Hatchback Jinma JMW2200 was a parody of the BMW i3 electric car

Hatchback Jinma JMW2200 was a parody of the BMW i3 electric car

P wavellite a few days ago low-speed electric car Yogomo 330 does not seem a caricature of Kia Picanto, whose look diligently copies. With a new product named Jinma JMW2200 is not the case. About the source of inspiration Chinese craftsmen from Qingzhou Da Jinma Motorcycle Corporation long guessing is not necessary, but Jinmu not be confused with the hatchback BMW i3 even blindly and dusk.

Jinma means «Golden horse». The model, by the way, there are several versions on equipment. There may even be multimedica that plays MP4 videos.

Grille, optics, bumpers — like caricatures similar parts i3. The overall effect even more comical because of the proportions: length, width, height and the base is $ 3000, 1400, 1540 and 1930 mm.

«The gingerbread man» JMW2200 is driven by an electric motor 4 HP maximum Speed is 50 km/h cruising range on a single charge lead-acid batteries up to 120 km Starting price new — 24 998 yuan ($4023). Later, the creators of the hatchback promise and modification with lithium-ion batteries.

Another example of a funny imitation: Lishededidong Urban Supercar length 3,88 m, which brings to mind several models of Lamborghini.

Also in March, the market in China has entered the model Lishededidong Urban Supercar. Its electric motor develops 10 HP and 5 N•m and allows, according to specifications, to reach the level 80 km/h and on a single charge can take up to 150 km Kerb weight of the car is 1.2 tons easily explained by lead-acid batteries, but the price in China is about 50, 000 yuan ($8000) is inexplicable.

But this model is Baoya BY-E-CAR-03 — the Chinese are clearly painted with an eye on the Peugeot 107. Size Baoya, which is atypical for a clone, even surpasses «the Frenchman». The length of the electric car from China — 3520 mm, wheelbase — 2345 mm. However, the «Chinese» narrower — just 1570 1630 mm against. The electric motor 14 HP, speed 70 or 90 km/h and has a range of from 130 to 160 km, depending on the modification. Interestingly, there is a five-speed manual, front-compensating electrocare modest traction motor.

By the way, one representative of this interesting tribe of imitators were present in Russia. This is imitating under Matiz electric car (E-Car GD04B from Chinese firm Shandong Shifeng Group, which was finalized and implemented by the Russian company «Dahmer» in 2013. Alas, it suspended the sale because of the meager demand, although by the standards of electric vehicles, the price was low — 450 000. However, a vehicle with a conventional engine for the same money seemed to buyers much more reasonable choice.

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