and unexpected finale — all of this in our video.

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