Head of Mercedes-Benz did not rule out the purchase of the company Aston Martin

Head of Mercedes-Benz did not rule out the purchase of the company Aston Martin

Leonid Popov, 4 minutes ago. Photo: mibz.com, Aston Martin, Stefan Baldauf/ SB-Medien

The concept of Aston Martin Lagonda used chassis from Mercedes-Benz GL, the serial version of the British vehicle may get a basis from GL next generation.

In  last year formed technical cooperation Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz and Daimler received a five percent stake in the British company. Now the Chairman of the Board of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Dieter Zetsche is trying to debunk constantly pop-up rumors, that with time it may come to a full redemption. And still the boss of Mercedes did not exclude such opportunity. He commented on the situation: «This is a fantastic brand, and we are ready to support its further development». Some details of cooperation have been cleared up soon.

Current motors for Aston Martin are manufactured under the contract with Ford, but these units do not have a Ford analogues in the current lineup of cars with the blue oval, i.e. data model of internal combustion engine only antonovskie».

It is known that the office of the AMG will supply the British company V8 engine, but they would not label AMG. Zetsche said: «it will be sufficient that buyers and so will know about the origin of these engines. The motors will appear, first of all, the coupe V8 Vantage next generation. Official data about the working volume and peculiarities of the construction of no. Assume that we are talking about bicarbonate 4.0 V8 AMG GT. It is not clear how Mercedes will accept the fact that actually helps its competitor.

The coupe AMG GT new V8 will develop 485 PS, but even if he actually gets to Aston, the parameters must differ. Insiders report that Aston Martin will issue AMG job on those or other output characteristics (power, torque), and the specialists of the Far will be programming the control unit in accordance with the wishes of new clients.

In any case supercharged Mercedes G8 should expand the range of modifications of Antonov. We know that for some time the British would continue to receive «atmosfernyi» V12 and V8 from Ford. But later the island brand will face difficult choices. No matter, we are talking about V8 or V12 — Mercedes will be available only supercharged units. The last «atmospheric» V12 AMG waved all handle for the final series Pagani Zonda Revolucion. For Aston transition to the turbo-a sharp change of course. But large «atmosfernyi» take apart, and nowhere: ‘t go all that way to bow to the Audi. This rivalry Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz Motorsport cannot be ignored. The same is mentioned model Vantage (as option with motor V8 and V12) participates in several racing series.

Even if the company Aston Martin will be absorbed by the Germans, from the intersection of the model lines not to leave. But much more interesting another aspect of integration of the two companies. Dieter Zetsche said that Mercedes is ready to share with Aston platforms, may be, even those which will replace the aging «cart» VH. The uncertainty this leaves room for imagination about the future coupe Aston Martin, but insiders claim that, apparently, the first example of this borrowing will not coupe and SUV — Aston Martin Lagonda.

In Geneva in 2009 Aston Martin Lagonda appeared in the form of a concept, but the project put on the shelf for various reasons, from financial to organizational. Then after talks about cooperation Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz has just begun.

In this case, the Mercedes and Aston be that to oppose SUV Bentley and his opponent with the type plate Rolls-Royce (i.e. proposals from Volkswagen and BMW). It is worth remembering that the luxury brand Maybach liquidated in 2012, and now this name will be used only as the designation of the most luxurious version of the S-class. Brand Aston Martin would fit perfectly for the role of luxury at Daimler.

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