Fleeting get acquainted with the updated supercar Nissan GT-R

Fleeting get acquainted with the updated supercar Nissan GT-R

Robert Есенов, 19 hours ago. Photo Drive and Nissan

The restyled Nissan GT-R will sell in Japan until December 2013, and on all other markets the car will go to the dealers in the beginning of 2014 in Russia in the spring). Modification Nismo at home will be available from February next year, and in the USA and Europe since the summer. Launch date for the implementation of the 600-horsepower coupe in our market is not yet confirmed.

T янулся me one sin is not set foot in a supercar Nissan GT-R. That is, of course, I was sitting in it, listened as Basit idling emission system, but even the passenger never ridden. But this car its appearance immediately brought to the rustle in the segment of luxury with an unprecedented ratio crazy dynamic characteristics and modest rates. And here is a reason to fill the awkward space drew — I was invited to ездовую presentation once again modernized g-t-Ara». Is it differs from it двухдверка 2012 model year, I spent a few November day?

In Russia Nissan GT-R is quite popular with the summer of 2009 to mid-autumn 2013 our dealers sold 382 supercar. Despite the fact that rates regularly raised: in the beginning of sales they started with 4 029 000 rubles, and now the base amount equals 4 620 000. And all over the world since 2008 was spread about 24 thousand g-t-DAA».

Prereform GT-R crashed into the memory of his зашоренностью. It was created in the name of the one — speed! It captivates, scared, happy and sad (neighbours in the traffic stream). Everything in this car sharpened for high-speed driving, all mechanisms are aimed at achieving one goal — to be the fastest. But for the enormous superiority of the road (GT-R dynamic many cars modernity) will pay in full: riding on public roads turns into a living hell. Very harsh and noisy machine, after which the driver and passengers hurts, everything that can hurt. Even those who in dreams saw himself behind the wheel of Grozny Nissan, after 20 minutes of hardship and privation refused to continue, pleading for the release of their mother.

The main innovations of the updated g-t-Ara — a decorative cover under a carbon fiber dashboard-stitching threads around the pedestal of the gear lever and interior fittings skin ivory.

The distinctive features of version Nismo — wheel with a zero mark and Alcantara trim, tachometer with the red Crescent, armchairs-Recaro buckets with углепластиковыми buildings and slightly ridiculous die Nismo under the drive.

This асоциальность Japanese engineers and sought to correct. «Godzilla» to the person became дружелюбней. At low speed, the steering wheel was a bit easier, and it was felt from the first minutes of the movement. A luxury after a review of the suspension on the cracks in the pavement reacts a little less nervous, better smoothes blows from larger roughnesses. But honestly, in the global sense of the confusing of the zero — sports Nissan remained the same gross vehicle with налитым excessive force driving, stone suspension and antsy «robot», which switch smoothly can not in principle. And only antifreeze we noted unconditional progress now the noise in the cabin is not overstep the bounds of reason.

The easiest reform GT-R you can know by the head optics in each PHARE now three led spotlight and zigzag diode element. In addition, the Japanese подретушировали lights on the stern (appeared diode solid ring), and remodeled moldings over the slits in the front fenders and added to the range of wheels with a new design.

In appearance coupe GT-R Nismo a lot of carbon fiber. Its use in the bumpers allowed to reduce the total weight of 20%. Also composite made sill, part of the wing and all boot lid (optional for normal g-t-DAA»). External elements and play an important role in the aerodynamics: thanks to them at a speed of 300 km/h downforce increased by 100 kg

Why restyled GT-R do not gain power? «Not to disrupt the balance between the engine and chassis said engineers Nissan. But we see a more solid reason: the emergence of the scheme coupe Nissan GT-R from the court Atelier Nissan Motorsports. Why do normal GT-R is more powerful, if fans hotter now available Nismo-car? Besides, brand promotion Nismo (and this is currently seeking Japanese) will receive a powerful impetus through modified in the factory, «j-t-Aru. Luxury car Nissan GT-R распиарен of all kinds around the world, and its Nismo-version — quintessence brand Nissan Motorsports is the living embodiment of love ниссановцев to cars.

Steering of g-t-Ara» — exclusively informative! Palms you will easily feel even wore out the life line markings on the road and the path in turn, we can build the Apothecary precision.

And I’m sitting in the 600-horsepower coupe GT-R Nismo, can grip the steering wheel finished in Alcantara, feel me squeeze lightweight seats Recaro with углепластиковой back. Before my eyes — the exit from the pit lane on track Sodegaura Forest Raceway. But even wink won’t, how will fly three full range of 40 seconds, and I filled to the brim with a sense of understatement, take the racing helmet and go to standby mode transfer to the hotel. Than me share with readers after this short trip? I will say that Nismo eagerly frenzied beast absorbs distance on прямиках that without delay responding steering wheel, which tends to understeer when coarse work, gas and that saves the amazing tenacity, even when smooth coating suddenly replaces the rough surface. We have no claims to the brakes Brembo, which allow to put off the moment of hard braking to the last.

Coupe Nissan GT-R sample 2009 проезжало North loop 7 minutes 29,03 seconds, the machine 2010 model year to do this for 7 minutes to 26.04 seconds, and g-t-Aru sample 2012 Nordschleife bend the nee to youself 7:18,6. And now, who will say with confidence that all these results have been achieved in production cars?

But such a car requires more attention and more study on the revisions, which is not so little. The g-t-Ara» from Nismo 10 mm expanded front track (up to 1600 mm), reconfigured the spring and adaptive shock absorbers Bilstein DampTronic for greater responsiveness and accuracy in limiting modes. In addition, increased castor front wheels to optimize the position of the wheels for large lateral loads in turns, as well as increased stiffness of wheel mounting to the wheel hub by means of other bolts. Thickness of hollow rear stabilizer increased to 17.3 mm, that should reduce the rolls in cornering. Besides GT-R Nismo weighs 20 kg less than the standard coupe, and thanks to the lightweight wheel disks should be reduced vibration unsprung mass. Good on the track Sodegaura would have to stay for a day.

Engineers worked on the reduction of noise from the motor in the entire range of revolutions. Confirm: in the cabin engine is less. Although I regret that in the range of 2000 to 3000 rpm, when the smooth operation accelerator «six» lost rough «cargo» sound, reminiscent of a coupe Bentley Continental GT W12.

There was another sad moment. Remember camouflaged Nissan GT-R Nismo, where Michael Krumm drove North loop 7 minutes 08,679 seconds? On a static presentation of g-t-Ara» 2014 model year told us that it was absolutely serial car, but in the performance Track Package. And high spoiler, and aerodynamic elements on the front wings will be available on the machines intended for sale. This GT-R, which set a record nürnburgring for g-t-DAA, standing in one of the pavilions on the territory of the race track. You could walk around it, look at the beauty, but the trunk lid open banned. Only after promises nothing to photograph revealed that between interior and a Luggage compartment вживлена carbon partition its entire width. Looked under its bottom and there’s a lot of flat panels of carbon fiber, which it is completely closed. And, as you know, these elements in Track Pack already does not include…

Passport data

Model Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R Nismo
Body type coupe coupe
Number of doors/places 2/2+2 2/2+2
Length, mm 4670 4680
Width, mm 1895 1895
Height, mm 1370 1370
Wheelbase, mm 2780 2780
Track front/rear mm 1590/1600 1600/1600
Curb weight, kg 1740 1720
Full weight, kg 1960 1940
Trunk volume, l 315 315
Type gasoline битурбонаддувом gasoline битурбонаддувом
Location front, longitudinal front, longitudinal
No. and arrangement of cylinders 6, V-shaped 6, V-shaped
Number of valves 24 24
Working volume, cm3 3799 3799
Max. power, HP/rpm 550/6400 600/6800
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 628/3200-5800 652/3200-5800
Transmission robotic six-speed robotic six-speed
Drive complete with a multi-disc clutch actuator front wheels complete with a multi-disc clutch actuator front wheels
Front suspension independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Bus 255/40 R20 front and 285/35 R20 back 255/40 R20 front and 285/35 R20 back
Ground clearance, mm 110 110
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 315 no data
The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h, with 2,7 no data
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 17,0 no data
country cycle 8,8 no data
— combined 11,8 no data
Norm toxicity Euro-5 Euro-5
Fuel tank capacity, l 74 74
Fuel AI-95-98 AI-95-98


Nissan GT-R (CBA-R35 at a manufacturer’s documentation) — building Unicum. Itself scheme transaxle with related ago gearbox is quite common for sports cars. However, the GT-R is the first automobile, which in this configuration, aggregates full drive. For torque transmission to the front wheels applied for the second drive shaft. Platform model received even their own name — Premium Midship, where the word midship still means the location of the power unit inside the base. Static distribution of weight on axes is 54:46 in favour of the front end. Themselves ниссановцы believe this proportion is perfect: in the dispersal of the displacement of the load back gives the car a good handling and braking is possible upload front tire, and thus provides more freedom for resetting the rear axle. PowerPack unit placed as close to the ground for the sake of reduction of the center of mass, which is good from the point of view of sustainability.

The front double wishbones and rear многорычажка collected on tubular a stretcher, with a rigidly attached to the body and plays a role of an additional amplifier. Rear (spatial) is fixed at six elastic supports. Most of the elements made of aluminium, including some of the hinges. Adaptive shock absorbers Bilstein DampTronic with active crossover valve exactly like the Porsche 911 Turbo past generation, but with the original control unit. After the ongoing modernization of the GT-R will become more convenient for daily use. Thus, engineers reconfigure the power to reduce effort on the steering wheel when driving in the city and to reduce the sensitivity when driving straight at high speed. In addition ниссановцы improved adhesion of wheels on a bad road due to reconfigure the front springs and recalibration электронноуправляемых valves, dampers, as well as increase of suspension travel. Plus GT-R now requires less correction driving in bends, due to more neutral setting manageability (angle of rotation around the vertical axis when you turn the steering varies more linearly)and elastic elements should be less alarming passengers on the rough road.

The coupe from the Department Nismo front track extended to 10 mm (for a total of 1600 mm), reconfigured the spring and электронноуправляемые shock absorbers Bilstein DampTronic for greater responsiveness and accuracy in limiting modes. Plus increased front castor for optimization of the position of the wheels for large lateral loads in turns, as well as increased stiffness of wheel mounting to the wheel hub by means of other bolts. Thickness of hollow rear stabilizer reached 17.3 mm, that should reduce the transverse vibrations of a body in turns. The body design of Nismo-mobile tougher due to the application of the glue in places of connection of elements in addition to welding. Двухдверке GT-R Nismo based on the original tyres. May they have the same name as the tyre on a standard g-t-Egypt» (Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT), but they have a unique, more than hard rubber compound and less tractable sidewall.

Normal Nissan GT-R kept its former characteristics of the engine V6 in volume of 3,8 HP That is power «битурбошестерки» equal to 550 forces (according to the Russian specifications — 540)and torque reaches 628 N•m more and More interesting version Nismo. She same engine V6, but it fitted two more efficient turbocharger from racing car GT-R Nismo GT3. Coupled with the modified combustion, fuel pump and cooling system, as well as optimized angles ignition for each cylinder it gave a logical result — return jumped up to 600 «horses» and 652 Newton metres.


Pedigree supercar Nissan GT-R will be envied by many. More about it — here.

Motor plant, the Museum of Nissan and headquarters Nismo

One day — is it much or little? If we are talking about familiarity with the car company, is a drop in the sea. Specialists of the company Nissan has not tried to show us all that they are rich, but they have done that day saturated red. We visited the engine plant in Yokohama, which produce about 510 thousand engines a year (12% of the total volume of issue, units), saw the stands which chase motors in the tail and mane, visited a separate line for Assembly двухнаддувных puppets for the coupe GT-R, where local guru arranged master-class on adjusting valve clearance. Later we went to the place where I gladly spent a week without water and food, in the Museum of Nissan. Here are collected the richest collection of 80 serial models (and not including various modifications of the same cars), military cars, participating in circuit racing and rally Championships, and interesting concept cars, such as Nissan MID4 II, representing a four-wheel drive среднемоторный sportscar with aluminum body. Near the end of the working day we were brought to the headquarters of the Nismo. Guests in the lobby meet Nismo-cars — modern serial and racing, the most striking of which is the very лемановский Nissan R90CP the number 23, which in 1990 under the control of the Japanese crew took the fifth place, having conceded defeat Jaguar XJR-12 eleven circles. And even surprised rates at the company store Nismo on some goods. For example, forged 19-inch aluminum disk RAYS Nismo LM GT4 worth nearly 70 thousand yen, or just 22 792 ruble. One eye we saw a motor stand with all necessary equipment and shop with carbon fiber elements for models Nismo.

History Nissan

A rich program is connected with the anniversary of the company Nissan: 26 December 2013, the Japanese automaker will be 80. The company was founded in the end of December 1933 under the name Jidosha Seizo Co., Ltd., and in 1934, a new name — Nissan Motor Company. However, it all began much earlier. One of the founders was an entrepreneur Масудзиро Hashimoto. He was born in a wealthy family (his father was a restaurant in Tokyo) and studied in the USA. The gained knowledge and experience from Detroit, where he visited a young Japanese man, did their work: in 1911 Hashimoto founded a company Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. The next couple of years the company was engaged in development of its first vehicle, but the money for production were found only in 1914, when being rescued from patrons Kendziro dena, Рокуро Аоямы and Меитаро Takeuchi. Uppercase letters of three of these families were laid in the name of the first model — DAT.

In 1918 the company was reorganized in the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Co., Ltd., and in 1925 — in DAT Jidosha & Co., Ltd. A year later it merged with another car company — Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., Ltd., founded in 1919 and producing three-wheeled runabout Lila design of an American engineer William Горэма. Formed a company called DAT Jidosha Seizo Co., but the production of gamma consisted of the older models, while their the conveyor drove trucks. In 1931 there was another Union — firm DAT Jidosha Seizo Co. went under the wing of producer of auto parts Tobata Casting included in industrial concern entrepreneur Есисуке Аикавы along with the holding Nihon Sangyo (these words, and there was an abbreviation NISSAN). In the same year, the Japanese put on the conveyor of a new passenger model Datson (Son of DAT, translated into English as «the son of the firm DAT»). But soon the title to replace the word Datsun (sun — «the sun» in English), because the word of the son with the Japanese — disappointment. In March 1933, Tobata Casting allocated automobile direction of a separate company Jidosha Seizo Co., based in Yokohama, and in 1934, its name was changed to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

In 1934 it was built a large Assembly enterprise in Yokohama, the Japanese have developed the production of new models, including those made under license of companies Austin and Graham-Paige. By the 1940’s company was renamed in Nissan Heavy Industries, and the production line was filled with trucks, military equipment, aircraft and engines for the needs of the Japanese army. After the Second world war the Japanese continued to collect British Остины under license, simultaneously absorbing necessary for the development of knowledge and experience. The last in the late 1960s helped in the development of their motors. At the same time, Nissan has teamed up with the firm Prince Motor Company (founded in 1952), which produced a variety of models from small pickups to luxury sedans and sports coupe. After the merger line of Nissan replenished with the known models of the Skyline and Gloria, originally issued under the brand Prince.

Some words deserves the foreign policy of the Japanese automaker. Management’s decision to enter world markets in the second half of the 1950s. Already in 1958 at the motor show in Los Angeles Nissan announced himself, and two years later they opened a North American office Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. Aggressive sales policy and a wide model range of the 1970s did Nissan one of the largest exporters of cars in the world. Before 1980 ниссановцы build plants in Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and after — in the United States and Britain. In addition Assembly plants Nissan appeared in China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, the Philippines and Taiwan. Another important event of this period is the emergence of the Department Nismo (Nissan Motorsports), is in charge motor-sport programs and development of «charged» models.

In 1989 created the brand Infiniti (premium Ниссаны for Americans), and in the same year, Nissan begins to work in the Old world. In Amsterdam opens the European branch of the Nissan Europe NV, and later in Germany and Spain begin a design Department of Nissan Design Europe GmbH R & d Center, respectively. However, the absence of a clear plan of company development, poor customer focus and bloated lineup, with only a few models are profitable, have led Nissan to financial ruin. Debt to creditors amounted to as much as $40 billion, came To help Renault, which bought a Japanese automaker in 1999. Pull Nissan from the abyss instructed Carlos Gon, the current head of Renault-Nissan. A clear plan of revival and strong measures to cut costs, given their results. If in 1998 the Japanese launched a 2 555 962 car, in 2004 this indicator was 3 295 830 machines. Now Nissan is the company, producing annually nearly five million cars and giving jobs to more than 155 thousand people. In 2012 profit automaker amounted to $3.3 billion, and the aggregate value of assets exceeds $127 billion

Behind the scenes

A small tour of the impressive Tokyo and easy promenade through short presentations g-t-Ara»? You are here!

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