In Moscow will become more pay Parking and a dedicated lane

In Moscow will become more pay Parking and a dedicated lane

Anastasia Korolkova, 13 hours ago. Archive photo edition

At the moment, on the Garden ring buses run on eight routes and trolleybuses — ten. They carry about 80 thousand passengers per day.

P practically all the experiments expanding the area of paid car parks and the introduction of special lanes for public transport, Moscow government acknowledged successful. Therefore, messages about new parkings and vydelenka nobody will be surprised. Very soon they will be everywhere.

Recently it became known that the Moscow officials are planning to organize on the Garden ring dedicated lanes. They will appear on the inner side of the Garden, and will go only on top. In the tunnels of vydeleno will not be — it severely hampers the movement. For the final decision remains to be seen how effective it will be possible to use the intellectual transport system.

Parking rates between the Garden ring and TTK, is likely to be slightly lower than in the centre. But the experience of the business center Moscow-city makes this doubt. From June 2, here in an hour of Parking will have to pay 80 rubles.

In addition, the Deputy head of the capital diptrans Sergey Andreikin said that by the fall of 2014, the authorities intend to expand the area of paid Parking almost to the Third transport ring. According to him, residents of the areas where Parking are already paid, belong to this innovation positively. So innovation is sure to be appreciated by locals and outside the Garden ring.

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