Galpin and Fisker turned Ford Mustang into a rocket

Galpin and Fisker turned Ford Mustang into a rocket

Konstantin Bolotov, 1 day ago. Photo:, Galpin Auto Sports

The body is made of carbon fiber and almost completely hand-built. Mustang painted in silver color called «grey cardinal» and shod in Pirelli PZero tyres with rims ADV.1 Wheels with a diameter of 21 inches.

P they car Ford Mustang, the sixth generation, which in 2015 will be released on the European market, in the most powerful version of the Shelby GT350 is endowed with V8 5.2 (over 500 HP and 542 N•m). This giving enough not for everyone. To meet this insatiable, California-based company Galpin Auto Sports and designer Henrik Fisker made of the Mustang, as they think, «unconditional American muscle car» Ford Mustang Rocket. Carbon Rocket, which was shown at the motor show in Los Angeles, develops 725 HP

Modified Mustang stops the system Brembo Gran Turismo. Independent suspension owners will be able to customize to your taste.

«This project was born out of passion. I have long dreamed of ”touch” Mustang and to implement their design ideas. I love American muscle cars 1960 agricultural compared to European cars are more pronounced, they have radical proportions and bold details. My favorite Mustang Shelby GT500 sample 1968. Long bonnet, huge air intakes… I Remember was struck dumb when I first saw him. With this new car, we wanted to recreate that feeling,» said Henrik Fisker.

The doors and the Central tunnel trimmed in the same leather that covered seats Recaro. Almost the entire front panel is covered with carbon.

Fisker echoed by other project author Bo Bachman, President of Galpin Auto Sports: «Mustang favorite car almost my entire life. I had the pleasure of working with a team of engineers from the Ford over the last few years and I think they did a great job. When we have released the new Mustang, of course, I immediately wanted to make him something special. In August Henrik showed their ideas on this subject, and I literally had chills » Geez, this is the most beautiful Mustang I have ever seen! And in General, to work on a project with my dear friend Henrik, one of the greatest designers of all time, is just a dream!» Production of Missiles at the facilities of the company Galpin will begin in December. The partners intend to produce about 100 cars per year and sell them for $125-156 thousand.

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