Hamilton won the tense qualification in Spa

Hamilton won the tense qualification in Spa

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This is the 31st pole in the career of the British, and won another, Lewis equal by their number with Nigel Мэнселлом.

G the main attraction of journalists during the break was guesswork. Pilots тасовались in different combinations. For example, Райкконена matched consistently in the Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren. And what is remarkable is no real contracts concluded so far. The only exception was the official confirmation Sirotkina in Заубере for the next year. But the agonizing wait Formula 1 fans ended on Friday roar of motors announced Арденские mountains. The legendary and one of the best track Spa Франкорфам year pleases spectacular fight, again started already in the qualification. Catalyst for the events became traditional rain.

Kimi Raikkonen as always located in the centre of attention of journalists, to unravel plans laconic Finn nobody has managed yet. Contract with the Lotus Kimi no hurry to renew, so as a team of Энстоуна lacks a strong financial base.

Thoroughly wet track before the first segment, the clouds took a time-out. In the conditions of подсыхающей route pilots Катерхэма and Marusya decided to take a risk and closer to the end of the session the first переобулись in slicks. The maneuver was justified, both Marusya broke in the next segment for the first time in the season. But most of all affected by Guido van der garde, who managed to finish the first part of the qualification of the third Protocol and second time in a year get out of Q1. Thus in the first screenings were both cars Williams and Toro Rosso, and Гутьеррас and Peak. Риккиардо and Вернь, literally weeping, told about his fault the team, not who had been bent on a choice of tires.

Ковалайнена again called for help in Катерхэме. In the first Friday practice this weekend, the Finn stood in for the maximum, and in Monza Heikki will get into the car van der garde. Meanwhile, talks about the location of a combat pilot with Kovalainen underway.

Naturally, in the second segment of outsiders divided the space between you, and here again the van der garde was faster Марусь Bianchi and Чилтона. The remaining space at the beginning of the first ten got Хюлькенбергу, Сутилю and Peres. And the struggle for positions in the final part of also was in full swing after the end of the session. Well, under the checkered flag qualification turned a Thriller. On the track again attacked the rain, and for a long time on the first line with the name of Paul di Resta. Scotsman shown a good time, early exit from the boxes and warm tires to increased precipitation.

In the second Friday’s training session burst tires of Vettel and Alonso. Engineers Pirelli quickly found the cause — casing brake disc, flying away from the machine Button. Based on the report шинников, Federation assured all pilots that they are not afraid of the repetition of the situation Silverstone.

Seemed to all go to the first поулу di Resta, the rest of the pilots could not get rubber work. But before the stopping of time on the second spot on the Floor pushed Rosberg. The Force India have already begun to congratulate its pilot though not with поулом, with the first starting next Yes’t noticed Webber, Vettel and Hamilton, who retired on a quick rounds up excuses flag. This Trinity bus finally warmed up to the required conditions, and they have consistently occupied the first line. In the end, showed the best time finishing the last Hamilton. Given the high probability of rain on воскресеную race, we will have one more unforgettable Belgian Grand Prix.

Starting-grid XI stage of the season in Formula 1, 2013. Belgian Grand Prix
Number 1 1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2:01,012
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 2:01,200
Number 2 3. Mark Webber Red Bull 2:19,595
4. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 2:02,251
Number 3 18. Paul di Resta Force India 2:02,332
6. Jenson Button McLaren 2:03,075
Number 4 7. Romain Grosjean Lotus 2:03,081
8. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 2:03,390
Number 5 9. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 2:03,482
10. Felipe Massa Ferrari 2:04,059
Number 6 11. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber 1:49,088
12. Adrian Сутиль Force India 1:49,103
Number 7 13. Sergio Perez McLaren 1:49,304
14. Guido van der garde Caterham 1:52,036
Number 8 15. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1:52,563
16. Max Chilton Marussia 1:52,762
Number 9 17. Pastor Maldonado Williams 2:03,072
18. Jean-Eric Вернь Toro Rosso 2:03,300
Number 10 19. Daniel Риккиардо Toro Rosso 2:03,317
20. Вальттери Боттас Williams 2:03,432
Number 11 21. Esteban Гутьеррас Sauber 2:04,324
22. Charles Peak Caterham 2:07,384

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