In 2014 the state Duma will show leniency for drivers

In 2014 the state Duma will show leniency for drivers

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Perhaps the most sad news — from 1 January to keep the car has become noticeably more expensive. Increased rate of the transport tax for cars with an engine more powerful than 100 PS (3-7 rubles for the «horse») and tariffs OSAGO (by 25%on average, but there is more uplifting). Plus at least 10 per cent increase in fuel prices and the increase in prices for cars due to the appreciation of currencies.

N аступивший year in comparison with the previous promised Russian drivers more good news than bad. After a series of ужесточений in 2013, the state Duma decided to take a break and announced a kind of moratorium on new punishment. In 2014 the law-abiding citizens fear like how does nothing, even violators are waiting for some relief. But criminals, such as car thiefs and drunk driving they will have a more severe punishment. In addition, all motorists, taken together, the authorities are going to present a unified Federal law on road traffic.

For owners of cars that cost three million rubles from the beginning of 2014 introduced so-called luxury tax — increasing factor ranging from 1.1 to 3.

As reported by Газета.Ru soon in the Criminal code a new article about driving drunk. If now рецидивистам there is a fine of 50 thousand rubles and deprivation of the rights to three years, in 2014 the drunkards will be selecting the right and hide for a couple of years behind bars. Refusing medical examination приравняют to the Commission of an accident in a state of intoxication.

Interesting statistics about sobriety and driving published the Moscow authorities. It turns out during the Christmas holidays services underground, buses and trolley buses in the capital took advantage of 71.8 million people — 9.7 million it is more, than for the similar period of 2013. Drunk become massively change to public transport?

However, lawyers are considering to introduce selective approach to drunk driving: then the worst violators will send on treatment, and some of those who have stumbled give the rights back early. Will change the limits of liability for drunken accident: if the accident killed one person, the perpetrator receives from two to seven years of imprisonment, if there are more victims, punishment will be from four to nine years.

Among other things, the deputies intend to equate car theft theft, with all the ensuing consequences. Kidnapping machine will cease to be a crime that you can avoid serious punishment.

Another important news — the inspectors of traffic police in 2014 will cease to shoot rooms with a car for the management of the taxi, bus and truck without inspection, as well as for driving with excessive tinted Windows and without the compulsory insurance. Fines for these violations will not change and remain in the range of 500 to 800 rubles. By the way, the law on OSAGO, the idea is that this year should be updated in the part of increase in payments. The limit will rise from 120 to 400 thousand rubles and compensation of affected participants of the accident — from 160 to 500 thousand. According to the plan described above improvements of the state Duma in the spring, but because they are likely to come in the summer.

Finally, in the new year we should expect the adoption of the Federal law «About the organization of road traffic» — the unique basic normative act, without which the country is unclear as still lives. According to the developed by the Ministry of transport of the concept of law, published 11 months ago, coming document regulates practically everything that is somehow connected with transportation and roads, transportation of people and goods. There’s rights, duties, powers of the participants of road traffic, there are requirements, supervision and responsibility, there is the planning, organization and financing… in short, the law is the jams, Parking fees, ecology and so on. Existing regulations to ensure order in road traffic cannot. Now take the new law — and live.

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