Honda invited the dealers to change the terms of delivery of cars

Honda invited the dealers to change the terms of delivery of cars

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Honda

The new crossover Pilot was shown in February 2015. Certification is almost complete. Last car in 2014 bought 1256 Russians.

F Irma Honda Motor RUS (HMR) tabled dealers change the scheme of supply of cars from next year. If before the mission itself ordered cars from the manufacturer and distributed among the dealers, focusing on their own plans and forecasts, and the sellers paid already come to them of the party, with 2016 proposed to switch completely to pre-order from the dealers, and with payment in advance. They have to plan the order and post it de facto from the manufacturer, but still using HMR.

According to the Association of European businesses, in January-July sales of Honda in Russia fell by 78% (2742 machines). This past year was successful for the brand’s fall by 20%.

Thus, it is about the redistribution of risks and more accurate planning. In the Russian representation of the Drive explained that this in no way means the departure of firms from the market or change the range. Although many experts were quick to draw a conclusion almost on the completion of the company’s activities. The same is true for motorcycles and other vehicles with Honda icon or ACOR. Another thing is that dealers can, with the downturn in the market to rethink your priorities. It is clear that continues locomotive sales will be the crossover CR-V (pictured above). Last year, he has sold 15 543 instance. The presence of other cars better to clarify «on the ground». Say Chords is currently not, a similar situation with Sivakami: the end of the year we will get a limited batch of cars 2015 release. Anyway, any final decision on change of the scheme of interaction of the company Honda Motor RUS and dealers don’t have, it will be made before the end of the year.

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