Fix a qualitative leap Toyota Highlander crossover

Fix a qualitative leap Toyota Highlander crossover

Robert Есенов, 17 hours ago. Photo of the Drive and the Toyota company

Front-wheel drive Хайлендеры in Russia will be available in two trim levels (primary and secondary) for the price of 1 760 000 to 1 884 000 rubles. Cars with all-wheel drive will receive three configurations to choose from, and plug price will be 1 967 000-2 138 000 rubles. Sales will begin January 20, 2014.

With specialist in export markets from the Department of Toyota USA, not hiding their satisfaction, tells about the advertising campaign, under which the new Highlander advances in the States. A large eight-crossover addressed to young families with children. Therefore, assistance in positioning Хайлендеру came SpongeBob — hero successful animated series SpongeBob SquarePants (spongebob Squarepants) TV-channel Nickelodeon. Our source informs that the campaign had a great success in the USA. Can you imagine that Russia Highlander touting animated Sponge square pants, which communicates with Octopus and Squirrel-каратисткой in a suit and works as a cook Crab?

Oddly enough, for the design answered Japanese specialists, who worked in native walls. But the main market for the model — the United States. On the plant in Indiana) crossovers will produce.

In Russia, too, were broadcasted on TV Sponge Bob, but Highlander we have designed for serious buyers with other values. Up to half of the sales should be at men in the age of 42, who has a wife and two children and who appreciate in the first place respectable appearance of the car and powerful engine. The remaining 50% evenly split between the two types of clients: practical сорокапятилетними, which is important to get a lot of car for relatively little money, and young at the age of thirty-three years, which will appeal to an aggressive design and the rich facilities. Only here the women in this list of places not fallen: in Russia at the wheel previous Highlander representative of the weaker sex I’ve seen only once.

The most pleasant metamorphosis of the interior: the interior thou shalt be ashamed of. Soft plastic top panel with stitching thread (a sort of imitation leather), good selection of textures, nice looking overlay «metal», a wide shelf below the climate control with rubberized bottom for мелочовки — this is the new Highlander. With ergonomics also in order: devices concise, and all the right buttons are large and are always at hand. «In the eight airbags and leather seat trim.

Instrument panel with color TV with Russian Хайлендеров will be the same as on pictures, but we will supply the machine only with двухзонным climate control (in the US can be received and conventional air conditioning). Multimedia system Entune replace our complex Toyota Touch 2 (in both cases the display diagonal — eight inches)installed on the model Corolla and RAV4. Regardless of the market the most expensive versions are equipped with a JBL audio system with 12 speakers. Under the Central console, hidden control buttons traction control, inclusion winter operation of the power unit and the system of means of the descent from the mountain, as well as a button push lock multi-disc clutch.

Potential buyers will be pleased to learn that the new Highlander built now seriously modified platform with application of elements of the luxury crossover Lexus RX. Front McPherson front and distance between axles (2790 mm) is not changed, but the back instead of the same MacPherson appeared multi-link design from «R-x». It has allowed to lower the floor of the trunk, simultaneously increasing the width of gender (15 mm, till 1925). In addition, radically changed all-wheel drive transmission — instead of a constant full drive with torque distribution in the ratio 50:50 Хайлендеру commissioned a magnetic clutch JTEKT from the same Lexus, providing connection of the rear axle when slipping front (the stern goes up to half of torque).

Under forecasts of experts of the Toyota, in 2014 Russians will buy 11 thousand Хайлендеров (on photo — machine in the Russian specification), which corresponds to 8% of the segment. Let’s remind, that in 2011 this figure was 8.3 percent (9589 copies), and in 2012 and 2013 7.8 percent (11 182) and 5.5% (7380).

Those who are acquainted with the previous Хайлендером, beauty successor can be a pleasant shock. First of interior design was guileless, and were used in the decoration of the worst materials that Toyota could find. Now everything is different. Complicated but interesting architecture of the front panel, solid squeezable plastic imitating leather upholstery with stitching threads, more qualitative panel «metal» and «tree», area Dating lighting is a big step on the new level! Add this with improved ergonomics and increased functionality, multiply by an unprecedented amount of free space and advanced equipment list (tracking system for dead zones, ventilated front seats and heated rear, multimedia complex with a JBL audio system, and a potential leader among crossovers class E+.

By default, the crossover is equipped with a heated windshield in a zone of peace wiper, but in any modification of the automatic behavior of the work can boast of only the front Windows. Box armrest between the front seats is amazing-its size — there you can put not only the different gadgets, but quite a large ladies handbag. A good support for thieves. Set the transmission lever down until it stops and you’re in mode D — a trifle, but nice.

For acquaintance with Хайлендером we were brought to California. Bright sun, blue sky without clouds — and this in December. But without the constraints of course — the test gave us the cars in the North American specifications that differ from the machines intended for Russia. And if the presence of Russian Хайлендеров led dipped headlights and other wheels can be regarded as a trifle, different settings, steering, suspension and six-cylinder motor to such a sensation. According to experts of the Russian office of the Toyota, our Хайлендеры receive a less rigid springs and dampers and less acute steering, but even in this case they will be a bit thicker and more sympathetic to the wheel to be compared with the current model for our market.

Gaps front of the knees on the first and second ranks increased by 15 mm, and the inhabitants of the gallery and is 50 mm, the Width of the cabin added time 83 mm And let the body height decreased by 30 mm, in the salon of Highlander still incredibly spacious. Passengers middle row can adjust the cushion and seat back, but the idyll does is round the back of the sofa. As америкакнских versions, in Russian, you can enjoy a front seats not only heated and ventilated.

Three-band climate control heated couch second row Russians will get, but multimedia system with DVD player and a TV for rear passengers — no. But there is a possibility that the Russians will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic glass roof.

I тойотовцев would not change the settings of the running part of the car for our market. At least for machines with 270-horsepower V6 3.5 (it will issue 249 PS). On the way, six-cylinder Highlander comes and calm and just a little bit harder predecessor. Slightly more attentive crossover is a minor irregularities, but with medium and large, which on the roads of California missing, crushes, not knocking the breath. A bad point one: if you take the speed bumps» on the speed of 40 km/h and above, the front suspension fulfills them with loud blow at end of turn the lights out. But lurches body less evaporated feeling of laxity and fewer America in nature, and the steering wheel in their hands now saturated with at least some effort, not limply hanging here and there.

The volume of cargo increased by 34% — it varies from 391 to 2370 HP For comparison, Ford Explorer satisfied with the Department, whose volume is 595-2285 HP Under the raised floor of the Highlander is a niche, in which lie the tools.

Not envy the owner of Highlander, which in a way will bore wheel — докатка included in the basic package, place it under the bottom. For electric drive tailgate is no need to pay. By the way, to download the small things, you can open the glass separately from the whole door.

And atmospheric «six» from its predecessor here in the suit. Riotously humming at medium and high engine speeds, the engine without any problems carrying out their work regardless of where you are. In city traffic, you can go to a third pedal and keep up everywhere, and the reaction of the accelerator is close to the optimum. Good and «machine»: in normal mode it does not irritate the slowness and thrust to the higher ranges and in спортрежиме without delay drops on two levels, thus perfectly accompanying glorious motor. And given that the V6 now develops comfortable tax 249 PS, I will, without a shadow of a doubt would advise anyone to choose modification with this unit.

SUV got двухпоршневые brakes front and однопоршневые behind machines weighing 1875-1995 kg is enough. It is a pity that the brake pedal too big freeplay.

How front-wheel version with 188-strong «Quartet» of 2.7? The choice of Russians now have, but it felt like to have. And all because of a less expensive four-cylinder Highlander was disappointing. Although I do not believe that he took and turned out such. There is a suspicion that it intentionally did this to people like to chose a machine with a V6. A similar story happened with Honda Crosstour — it is the version with the engine 2.4 too much inferior to the car with a V6 in almost all respects. That’s the difference between the two Хайлендерами does not fit in only one of dynamics. She, of course, is markedly different: 188-strong crossovers lack the abilities of the motor, but the stock returns is almost there. Every extra person in the cabin significantly affects the dynamics of each overtaking need to make, so to speak, with a running start, but thoroughly before that, considering the situation.

According to the passport of the front wheel Highlander 2.7 eats in the combined cycle of 10.7 liters per 100 km, while the all-wheel drive 3.5 — 11,2 HP actually both drank during the test-drive of about 13 l / 100 km quickly we did not go, but at the traffic lights in small towns were often.

But it was expected. But why do more than a simple modification tougher? Because his car with the motor 2.7 details repeats the profile of asphalt bed and stronger shakes riders on колдобинах. Moreover, acoustic situation also deteriorated. In all versions of the model floors covered with noise-attenuating Mat 86% (56%), but if V6 delivers a pleasant voice only at intensive dispersal, the «Quartet» persistently puts pressure on the ears almost 2000 rpm — faded sound of the motor 2.7 clearly heard in the cabin, almost always. And castration of all-wheel drive powertrain has affected not only the modest off-road capabilities of the Highlander, but also on the stability of паркетника in fast corners. Vehicles with driven front axle demolition develops earlier and at a lower speed, but the modifications with the two driving axles are tenacity in the gentle curves. And we are not about some sports behavior are talking about is banal reliability and calm behind the wheel.

According to marketers, the versions of the V6 main competitors are the Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder, Volkswagen Touareg, Ford Explorer and Mazda CX-9, and for models with motor 2.7 — Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and Nissan Murano.

However, doing a full conclusions about the peculiarities of the car until we: in February 2013 we will be with the Russian test-drive in Georgia, where we will get acquainted with machines for our market. There and find out how to reconfigure the suspension did steering and palpable whether the loss of over 20 forces of motor V6. But one thing is for sure: since mid-January, when will the sale of Highlander in Russia, Japanese crossover will continue its confident and almost triumphant March on the Russian market. If earlier Highlander bought with enviable frequency, the successor courageously moving out forward, one destiny — to improve the results. Even were spiking prices hardly affect the results, although now AWD modifications to the vanishing from the scene models are offered for 1,69-1,92 million rubles, and similar versions of the new Highlander estimated 1.97-2.14 million rubles. And who knows, maybe even a Sponge in square pants would hinder the success? Sorry, we Toyota such an experiment will not go.

Passport data

Toyota Highlander (us-spec) 2.7 3.5
Body type station wagon station wagon
Number of doors/places 5/7-8 5/7-8
Length, mm 4865 4865
Width, mm 1925 1925
Height, mm 1730 1730
Wheelbase, mm 2790 2790
Track front/rear mm 1635/1630 1635/1630
Curb weight, kg 1875 1995
Full weight, kg 2570 2722
Trunk volume, l 391-2370 391-2370
Type gasoline gasoline
Location front, transverse front, transverse
No. and arrangement of cylinders 4, in a number of 6, V-shaped
Number of valves 16 24
Working volume, cm3 2672 3456
Max. power, HP/rpm 185/5800 270/6200
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 249/4200 337/4700
Transmission automatic six-speed automatic six-speed
Drive front plug-full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disc disc
Bus 245/60 R18 245/55 R19
Ground clearance, mm 200 200
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h no data no data
The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h, with no data no data
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 11,7 13,1
country cycle 9,4 9,8
— combined 10,7 11,7
Norm toxicity Euro 4 Euro 4
Fuel tank capacity, l 72 72
Fuel AI-95 AI-95


Stretched platform from Camry sedan migrated and new Highlander — it is spoken front McPherson front same wheelbase in 2790 mm But significant changes: instead of the rear McPherson Japanese used многорычажку from the Lexus RX the last generation. From «R-x» on Хайлендере installed and multi-plate clutch JTEKT with electronic control, connecting the rear axle when slipping front, and the sending to the back of up to 50% of torque (previously was permanent four-wheel drive). As they say the creators of the new Highlander, settings springs and shock absorbers were harsher than they were, and the revised electric soft helped raise the steering is, though and without dividends on the part of the information content. However cars in the Russian specifications differ from those sold in the United States. Crossovers for us to make a little softer, although they are on the move collected predecessor. Well more like in the States, the Russians will offer a version of easier — with-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive and less noble pace.

Novelty became longer than 70 mm and wider 15.2 mm, and the modernized design of the body has become tougher in torsion. The Japanese used a high-strength steel in the front and Central racks, sills and crossbars under the roof panel. In addition, serious work has been accomplished to reduce vibration and noise in the cabin. For example, 86% of the floor in the cabin is decorated with noise absorbing material (up from 56%).

Six-cylinder V-shaped motor 2GR-FE we know very well from Хайлендеру the previous generation. Working volume of the unit is equal to 3456 cm3, the camber angle of the cylinder reaches 60 degrees, and among the technical features are a mechanism timing on the inlet and outlet and the inlet tract of variable length. If earlier on our market Highlander with V6 throw 273 force, then the car of the current generation of return equals 249 PS (torque in both cases, 337 N•m), which reduced the tax burden for Muscovites with 40 950 to 18 675 rubles. In the United States with V6 combines both front-wheel and all-wheel modification crossover, but in Russia alternatives can be combined with the «six» only four-wheel drive. And transmission vehicles with V6 one on both sides of the Atlantic: a six-step «automatic machine» instead of the former пятидиапазонного.

Front-wheel drive Хайлендеры in Russia will be equipped with four-cylinder engine 1AR-FE alloy block and cylinder head, which is placed on the моноприводный Lexus RX 270. Unit displacement 2672 cm3, equipped with a double фазовращателями, first appeared in late 2008, taking place under the hood Venza models and Highlander past generation. The Russian Хайлендерах Quartet will develop 188 forces and 252 N•m as A partner motor picked шестидиапазонный «machine».


Highlander the first generation was first unveiled at the auto show in new York in April 2000. States became the main market for machines, largely harmonized with crossovers Toyota Harrier and Lexus RX. Under the name Kluger model was sold in Japan and Australia. The customers were offered a version with five or seven seats. The base engine for all countries was the 160-strong «four» with 2.4 liter, which агрегатировалась with a four-step «automatic machine». In America since 2003 was offered «six» series 3MZ-FE (3.3 l, 230 PS), and in Japan Kluger was less powerful 220-strong трехлитровым motor. In autumn 2004 appeared hybrid subspecies crossover, which was equipped with a motor V6 3.3 l and an electric motor. Total return бензоэлектрического tandem was 270 PS Since the launch of the production offered as a front-wheel drive version of Highlander, and to drive on all wheels. Four-wheel drive cars were equipped with transmission with locking вискомуфтой Central differential and differential Torsen in the drive the rear wheels. In the United States from 2000 to 2007, it sold about 800 thousand cars.

The second generation of Highlander built on the same platform with the Camry, with a simplified permanent all-wheel drive the Japanese have shown in 2007 at the motor show in Chicago. Length crossover increased from 4684 to 4785 mm, width — from 1826 to 1910, and the height — from 1689 until 1760 mm wheelbase reached 2790 mm against the previous 2715. Buyers can choose between five or семиместными modifications. Моноприводные manufacturing remained in the ranks as hybrid version («sixes» 3.3 or 3.5), which is available to customers on the other side of the ocean. In the United States and sold, and less powerful Highlander motor 2.7 (189 PS) and six «automatic». And instead of motors V6 3.0 V6 3.3 on conventional Хайлендерах, issued from 220 to 225 «horses», appeared on the unit V6 3.5, from which the shot 270 forces. Production of machines of the second generation was established not only in Japan (although sales stopped there), but in the USA, and in China. However, the main market remained United States: there from 2007 to 2012, it was sold more than 500 thousand cars.

Behind the scenes

This trip was interesting contrasts. Sunny and cosy California organizers confronted a gloomy and depressing situation prison of Alcatraz. I especially «lucky» — when it was dark and the island has become even more terrific look, I looked in the local morgue. Even with its threshold, but that was enough. So, if possible, do not take the $45 a night tour of Алькатрасу. It includes detailed tour of the story (translation through headphones) from people who once worked here bodyguards or served the punishment.

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