First Volvo will start selling cars without conventional keys

First Volvo will start selling cars without conventional keys

volvo technology Leonid Popov, 46 minutes ago. Photo: Volvo Many companies worked on similar systems, but so far no one has suggested to use them for serial production. The Swedes believe that will be the first and it will happen in 2017. With slovosochetanie «Keyless entry» in the industry is not new, but the presence of certain keys (keychain, card) it still implies, although they do not need to get out of the pocket. But the company Volvo has announced that the first in the world will start to offer customers the cars literally without any physical keys. Open cars will need from a smartphone, the manufacturer will provide the appropriate application. Rather, just go with your gadget to the car door. In this system for communication machines and the phone uses Bluetooth. Important point — secure digital key can be sent via the Network to another person (relative, friend, colleague), he’ll find your car parked and use it. You do not even need a personal meeting. This method of access to the car, of course, was not invented yesterday. In different variations it has already been used and in concepts, and in real life — in systems carsharing. In a similar way, i.e. using one-time digital key, Volvo recently organized an experimental service for the delivery of goods in the racks, and was developed on the basis of this system refills remote «via the Internet». Now the point is that if the buyer wishes to make a digital machine access only. The model with a conventional key can also be ordered.

Tests system digital access pass this year on the cars network carsharing Sunfleet stationed at the airport in Gothenburg and owned by Volvo. Thus will be revealed the pros and cons in real world conditions. The Swedes say that if necessary will make the project changes. In 2017 the market will do first a test batch of cars with such a system.

In the future this technology can radically change, for example, the system of renting. To rent a car will be through the Network anywhere in the world. Also via the Internet to the smartphone of the customer will be sent a digital key from the car and its GPS coordinates. Upon arrival at the desired city enough to find a parked car (e.g. at the airport), go up to her, open the door and press the start button of the motor. And no queues at the rental Agency. Payment, of course, also remote.

At the mobile world Congress 2016, which will be held in Barcelona from 22 to 25 February, Volvo will present the development at the stand of Ericsson.

The main innovation — the first time such a digital key will be available to ordinary car owners. This means that they will be able to remotely grant access to his car to friends, thus extending the possibilities of its use. The Swedes believe that so cars will be less idle. volvo technology

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