Find out the crossovers Lee Ford EcoSport, Kia Soul and Peugeot 2008

Find out the crossovers Lee Ford EcoSport, Kia Soul and Peugeot 2008

With according to the passport data of Ford EcoSport and Kia Soul — hatchback, Peugeot 2008 — wagon. Although, between us, it is the same wagon as all three crossovers. However, we are too accustomed to put a sign of equality between the concepts of crossover and SUV. If we return to the original meaning of the word crossover, the rivals are really at the crossroads automotive genres. They are close to power motors 1.6, but Ford (122 HP) and Peugeot (120 HP) petrol and Kia (128 HP) — with a diesel engine.

Bright Ford attracts attention. On questions of passers-by, we answered in this order: «Yes, Assembly ours, Naberezhnye Chelny. Yes, bumpers in body color were not included. Yes, the drive front. No, this particular one million four hundred. Yes, I agree with you.»

A couple of months ago EcoSport manufactured at plant Ford Sollers in Naberezhnye Chelny, could even be considered as an alternative to the upper trim levels of the Duster. Now — as an alternative to the Mondeo. What kind of budget. However, and apparently Ford doesn’t look cheap, especially our test Titanium+ 1 342 500 rubles. In height EcoSport almost as wide, and puff chrome mouth is not lost in the Moscow traffic.

Firmly, but with taste. In the pile is a small plastic glove box without a light bulb, there is a drawer under the passenger seat. Almost all of the buttons except the governing mirrors, illuminated. Ceiling no pens. The mirrors can be folded manually.

What is lost is a puny little chair, under cover of puffy winter clothes. The width of the seat — width of the trunk, no more, no less. Flat pillow is a bit short. In tight turns the body keep no side bolsters of the backrest and the armrest and the door. But the geometry of the landing was good and high, and reach nowhere to go. Only winter test is able, for example, to identify a feature of Ford’s climate control. He single-zone, but only in close, legkovushek foot node of two zones: the left leg is freezing and sweating in the right local «Tashkent» under the gun heat gun.

Devices stingy with information. In a dark window between the dials lives only the lock icon when the machine is locked. Duplica key at the end of the transmission selector is responsible for manual gear selection.

Lateral support here — a kind of lumbar: chairs unobtrusive hold riders waist. Winter clothing turns the profile into the plane. Rear — high «bench». There is no armrest, but legroom abound, and the backrest is adjustable for tilt.

Rear sofa is designed for passengers not in hats, but the courses. And only for two. «The bench» narrow — 118 cm, although between the edge of the cushion and a door opening almost ten centimeters. In this «hole» made a pocket with a 12-volt outlet. The seat is mounted high, overhead space is less than the Kia and Peugeot. The pillow is not the longest, and the growth of 174 cm I get a «man for himself» with a decent margin. Bus boarding convenient: the feet are hidden under the front seat, comfort is not obstructed.

Multimedia system Sync can read incoming SMS and operated by voice or telefonovanie buttons, but a USB-stick 4 GB does not perceive. Monochrome screen old-fashioned, most of the changes in the settings is accompanied by a progress indicator. What Ford thinks, disabling the traction control five seconds?

Before you go, you have to learn the algorithm of janitors. Pulling the lever on yourself, you turn on the rear wiper and washer. And in order to spray the windshield, press the button on the end of the lever. Short dwornicki where many don’t do things… places With 122-horsepower Ford breaks down quickly, but after 60 km/h enthusiasm melts. Weighs machine adult, 1386 kg. If you do not know what the gearbox uses EcoSport, you can take double clutch «robot» classic «automatic».

On the highway annoy aerodynamic noise. Ford twitches from side gusts of wind, forcing to taxi. After 80-90 km/h lacks power to accelerate to overtake in advance.

It’s amazing: PowerShift, being a dual-clutch transmission, specially designed for fast, invisible switches, changes the transmission slowly, with large gaps in the power flow. Even with a uniform acceleration Ford is in no hurry to step things up a gear and really quite reluctantly goes down. On demanding the attacks on the gas pedal EcoSport responds belatedly, though cautiously. That is, the result of modernization that Ford started including complaints about owners of Tricks with similar transmission jerks when shifting?

Hinged rear door opens from right to left. The restyled for European cars mounted spare wheel disappeared into the «base» remained kit. Where do they put the optional spare tire, don’t know: niches in the trunk, the rug lies on the floor. In Russia updated EcoSport in no hurry.

The trunk is nominally the largest, the volume is adjustable backrest of the sofa. But in fact the compartment at a height greater than the depth, is impractical. Loading height is much smaller than the Kia, but more than the Peugeot.

To drive the Ecosport no: no eco or sport. Ford hesitantly holds the line, while Kia on the track is much smoother, and Peugeot — generally rock. But in turns to cope with Ford easy: enough and accuracy of responses and feedback on the steering wheel. Sharpness — even too much. And away from sin stabilization system made vigilant and nondisconnectable: body high, rolls notable Pranks… in shallow snow even at walking speed dramatically repressed brakes and interference in the fuel supply.

Frustrating visibility: windshield — with rounded lower corners, short wipers, ample counter and useless corner Windows in them. Well that large side mirrors and windshield with electric heating throughout the area.

But it is necessary to pull off the smooth asphalt somewhere in the real Russia — and Ford is trying on the crown. With a height of 200 mm clearance pit lane seem to be on the Novomoskovsk:. Energy intensity is enough, although soft EcoSport will not name. Suspension shakes, but not a single sound is not complaining — this is exactly the case when the jump is a fun and scary. Even the gravel crunching under the wheels not as loud as in Kia or Peugeot.

Stylish, youth. «Big forehead» hatch unaware that such grace, but about fashion KIA knows all: you can select options and two-tone color, and four wheels, not two, as Ford.

Interior Kia recalls Ford, how far progress in five years. Although all three cars in our test actually in the maximum configuration, but in the race of facilities Soul hidden behind the horizon available Ford. The spacious interior of the Soul swarming myriads of buttons-fireflies. However, if the idea backlight audio and USB connectors I agree, shimmering circles around the door speakers is already China Boombox. Fortunately, the light turns off.

Plastic softer Ford, but easier than the Peugeot. The sill is high, but the visibility is excellent: thin stand, large mirrors, adequately working windshield wipers. There is a rear-view camera, sonar, and even avtoparkovschik, in principle unavailable to rivals.

Best seats: dense, with a good filler. Behind the large sofa (133 cm) and the longest distance from door to door. In the armrest Cup holders in the back of the driver’s seat is not the pocket. Heated seats are front-and — a rarity in the class behind.

Oh how high it seems Ford, but Kia sit at all like in the truck. Head over nearly twenty centimeters of air. Large seat securely fixed to the body. Lateral support elastic, adjustable lumbar, headrests stands up perfectly in place, and if necessary is pushed forward. Legroom at the rear is slightly more than the Ford, but the back is littered stronger. In the Ecosport angle adjustment brightens up landing on a high bench, and then the sofa fixed: stay down and buzz off. But the salon for a good five inches wider than the other two machines, sofa 10-15 cm It is implicitly molded for two, but will sit and three.

Low-profile 18-inch wheels with dark-spoke gloss on bumpers — omens expensive trim levels. Led lights on most of the versions, except the most affordable.

Turbodiesel, which almost inaudibly, honestly lucky to have all 260 N•m. of Course, we should not expect much speed from the motor 1.6, but in our trio Soul exactly is perceived to be the most dynamic, cheerful, though it’s the heaviest car in the test. Floor the gas pedal hints at… but no! Turbomotor mitigated habits six-speed «automatic». Box is configured to measured ride and not in a hurry to shoot the spent stages.

The expensive versions — strict devices with a screen diagonal of 4.3 inches. Junior — hide the scale in a separate «wells». Not in the base set and an eight-inch center screen with very decent graphics. By the way, only Kia knows how to read music from the removable memory card of your smartphone.

Not the steering wheel — the steering wheel with a diameter of 37 cm! From lock to lock biggest bagel makes 2,9 turnover bit more than the competition.» The rim is heated entirely. Selector «machine» moves in straight groove, the side deflectors resourceful combined with speakers.

Kia offers three modes of electric power steering. Normal provides quick response and good feedback. «Comfort» unnatural light-weight, and in the «Sports» force becomes excessive, and after the maneuver the wheel reluctantly returns to «zero». Small pits Soul licks and seems comfortable, even being shod in tires 225/45 R18. Rally sprint across the yard to detour manholes and potholes on Kia even pleasant: if EcoSport will go for «suburban» crossover, Kia suspension accurately taught to live in the city.

Soul felt crossover due to the high landing. The overhangs are short, but claimed clearance — 164 mm to Climb on urban wilds with attention and low-profile tires.

The trunk from the floor to the shelf — tiny. And the loading height is the highest, as much as 78 see Under the floor — organizer with three compartments with a depth of fifteen inches. In «the basement» — dokatka. On the wall of the trunk — removable flashlight.

Add speed on a bad road is not worth it. Get caught in the rapid rotation of the same pit, what Soul so skillfully handled at low speed, and there is a diagonal swing. Inherent Ford or Peugeot discipline here. Stable and confident Soul like substitute, when replaced by the direct road winding Yes bumpy. Car jerks in a rut, nervous gallop jumps over bumps. Once out on the highway, and harmony is restored. On a straight Soul stable, happy and diesel savings when driving without frequent gear changes…

With the same wheelbase, Peugeot 208, universality 2008 only ten centimeters higher, and the driver’s seat is set higher than five centimeters.

To land in Peugeot means literally to be closer to the asphalt. The driving position is absolutely passenger. Low window line — design method. The front panel, by contrast, is high, so no «sitting high» or «look away». Invited to sit holding the wheel on your lap, and the instruments to look through the steering wheel, and on top of it. In a long journey it is even convenient. At the same time eliminating the need for a wide adjustment column height: the range of its movements up and down are minimal, while the configuration of departure full.

Wide rack, and the mirrors are small, but visibility is still better than Ford: saves a large area of glazing. Glove box ventilated and illuminated. But the «Navigator» lamps on the ceiling for some reason not.

Lateral support rollers are designed for larger riders. Pillow long enough, and the concave back is uncomfortable: the loins falls in the «hole». In a blind zone side of the chair, the wheel of the adjustment of heating without backlight. Rear fold flat, but three of them will take. Ceiling no pens.

Washer jets double-jet, whereas competitors fan. Mode single sweep of the windshield wipers and washer included the movement of the lever itself. Drew is confused. Intermittent not regulated: by design engineers, it is all about the rain sensor. But the fact of the matter is that it is configured in the rain, and when the snow, the mud from the wheels, wipers waving out of place… driving an hour back starts to ache: acute shortage of lumbar support. Not happy and rear passengers, polishing the front legs of the backrest. Due to the low location of the sofa overhead remains reasonable reserve space, but I have a strange sensation, as if the gallery theatre. Sit with your feet, and the upper edge of the window almost at eye level.

In some angles poop looks heavy because of the low edge of the fifth door. But it is convenient to put all the stuff in the trunk.

The lowest loading height, the roomy compartment. The rear seats fold almost to the horizontal. Underground — dokatka.

Multimedia system — a tangle of mysteries. If you’re lucky enough to find in it the Navigator is a turn off! Anyway, Russian voice prompts will bring to Kiev, when in Lublin. The translation was doing some jokers-gamers: «On the bridge! On landing! Ninety meters go on the eleventh turn!» «Intourist» cannot be taken literally: for example, «turn back» means a highway exits. «To the station» — the entrance to a roundabout. «Landing» is out of range. «Parking» is any rotation from the big street in the alley or in the yards. But resistive touch screen: responds to touch gloves.

On the highway Peugeot — charm. Peace and stability, both when the dollar thirty.

The brightness of the instrument is adjusted in a wide range of side sections panel — disable. The Central display blinded, even when muted. Disables it is not a button, as in the Kia, and through the menu. Peugeot has two USB plugs, but stick more than 4 GB again not read.

«Aspirated» 120 HP cheerful, quick and Shumen. Four «automatic» emphasizes the latter feature, carefully hiding the first two. Box AT8 (she is familiar to us as AL4/DP0 on multiple machines PSA group since 1997) it’s time to retire. With a more modern transmission is not heavy Peugeot easily thrown off for a couple seconds on the acceleration to 100 km/h From the four available levels «automatic» uses mainly three, hovering at high speed, though the CVT, when the speed been stabilized. For savings in the city you can recommend winter mode.

On soundproofing, gambling in motion and overall smoothness Peugeot — a clear leader. Weak spot — gearbox.

Gubernaculum with a diameter of 34.5 cm — not only to make the cabin seem more spacious. The normal length of Reiki (bagel makes almost three turns from lock to lock) driver less waves his elbows. If the test turned out to be gasoline Soul, unknown, whose box we would be criticized more.

In a long journey gear is not enough: 100 km/h is 2800 rpm gasoline Consumption in the city that on the road tends to ten liters. The gas pedal the Peugeot 2008 sensitive: momentum grows exactly in the team. Alas, the response of the engine is converted into acceleration delay… Transverse cracks with sharp edges Peugeot is held rigidly. Hastened with «speed bumps» — get the kick up the backside. But if you rush, then chipped on the back asphalt chassis retains composure, rocking Peugeot hard enough energy intensity. Long wave Peugeot swallows, direct perfectly and keeps on the arc is the best. Importantly, dishwasher pleasant to operate: the sensation on the steering wheel here are the most natural.

The price difference distancing them from each other is stronger than the differences in consumer qualities. Ford EcoSport is the first plan only rightfully market newcomer.

Without looking at the price list the most balanced we think Kia Soul. And if one is not distracted from the prices, the result is the same. And the choice between Ford and Peugeot is a choice between the trunk and ground clearance. The recommendations are as follows: for a leisurely drive around the city are best suited Kia. King country highway — clockwork Peugeot 2008. And EcoSport will flash ground clearance and short overhangs on country roads. The degree of «donosti» neither Peugeot nor Kia was nothing compared to the Ecosport.

Passport details

Model Ford EcoSport 1.6 Titanium+ Kia Soul 1.6 CRDi Premium Peugeot 2008 Allure 1.6
The body
Body type hatchback hatchback wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4273 (with spare wheel) 4140 4159
Width, mm 1765 1800 1739
Height, mm 1629 (1680)* 1593 (1605) 1556
Wheelbase, mm 2519 2570 2538
Track front/rear, mm 1529/1532 1576/1588 1477/1488
Curb weight, kg 1386 1406 1140
Full weight, kg 1715 1940 1666
Trunk volume, l 310-333-375-1238 354-686 360
The power unit
The type of internal combustion engine petrol with distributed injection diesel with direct fuel injection and turbocharging petrol with distributed injection
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in a row 4, in a row 4, in a row
The number of valves 16 16 16
The working volume, cm3 1596 1582 1598
Max. power, HP/rpm 122/6400 128/4000 120/6000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 148/4300 260/1900-2750 160/4250
Gearbox robotic, dual-clutch, six-speed automatic, six-speed automatic, four-speed
Drive front front front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension semi -, spring semi -, spring semi -, spring
Front brakes disk ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes drum disk disk
Tires 205/60 R16 225/45 R18 205/55 R16
Road clearance, mm 200-203 164 165
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 174 177 189
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, with 12,9 12,2 11,2
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 9,2 7,5 8,8
— DOHC 5,6 5,2 5,2
— combined 6,9 6 6,5
Emissions standard Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 52 54 50
Fuel AI-92 diesel AI-95
* In parentheses height with roof rails.


Basic equipment Ford EcoSport 1.6 Titanium+ Kia Soul 1.6 CRDi Premium Peugeot 2008 Allure 1.6
Front airbags + + +
Side airbags + + +
Knee airbag driver +
Inflatable «curtains» + + +
Fastening Isofix child seat + + +
The dynamic stabilization system + + +
Automatic transmission + + +
Paddle shifters transmission
System start/stop
The steering mechanism with amplifier + + +
Xenon headlights +
Led running lights + + +
Led taillights + +
Fog lights + + +
Control tire pressure
Rain sensor + +
Light sensor + + +
Parking sensors front +
Parking sensors rear + + +
Rear view camera +
The Park assist +
On-Board computer + + +
Cruise control + + +
Climate control + + + (dual-zone)
System access to the interior without a key + + +
Multifunction steering wheel + + +
Heated steering wheel +
Heated windshield + + (in the zone «Parking» wipers)
Heated windscreen washer nozzles +
Adjustable steering column tilt and telescopic + + +
Exterior rear view mirrors heated and electrically operated + + +
Electrochromic interior mirror + +
Adjustment, driver seat height + + +
Front armrest + +
Electrically adjustable driver seat +
Heated front seats + + +
Heated rear seats +
Electric front Windows + + +
Electric rear Windows + + +
CD-radio with MP3, AUX, USB + +
Audio system with eight-inch touch screen (MP3, USB, AUX) +
Navigation system +
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system + +
Panoramic roof +
Electric sunroof +
The leather interior trim + +
Alloy wheels R16 + +
Alloy wheels R18 +
Additional test equipment hire, RUB.
The color «metallic» 13 500 12 000
Leather seat trim 45 000
CD-radio with MP3, AUX, USB 22 000
The lowest price of the car, RUB. 1 039 000 834 900 919 000
The base price of this configuration, RUB. 1 329 000 1 024 900 1 209 000
Price tested the car, RUB. 1 342 500 1 024 900 1 288 000


The price of THE dealer, including the cost of materials and labor, in rubles
Mileage, km Ford EcoSport 1.6 Titanium+* Kia Soul 1.6 CRDi Luxe Peugeot 2008 Allure 1.6
15 000 10 500 8841
20 000 11 000
30 000 10 500 12 664
40 000 16 000
45 000 10 500 11 345
60 000 10 500 12 664 11 000
75 000 10 500 8841
80 000 16 000
90 000 10 500 26 424
100 000 11 000
105 000 27 000 8841
120 000 10 500 12 664 18 000
Total 100 500 102 284 83 000
The price of labor hours in Moscow 2600-2700 1650 2000
* The total amount of work is likely to be higher: the service Ford dealer on three HUNDRED and assured us that the rules in addition to all sorts of checks, it is only mandatory change engine oil and filter, other replacements are needed, even a toothed timing belt changed «-somewhere between 80 000 and 100 000 km of run.

Technique: Ford EcoSport

EcoSport is built on the same platform B2E, and Fiesta. Front — McPherson strut, rear — torsion beam, or a simple mnogoryichazhka, depending on the type of drive. Adaptation of the EcoSport crossover for Russian conditions includes not only the changes compared with Europe characteristics of springs and shock absorbers, but additional anti-corrosion treatment, sound insulation, increasing the reservoir for washer fluid and pressure in the feeding system to the injectors, and an additional heating element in the heating system, operating at temperatures below +4°C when the engine is cold.

Junior motor 1.6 — family Sigma, although after the appearance of the system of variable valve timing, it was renamed for consistency in the Duratec. The engine was developed with the assistance of Yamaha and debuted in 1995.

Kia Soul

Released in 2014, the second-generation Kia Soul is based on the previous platform. She is a shortened «cart» sedan Kia Cerato. Front McPherson on the subframe, rear — semi-beam. Compared with first-generation machine stand lengthened and became closer to the vertical. The steering mechanism is shifted forward to reduce vibration and improve responses. Redesigned the body to 66% of high-strength steel, which allowed a third to increase torsional rigidity. Pillars of steel 20 mm thinner.

Turbo is the same as the Kia CEE’d second generation. Put into production in Zilina Slovak motor series U2 develops in parallel on several models of Hyundai Motor group. Specifically on the Soul, the unit has maintained and volume of 1.6, and still power (128 HP), only instead of a four-step «machine» appeared six-speed.

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 is built on the same platform as the hatchback 208 (shown), which in turn is updated platform of its predecessor. Architecture suspension remained unchanged is a McPherson front and semi-beam rear. However, at the crossover more aggressive tuning of the elastic elements and the original front springs, giving a 15-millimeter increase in clearance. The use of high-strength steels and the transition to laser welding at the same torsional rigidity is possible to reduce the weight of the body.

An engine EP6C with direct injection and variable valve timing belongs to the family of Prince, jointly developed by companies BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroen. For the first time this engine appeared in the 2007 Peugeot 207 (pictured) and in this case keep the original power — 120 HP

Behind the scenes

Shooting in the offseason is always a challenge. During the test the nature entertained us in all possible weather ways, revealing such dignity machines that we are in the summer and attention would not pay. But then, they are crossovers — help us to live in a changing environment.

We thank the Imperial Park Hotel & SPA for your help in the organization of the shooting.

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