Hatcha Volkswagen Beetle revealed problems with panoramic roof

Hatcha Volkswagen Beetle revealed problems with panoramic roof

Anastasia Korolkova, 1 hour ago. Photo: Volkswagen

Information about are under review cars sold in Russia, no.

In USA under the service campaign were more than seven thousand hatchback Volkswagen Beetle model years 2013-2015. The problem is quite serious. It turned out that when the vehicle travels on a rough road, panoramic roof may shatter. Recall, it is available only on the top trim levels or as an option.

In America will be revoked 7026 hatchback Volkswagen Beetle, produced from 13 June 2013 to 3 July 2014.

It’s not the glass, and defect fixing the roof and panoramic top. The manufacturer asserts that neither the driver nor the passenger will not suffer significantly, but it is evident that the failure could cause an accident. Cases when because of this fault someone got injured, not fixed. On all vehicles that fall under revocable campaign, panoramic roof will be completely replaced.

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