Ford will use plastic machines of tomatoes from Heinz

Ford will use plastic machines of tomatoes from Heinz

Leonid Popov, 37 minutes ago. Photo: Ford,, UPM

While experimenting with unusual biomaterials are at an early stage. But the results are encouraging, because the idea of their implementation in serial cars seem promising. Innovation will help to reduce consumption of nonrenewable resources such as oil.

And amerikancy found unexpected application tomato skins, stems, and seeds, which are the waste of processing more than two million tons of tomatoes per year. So much goes through the company Heinz, producing ketchup. Heinz together with Ford developed the technology of transformation of raw materials in plastic. Ford reports that, for example, in the future dried tomato peel after processing can turn into a fastening for wires or in small compartments for small items in the cabin.

The vertex of this survey — the Finnish concept UPM Biofore with external body panels from composite materials on the base of cellulose and interior of the special plywood hot forming.

It is worth remembering that increasingly in modern cars there are products out of recycled materials, and materials of plant origin. They are usually used in the interior. So, as the basis for tissue or composite panels manufacturers use the jute, coconut flakes (as in BMW i3). And the company itself Ford seven years ago together with partners has developed polymer filler seats, made of soy-based. To him the Ford guys added composites from rice husk, material on the basis of coconut shell and processed cotton fiber. Tomatoes — just the next step in this direction. And it is quite amusing.

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